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Nov 23, 2010
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October 16
Iron Island


Traverse Town Homebody, from Iron Island

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Sep 20, 2012
    1. Keyblade Heroine
      Keyblade Heroine
      Oh! That's nice! X3 I love drawing too but my art isn't the best... Lol

      I'm good, thank you for asking. :) School is slow and I'm terrified of a six page Research Paper I gotta write... Ugh, Finals are coming... -___-
      Lol How have you been? ;)
    2. Tears_into_Roses
    3. Miles
    4. Miles
      Lol It's a carousel horse that's head is shaking from the video game Silent Hill 3. =)
    5. Tears_into_Roses
      Google lol

      I like your profile pic to. <3
    6. Vexen<3
      v.v;;; I take that challenge........If i can make marluxia sing pretty then lol Nothing is beyond me~
    7. Vexen<3
      D'aw. I want to turn you into a pretty singer D':. I'm wanting some new voices for mu UTAU collection. I can make anyone sound awesome =w=.

      And lol I've never been to many concerts. My parents were very mean a nd cruel and did not let me go to stuff when I was younger. And yay, I got it right. *hugs my memory* xD
    8. Vexen<3
      *Tries to remember which one Xaldin is* The pretty guy with dark hair and purple eyes? Or is that the wrong one. >_> I don't hang with them enough to know lol.................BTW do you ever try to sing? Do you have a mic?
    9. Krown
      Thank you. He is risen, indeed. c;
    10. Vexen<3
      Yah, I know him irl basically. We get on computer from the same place sometimes if he comes over and stays in the bigger house in front of mine and we message back and forth cause I'll share mine wirelessly. (I'm an internet addict XD ). I stalked him to this forum actually cause I got on computer and he was signed in, so I was like yay *makes epick stalker account*.

      I FAIL at writing. I try to do art/animation. But basically, I fail at everything. Card games, arts, life....... >.>.............

      Yeah gibberish-anese. XD http://www.esnips.com/displayimage.php?pid=33957878 <- Thats what I have mixed of Marluxia's so far. The lyricks are nothing the same. Vexy has a better bank. I have an unmixed version of vexens: http://www.esnips.com/displayimage.php?pid=33908169 Some of Vexy's sounds were corrupted so I had to substitute but his is very close accurate to lyricks even with some syllables corrupted o.o and his voice is so beautiful for the song even though it talks about Sakura petals..........which would fit Mar Mar. I think I just have a (unhealthy) fangirlism for Vexen that won't let me like Marly more. XDDD
    11. Vexen<3
      Japanese, but he didn't give me a full bank so more like......Gibberish-anese? xD Vexen sings better (I love vexen >.> <.<). ^^ And yeah, I have some of kinda of autonomic nervous system disorder (what controls heart rate, sweating, blood pressure) but they can't find out what or why, only that it's throwing me out of whack cause I faint alot and my heart goes too very fast. So i can't be all hyper like I used to be and it suxx. My friend like YGO GX but the only parts of YGO I watched and liked were the rare Hunters, especially the dual battle with Lumis and Umbra (and I think Yugi and Seto). I don't know much about it like outside of me totally failing at the Duel Monsters game (I fail at most card games anyway).
    12. Vexen<3
      Yep, for 3 years now (disabled >_> It drives me FFFUUUUUU INSANE). I thought on easter it'd let me have a break but I think it's like spiting me xD. I don't think I ever saw YGO GX. I'm just mixing Marluxia singing Sakurane. But my program keeps crashing. >.>
    13. Vexen<3
      Ohai and yes you can x3. I'm......having one of my worse sick days but I'm managing o.o. How's you? (I like your art btw)
    14. Krown
      That's not good. Does it work still?

    15. Krown
      I'll explain; my iPod went through the washer machine and so I put it in a bag of rice for one week. When the week was over (yesterday) I had to wait till the end of the day to try it out. Thus, explaining my anticipation. I also use my iPod for going onto KHV.
    16. Krown
      I was waiting until I could test my iPod again. I tried it and it worked! :D
    17. Krown
      Hello. I am acting rather anxious, at the moment. You? c:
    18. Keyblade Heroine
      Keyblade Heroine
      Hey. ;) Cute avatar. Did you make it?
    19. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      You're welcome.
    20. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Ah, okay. They look very cool! : D
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    October 16
    Iron Island
    Previously of KH13.

    A few things you should know:
    I am a Southern Baptist Christian, and I am very, very serious about that. Feel free to ask me about it though, I'm always willing to share. :) But I won't force it on you. I've made that mistake before, didn't end well. :|
    I don't support yaoi or yuri.
    I don't support gay rights. That is not to say I hate all gay people. They're just people, like everyone else, and some I'll like and some I won't. I just won't agree with them on a few of their views.

    Men, Reading, Writing, Drawing, TALKING! :D


    Just call me Heart. ^^
    Jesus died for you and me. He paid a debt we could never pay. If you believe, and is not afraid to admit it, copy and paste this in your signature.