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    Thanks. Also could i please have a code that makes it so that terra cant attack? Thanks in advance.
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    Press R2 to Unlock All Drive Forms
    (With Antiform in Drive List)
    E006FDFF 0034d3c0
    2032F1F0 FFFFFFFF
    2032F1F4 FFFFFFFF
    2032F1F8 FFFFFFFF
    1032EE24 00000029
    1032EECC 00000029
    1032EF04 00000029

    How do you use this code? I put it in correctly and it didnt do anything when I pressed R2...

    Please answer!
    Post by: GordieKat, May 23, 2010 in forum: Code Vault
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    How do you enter psp codes?
    Post by: GordieKat, Jan 8, 2010 in forum: Code Vault
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    Could somebody please post codes that help with the chocobo races. I am so tired of trying to get the sun sygil thingy. Maybe a code that makes the time always be 0:00:00 or something like that. In CODEBREAKER form please. I also need the mastercode for this game, and NORTH AMERICAN version (Sorry I forgot the abrieviation, like NSTC or something like that). Anyways, please help and sorry for the long post. :(

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    I am in desperate need of help wiping the floor with Terra's butt! I am LV 99, Proud Mode. Ultima Weapon, Highest Ribbon, Ribbon, Cosmic Belt, Cosmic Chain, Executive Ring, Cosmic Arts, Full Bloom, Shade Archive+ all equiped to Sora. Decisive Pumpkin is my Final Form Keyblade. I have almost all of Sora's Abilities equipped. My Strength is 69, my Magic is 70, my Defence is 76. I have beaten all the Organization XIII Data Battles, but Terra is UNREAL! He did this thing where he srewed with my Command Menu, then I pressed "Attack", and I randomly died. Even worse, sometimes he puts a seal on me to stop me from attacking, and even though my magic is 70, he is almost unaffected by it. Then he kills me. Please help!
    Thread by: GordieKat, Apr 13, 2009, 4 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
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    Invincibility Code

    Can I have a code where Sora takes no damage? Thanx.
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    Thanx! ^_^
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    It's not there. Only codes for the FM+ exclusive ingrediants are there.
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    What are the Draw Ring Ingrediants? And please don't just say "look in the Moogle Shop" because I can't read japanese. Thanx ^_^
    Thread by: GordieKat, Apr 12, 2009, 2 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
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    All Synthesis Ingrediants

    Whats the code for "All Synthesis Ingrediants x99"?
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    Thanx, but I cant read jap, and I want to know if its gem, stone, crystal, shard, ect. Also I cant find a shop that sells anything better than Mega-Potions, and its a clear save game file...
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    Ok, where can I buy Elixers? also can sombody tell me the Defence Up ingrediants (So I know what to look for). Thnx ^_^
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