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    Oh, brilliant! ^^ This things needs a chance to really get going!!
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    Check the link in my signature.
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    Some of you may have seen that I'm taking a hiatus from RPing on forums. I don't know when I'll be back or if I will be at all. BUT. I was looking at this thread and I'd be really upset to leave it. Music and singing is a very personal thing to me. It was my dream to take on the stage one day, but then I had an accident and I'm no longer physically capable of doing stage work at all. So, you could say that I'm kinda living vicariously through this amazing RP. Not to mention that I love the group that's in this RP. <3

    If you'll have me, I'd like to stay on this one RP during my hiatus.
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    It's been four long years of RPing on this site for me. And I've loved every second of it. But I need a breather. So much is going on that doing this is starting to feel like a job and not a hobby (and I'm not even talking about the battle to make posts count in the RP section). So I'm going on hiatus from forum RPs (that includes those on my own forum).

    I don't wanna talk about why, or whine and complain that I'm overwhelmed, or rant about how upset I am to have to do this.

    ABOUT RPs:
    Mine are on hiatus with me. When I come back, Harry Potter (The Years to Come) and Final Fantasy (Black Gold) are moving to my own forum. If you want to stay in those, please talk to me.
    If I'm in one of your RPs, do whatever you wish with my character. I'll probably be dropping out if I ever come back anyway.

    I'm gone. I'll be back whenever.
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    I figured I'd give others a chance to post before doing so again myself.
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    Rae lay on her stomach, under the bed, trembling with her hands over her head. Her body still felt like a chunk of lead, though she was starting to process thing with a little more clarity. She remembered the SOLDIER who'd stepped into the room and the feeling of fear, but he'd left and the fear with him. But when she thought she was safe, Caleigh's home shook with explosions. The walls were cracked and crumbling; the structure threatened to collapse completely. But Rae couldn't summon the will to get to her feet and run outside, so she's dragged herself under the bed and shut her eyes tight. The sounds and the feelings brought a rush of memories of Kalm back to her.

    OOC: Because I wanted to post!! DX
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    Thyella gave her brother's hand two quick squeezes, her signal to him that she was going to stop trying to see. He reciprocated with one quick squeeze and took his hand away to put his arm around her shoulders. To others, it would appear as a simple, single-armed hug between twins. Anemos felt the small flow of air coming from his sister stop. He was glad she was resting.

    Logan flinched from Cyclops's tone. He'd seen the mutant angry before, but there was a different kind of anger present now -- a protective anger. Logan shrugged, drawing a cigar. He didn't like how Cyclops claimed the X-Men as his own. Logan wasn't entirely set on becoming the leader, he didn't really care, but the idea of Scott in charge bothered him.
    "Fine. Get the kids back to their play-pen. The big man wants to talk to us about something."
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    Lyrth started at the sudden disappearance of his sword. "Wh-wha...?" He looked to Merik and his jaw dropped. He was nervous; he still was no good at riding, even with a saddle, and he and Styrke had yet to fully understand each other, let alone do any kind of linking of anything. While Lyrth worried his little head off, Styrke stood and shook himself, stretching his still-growing wings. He was small enough that he didn't disturb anyone else in the clearing.
    "Let's go!!" The young dragon cheered to his rider. "Hop on! We'll get your sword back before anyone else gets theirs! Hurry up! Why are you just standing there like an idiot? Lyrth! C'mon!"
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    Hm.... Should I post Sheik yet??
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    "No!" Blue raged his reply to the too-often-asked question, shaking the bars to his own cell.

    "W-we can't... do anything!" Red was on the ground with Vio, his back being pat by the latter. He was starting to get panicky. The only thing giving him comfort was being with the Links he referred to his as his 'brothers.' If they were all in different cells, Red would be in pieces.

    "Don't worry," Green tried to calm the sensitive one. His sense and burden of being their 'leader' made him feel guilty for the whole mess. He needed to find a way out. If only there was some way that every Link in that place could work together. But he and his brothers were the only ones who could physically interact. "We'll get out of this."

    "Don't lie to him!" Blue turned on Green, his fists balled in anger. "Unless you've come up with something, we're stuck here! There is no way out!"

    Vio cleared his throat, holding Red in an one-armed hug to stop him from crying. "I have an idea."

    OOC: SUPER not long POST!
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    It was awesome! 8D I'll post by Monday at the latest. I'd like to do it sooner though.
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    What she said.
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    I'm so glad this isn't dead!! 8D
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