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    do you?

    i like cats
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    uhm okay wat

    uhm okay wat
    Status Update by gibby, Jun 15, 2010
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    hi hello

    hi, im andre, my name isnt actually gibby
    i'm friends with spaztic fantaztic irl.
    i'm good at grammar but cba to use it right now, its nearly 5 AM.
    i'm a friendly d00d with an open-mind and a lazy personality.
    i like music and nearly anything else that is interesting.

    i live for halo. halo is my way of life. in fact, i'm master chief.
    in a few years i'll be ripping covenant butt with with my wife cortana.
    i'm mainly here to start conversation, so uhh .. hi.
    i listen to metal, electronica, underground rap, and dubstep.
    i like messing with people's heads and i love anything gorey and gross.

    uhm, okay so.
    hi, i'm andre- call me gibby cuz its cool.
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    u like chicken?

    u like chicken?
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