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    AIMs still the same :P

    AIMs still the same :P
    Profile Post by HazHearts for KL93, Jan 17, 2010
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    Hey there.

    Hey there.
    Profile Post by HazHearts for KL93, Dec 25, 2009
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    May I ask, but which one of me, Avi, P-will, or Budds ever went over to you on YouTube or otherwise and strictly labeled ourselves as you put it.. "THE BEST?" We aren't. In fact, who in the world made the KH AMV editing community into some kind of constant comparison? We didn't, and we don't want a part of it. The 4 people that you selected out are just a group of close friends who also happened to have been on YouTube a while and make videos for fun. If people want to go ahead and call us what you did, then they can. That's an opinion. Those people aren't us, and don't prove the title to be true either. Your opinion is valued, and such but honestly... why do you care so much? YouTube used to be a generally fun website to visit every once in a while, but now it's like a hell hole, and that's not just because of the Copyright issues. It's because people on YouTube seem to seek us, or others out as more then we really are. We're humans. Not gods. We're friends. Not a 'cliche'. There's a big difference, which you and a few others on this topic fail to see.

    Maybe you're right, maybe there are far better AMV makers. In fact, there probably are. What's your point? Honestly, if he was just into AMV editing for the 'popularity', I think he would of stopped a while ago when haters began to roll in. But that's not the case, like I said up there, we edit for pure and good fun. And it really is fun. Don't suck the fun out of it by making it into some ruthless competition. Look around this entire thread. Hate, hate, and more hate. That is NOT what editing it about, okay? It truly annoys the hell out of me when people obsess over it to the point where they're purposely tearing someone down to try and make them feel like crap for doing something they love. Something everyone once loved!

    Just because it's not as fun anymore, don't blame us. We aren't responsible for your editing. We're responsible for our own. That goes for all of you who attempted to pull pwilliard, or anyone else down in this thread.

    Edit for the pure sake of editing. Subscribers? Views? Competions? That's all trivial things. They aren't the things that make you into the editor that you are. Unless you give a damn about how 'popular' you are. Which I can assure you all straight here and now, me and my friends, avidityy, budds, and pwilliard could not care less about.

    As for the 'MEP', the main goal of that was between me and Angel8686. It involved selecting people that just simply came to our mind that may have been simply new to editing or otherwise. It wasn't a 'cut down' of any attempt, and we apologize for not being able to fit an entire YouTube community into one song.. -.- But since you seem so keen on the subject, it doesn't appear to be going anywhere anyway. Oh well. It was for fun. The video was simply to get the selected editors into the YouTube group quicker since multiple invites were not working properly.

    Thank you for reading, and have a good day. My apologies if this is a somewhat harsh reply, it is not only aimed at you, cstar, but what you said caught both me and avidityy's eyes. It's just our honest point of view.

    P.S. I also stand by what avidityy said... if you were all intended to make someone feel miserable, then I hope to hell you're proud of yourselves if it works. :/ Because it would only prove all low YouTube really has become.
    Post by: HazHearts, May 11, 2009 in forum: Production Studio
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    Thank you very much. xD... I'm actually quite picky on songs since there is a small amount of songs which I can continually edit to without getting very bored.

    The lines are actually quite simple. Clips timed to the beat of the song masked into the clip and then added effects and opacity.

    (: The new screen size is 640 x 360. I still think it's quite a useless update for YouTube to have made.​
    Post by: HazHearts, Mar 19, 2009 in forum: Production Studio
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    Woot. I finally released a new AMV... but I must say it was perhaps the hardest to edit so far. I wanted to create a video which contained both sync.. and flow, at the same pace or time. This was my chance. The song strangely enough was found on AIM radio and pulled me in like a hook. :P So the editing began [after a little planning]...

    I believed that the song would best suit the pairing 'Namora', mostly because of this constant theme of 'Pages' and lines such as 'Drive away from everything I know', which in this video referred to Sora beginning to forget Kairi. This was a hard theme but I believe it fit the best.

    On total this AMV took about 45 days to start/complete, and about 5 betas used for beta testing. I do in fact think this is my best video even with the very sloppy sync at points [not my strong point.. ._.].. but CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS APPRECIATED. Very much so. :]

    Please don't be afraid to leave any feedback, no matter what it may be.

    ((((AMV LINK))))

    Thank you, Haz. x
    Thread by: HazHearts, Mar 16, 2009, 4 replies, in forum: Production Studio
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    *phew* I just looked at the cover and was so thankful to notice it says that it may change... XD

    Whoa, early estimate... Square Enix must be working pretty quickly on this. o_O... Or somethings fishy.
    Thanks for the update.
    Post by: HazHearts, Jan 30, 2009 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    Wooo! New video! Well... sort of.. :/ AMV block has struck me down like lightning. This is actually the longest video I've been able to edit and even this is sketchy XD. I concentrated a lot on the coloring... wanting to have a soft warm feeling to try and add to the emotion.
    This song is sooo PRETTY. x_x <3

    Inevitable by Anberlin

    Time taken to edit: I don't know... I think 2 - 3 hours at the most. :/ Sundays suck.
    Pairing(s): SoKai // Namora



    Enjoy. Constructive Criticism is welcome but not as required since I know most of the flaws in this video. *flow murderer*​
    Thread by: HazHearts, Jan 26, 2009, 0 replies, in forum: Production Studio