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Dec 15, 2014
    1. Simbarulz88
      Hey buddy listen I'm trying to use the weapon mod so that I can have sora weild Aladdin's sword as well as auron and jack sparrow's weapons but when I tried auron's all I got was a black screen. Can you help me or not please answer me back as soon as you get to this message.
    2. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      oh okay I see thx gulti!^ ^
    3. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      Hey gulti how exactly did you hack the Mickey boss code like what exactly did you replace to make mickey a boss? Reason I'm asking is because I want to make a jack sparrow boss, but I want to know what hacking method you used to make the mickey boss so I can use the same method for the jack sparrow boss.^ ^
    4. Simbarulz88
      I used the play as scar code from your text file and somehow during the game play it froze I have the code exactly typed in on my swap magic so tell me is that code unstable or not?
    5. Simbarulz88
      Hey um gultigargar I have kh2fm and I am using the groundshaker code you gave me and simba isn't doing the attack he does the movements for when he uses an item on himself or his friends. So can u please help me out here?
    6. Simbarulz88
      Hey gultigargar I am just asking you these 3 questions for your play as boss codes so please answer them when you have the chance. The 1st question is do I have to play as goofy? As for the 2nd it is would I have to equip arieal sweep, scan & glide max to him? The last one is do I have to use the code bosses are enemies while playing as a boss character?
    7. Simbarulz88
      What is the instructions for your play as boss codes for KH2 Final Mix and am I supposed to give goofy the three abilities that sora knows?
    8. mierdareado
      Hello! Gultigargar, I am very fan of yours, I follow you on Youtube. I was wondering if you tell me how to do step by step to replace any invocation of any boss please

      Thanks in advance ^ ^ (Answer me a PM please)
    9. Simbarulz88
      I saw your new play as bosses video on YouTube & I want to know if you can give all of the codes so that I'll be able to play as them in KH2 Final mix? PS I'm getting the game as well as Swap Magic 3.8 on 1/18/12.
    10. Simbarulz88
      Hey gulti Can you give me the code to play as Hercules like seen in your youtube video of play as bosses, but try to make it for the regular PS2 game.
    11. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      Kk ty that's all I wanted to know.^ ^
    12. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      Hey gulti I just want to confirm something is it valors model that makes sora duel wield or valors mset?
    13. Simbarulz88
      Well you won't know until you give it a try and besides the Scar code that I have makes him sound like sora. So just help me out with this and I will be out of your way for awhile.
    14. Simbarulz88
      Do you have the code to change sora's voice to scar's?
    15. Simbarulz88
      Hey there dude do you have the voice mod codebreaker codes? The reason why is because I requested a code to change sora's voice to scar's.
    16. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      Hey gulti did I hack this right?

      Final Form w/ Animations

      E006FEFF 0035B55C---Jokered to L2)
      21CB96F4 00303031--model mod
      21CB96F8 00000000--model mod
      21CB9714 5F303031--mset mod
      21CB9718 46544C55--mset mod
      21CB971C 65736D2E--mset mod
      21CB9720 00000074--mset mod
      E00BFDFF 0035B55C---Jokered to R2)
      209DC118 00F4C9B0--attack anim
      209DC158 00F537F0--attack anim
      209DC1D8 00F67E50--attack anim
      209DC218 00F6FEC0-- attack anim
      209DC398 00F75910--attack anim
      209DC418 00F1E430--attack anim
      209DC518 00EFF8B0--attack anim
      209DC918 00F07710--attack anim
      209DCB58 00F2F3B0--attack anim
      209DCB98 00F28000--attack anim
      209DCBD8 00F0FA70 --attack anim
      10340B9C 0000077A--weapon mod i.e fenrir)

      It's supposed to be final and finals mset with finals anims, if that makes any sence.=/
    17. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      Kk ty! Just out of curiosity how big of a list of the boss warps DO you have?
    18. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      Hey gulti do you happen to have the list of boss warps for khbbsfm or have you never played the game to even use the boss warps? Reason I'm asking is because I want to add them to the first post on the front page of the khbbsfm thread I started after the old thread got deleted in the hack.:/
    19. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      kk ty gulti!^ ^
    20. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      Hey man what's the weapon mdlx# for ultima waepon for kh2fm?
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