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    I am here to say I read the first two or three chapters when they were posted and then faded into a time warp. Boy, do I have some catching up to do.

    edit: I just finished chapter nine and I can barely contain myself
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    Beat the story this morning. Time to go back and find the lucky emblems, get ultima, beat the secret boss etc.
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    oh we ****in lit m8, I can finally be the tomato head guy
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    That's how this munny **** works right?

    someone explain this **** to me quick even though definitely only came here to post this video, how's everyone's day going?

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    So obviously the only logical conclusion is to post it here on Kingdom Hearts Videos Dot Net

    It's 5 tracks and 17 minutes long if anyone here cares and it's available on all major music streaming platforms

    Catch you later if I don't kill myself.
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    I'm bored so I'm posting this here like it's 2010 or something

    see you guys in a couple months when I remember whatever I'm gonna change my password to tonight
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    why the **** am I in here
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    let the past die
    kill it if you have to
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    itt it's still 2008 and there are no girls in the internet

    outside this thread it's 2018 and there are still no girls on the internet, but there are 600,000,000 other genders online waiting to chat!
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    Gay people

    People still do the whole "shot" thing in 2017??
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    I see you guys finally found the wiki
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    Should have made Amaury staff just so he could do it then turned him back into a prem
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