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    Can anyone help me out with some of the challenge sigils especially the ones where I need to finish a mission within a few minutes? They are really difficult to do for me despite being at such high level.
    Thread by: Guergy, May 30, 2019, 0 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
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    Can anyone help with me Xion? I heard that Xion was a fairly difficult boss and I need a strategy/setup to help me deal her.
    Thread by: Guergy, May 30, 2019, 1 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
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    Hello everyone! I used to lurk around the site for sometime since the KH2 days where I used to watch old clips of Kingdom Hearts II videos. I joined up because I originally wanted to try out some codes after finishing Kingdom Hearts but due to happenstances, I didn't stay around for very long and I ended up not going through with it. I am here now and I want to say hello to everyone here.
    Thread by: Guergy, May 30, 2019, 3 replies, in forum: Introductions & Departures
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    Can anyone point me to codes where you alter a characters abilities and movesets in Codbreaker and Action Replay? I wanted to alter the movesets of some of the characters and even add some abilities from the Drive Forms to Sora.
    Post by: Guergy, May 30, 2019 in forum: Code Vault
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    I want to try and convert Codebreaker codes to AR MAx but I wonder if I have to convert the codes to RAW before I acutally convert to the coeds I desire? How do I use this program anyway?
    Thread by: Guergy, Jun 12, 2012, 1 replies, in forum: Code Vault
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    ^ why not? I cannot edit the ability/movesets?
    Post by: Guergy, Jan 17, 2012 in forum: Code Vault
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    I would like some help as well. you see I want to edit the abilities of Sora so that Sora could have some moves from his Drive Form such as Brave Beat. Can anyone help me with the moveset/ability moveset on Action Replay MAX? And can anyone list to me all the moveset/ability slots of Sora and his entourage so that edit his moveset easier on Action Replay MAX?
    Post by: Guergy, Jan 16, 2012 in forum: Code Vault
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    Hello KH Vids

    Hello KH Vids,

    I was watching your videos for some time and I was impressed. I just wanted to say hello and I hope to be a good member here.
    Thread by: Guergy, Jan 16, 2012, 8 replies, in forum: Introductions & Departures