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    I saw this in my news app this morning regarding the event.

    Warning, there are spoilers.
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    Hello all. Its the first time I have posted here in a while.

    I finally got around to putting in II.8 HD after buying it in January just a few week ago (I don't get to play much). 25 game hours in, I am at the final save point for both Sora and Riku in The World That Never Was. And something has occurred to me- I never found myself grinding, nor was I ignoring bonding with my spirits. Yet, I made it to the end of the game only fully completing the ability link boards for 6 spirits for each character. Mostly the starting spirits you acquire in Traverse Town. My abilities for both Sora and Riku are full of holes, and there is a trophy for maxing level, so I figured that I can make a task of leveling to 100 as well as gaining all abilities/commands by making at least one of each spirit and completing their respective link board. Sounds simple enough, right?

    I have noticed leveling is already slowing down and I am only about level 43 for each character. And LP seems like a huge pain to farm. I have been running back and forth along the final world defeating all the enemies, but even then the grind is slow. I have googled better methods for both- I have read having an ability that increases your experience when in critical health can help dramatically. I don't have this. As for LP, the best way is to buy a bunch of water barrels and use those, I have read. Munny isn't as readily available in this entry as it has been in the past, and to buy enough water barrels to max 2 spirits, it seems like it will cost thousands of munny. Thus, now I need a way to farm munny efficiently.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to do this in a way that won't take 100 game hours? Some of these trophies seem ridiculous- level to 100 in a game that you can complete at level 40? Max out all spirits/gain all abilities when you can complete the game with 4-6 for each main character through natural progression, but then have 40 others that you will have to grind through? It just seems the game is a bit imbalanced when you compare the length of the game with the amount of post game content you must complete to Platinum the game. Drop 100 times? I just hit 22 drops.

    Anyways, TL;DR, What is the best way to level up to 100 fast, complete spirit link boards, and acquire large sums of munny end game? Thanks!
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    I have mixed feelings about this collection. Between the PS3 collections of 1.5 and 2.5, I have over 500 hours of time on the in game clock. I really enjoyed replaying the games in remastered, Final Mix form. I 100% completed them. However, aside from being on PS4, 60fps, and including minor bug/gameplay fixes, these are the same collections. And I just don't think I have it in me to play through the entire KH series again before KH III. Especially since I am planning on picking up KH 2.8 the day it releases, and will likely still be playing that when this collection releases. Its tough, because with my schedule, I can usually only play a few hours a week. Collections like these take me months to complete. Yet, part of me still wants to pick up this collection. If for any reason, just to have in case I do decide I want to replay them all someday. I have a few month to decide I guess. This is a great purchase for those that didn't invest in the PS3 collections or want to play through them all again despite the previous releases. Nice price point too. ​
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    Whoa, wasn't expecting to even place at all, let alone second in my party. Good job everyone. ​
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    I am not sure what happened, but I am glad it was resolved and KHV will continue to exist. I have never been the most active community member, but I have been using this forum to stay updated on KH news since high school, which is quickly approaching ten years ago. I would be sad to see it go. I hope under the new ownership that what wasn't working before can change for the better, and that the site retains its dedication to news and community events (something that it has done since I joined and offers a nostalgia for me). Good work team.​
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    No worries. You added me back. No harm done. Thanks! ​
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    Could I be added back, @Calxiyn ? I am not a rando, and I play every day. Just noticed that all the awesome shared medals I like to use are gone. Though my name in Unchained X and here are nothing alike, so I don't blame you. ID is 105634. Thanks. ​
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    Created another avatar on another account. ID No. 105681. Vulpeus group! Thanks! @Calxiyn
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    I'm in the Vulpeus group. ID no 105634. ​
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    I am gonna give this a try. Forgive me if this is common knowledge, but will this be free to download/play? I don't believe I have read whether it is or isn't anywhere. ​
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    Looks pretty good. I hope the KH χ segment is engaging. I like the idea of revisiting Dream Drop Distance, but making brand new entries like the 0.2 BBS bit seems odd. I mean, why not make it the introduction to KH III itself or something? I will play regardless, but with this and potentially something called 2.9, perhaps we will end up waiting for KH III until the end of this console generation. ​
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    I think, as mentioned above, the best bet is an HD remaster of KH 3D for consoles, and perhaps a playable demo of KH III in the vein of Episode Duscae for PS4 players. I would enjoy such. After the past two HD collections, 3D is the last I need to revisit before KH III. Ironically, I just began a new playthrough of 3D on the 3DS two days prior to this announcement, thinking if an HD remaster of 3D was coming, it would have been announced already. Just my luck. ​
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    I'll be honest, I have tried the strategy you mentioned. It does work if executed properly. Keeping it going is actually a challenge in itself, as if you are even a fraction of a second too slow between the jump and the finisher, Lingering Will will regain invulnerability and can very well finish you off before you get a chance to set up the combo again. You must keep up this perfect sequence of jump, attack, jump, attack for several minutes before he succumbs. He can certainly be defeated in other, more "legitimate" fashions. However, this allows less skilled players, those who dislike incredibly difficult challenges and trophy collectors to taste victory.

    I agree with the user above. In my opinion, if a battle method allows you to achieve success and requires nothing like external game modification/enhancement devices, it is fair enough. If an opponent is engineered to be so difficult that players find unique ways to succeed, these sort of gameplay oddities practically beget themselves. Cheers.​
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