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    Watch Doges is the first game I played for the PS4. And it's one of the few games I played after I beat the main story. I mostly hop on to play Online Decryption or Online Hacking. I do wish Free Roam was a big messy free for all.

    I haven't had a single issue with the game. The graphics are wonderful. The side missions are kind of entertaining. But it did remind me of GTA with splashes of AC. In GTA when you drive a car, crashes are a nightmare ESPECIALLY on a motorcycle. But motorcycles are tanks in this game. Not complaining, I'm just extra careful with my driving even though I don't have too.

    My only issue is clothing. So uncreative despite having a clothing store. An AC theme'd outfit would have been welcome.
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    Currently playing now. I'm loving it. The infodump was a little off putting. But lots of games/literature start off that way. I learned that the best thing to do is to keep on. Eventually the earlier info will make sense.

    I always had a thing for lore. Be it FF or Greek Mythology, so I suppose that helps me stay in the focus.

    I mostly play as Ace/Machina/Eight. But mostly Ace cause I like how he makes me feel like Byakuya (from Bleach) must feel when he fights.

    Take all my money Square Enix.
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    (Copy/paste of my question to Jayn. I didn't know about the thread. opps.)

    Fuzzy: I was just confused as to if our chars memories of Earth and their lives on it were edited.

    Jayn: No. Your memories are different each round, which is why I said that your memory would be restored when you get back. Each round is a clean slate. So you they shift and change with the scenario. For instance, if you’re in a challenge where you’re a high school student, then your memories would be related to school life and you may be childhood friends with your competitiors or something.

    Fuzzy: Hm. So for example in this scenario, if I picked my old man, he would have his memories of Earth and all that he did on it, but only because it was allowed for this DYBiM world? Whereas if he were in a world where everyone char is in High School, he would be his younger self but with altered memories depending on the rules/world?

    Jayn: Yes.

    tl;dr. Our characters are normal, no memories were edited except for not remembering the gazebo and teleporting door stuff. One minute we're in Kansas, the next we're in Oz. (No they're not really in Oz, sheesh.)
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    Name: Joseph Bueller
    Age: 57
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Wise. Tends to ramble. Loves to talk and learn. Slow to judge. Slow to anger. Sometimes ponders for so long he misses things in conversations.
    Bio: N/A
    What scene do you want to do first?: DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC?
    Anything else?: Widowed, with 3 adult children, and four grandkids.

    Name: Clarissa Jones
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Snarky. Blunt. Sleepy.
    Bio: N/A
    Anything else?: Straight A student in school. Works two jobs while taking light College courses.
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    It was obvious that the Lord of the Valens was back in business and not to happy about it seemed. But they'd done the bell thing hours ago. And still nothing bad seemed to have happened. As he sat at few tables grouped together so that their clan could sit together and think, Darren figured they had two routes to explore now. One was too see if the meathead Imperialists militia had discovered anything in the Hall of Games during their absences. Or to pack it up and go home, facing what comes as it comes, in their respective territories. The trouble maker in him did want to investigate the castle again, it seemed so limitless and cavernous, despite being creepy. On top of that, the militia might have discovered something potentially interesting. Sighing he voiced his opinions and decided that he would be heading home. He had spent too much time playing around with this ... mystery, and it was time to head home.

    He didn't quite know what to say in terms of good bye, but he did so cordially. He didn't show it on his face but his mind was whirling in thought, this God Returns thing was distressing to anyone, wasn't it? Especially if that God was upset with what had happened to his kingdom in his absence. No heir, no unity, no one even remembering his name. Most thinking that he was some kind of myth. He couldn't imagine what that must be like. But come what may, he'd make sure his territory was secured as much as possible first. After his goodbyes he made sure to edge his way past the city's drinking citizens and also made sure to see if the coast was clear before he revved up his legs, in a blur of movement he was gone before you could even blink.

    Sometimes accelerated speed came with accelerated thinking. Which meant that since he only had himself to preoccupy his time with, he spent the whole time thinking. Where did Crestatia go? What would the others do? He was no detective, but it killed him to not be able to investigate this further. It was kind of like a book brought to life! He shook his head as he sped around hills and valleys, making sure to skirt around territories with some kind of security for foreigners, he had to be serious about this as well. Who knew what the God of Aether was planning, now that he'd returned home disappointed. He wondered if there was a way to send the being back where he came, or ask for another extension on time. After all, he seemed to like wherever he was enough to stay there for He knew how long. Darren frowned as his feet were greeted by the soft track that covered the perimeter of his home, he was not going to be able to relax for who knew how long now.
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    He had to respect the fact that the plant lady wanted to be respected. He was pretty sure that he could speed through the place and head into the book paradise by himself. But, he would be running blind, and he would never do something so reckless in a ticked off Valen's domain. Darren sighed and followed after the one or two who headed in. He only hoped that golden book was worth all this slowness and trouble. His speculation was that it may hold clues as to how the current God became God, and how might they curb his anger. A long shot, but it was better then doing nothing while Aether's realms were probably torn apart in God's wrath.

    He tried to speak to residents, but they let themselves get wrapped in the walls and never returned. Most retreated from them into their homes. He had hoped someone would show compassion and help them out, but Akantha must have had iron grips on all of them. No one helped or volunteered too, he stopped after the second try. He stood on the outside of the group, as protective as you can be in a group of over five strolling down a flora decorated maze, presumably lined with death in every thorn. Minutes turned into hours and though there were dead ends, he could only hope they were halfway there.
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    Annalyne made an excellent point, the library was a bust, and the people in it were even worse then some of the things he skimmed in some of the books. He gathered when the group did. He had hoped there would be a hidden gym of knowledge, like a witch or wizard who could help them. Or another book tucked away somewhere. He was surprised to see that little Morji had found them and wanted to come along. He let Mimi know that the other group should be alerted that they were at least leaving Fairwyn. But he agreed with Marina that a group their size was already too big. He only hoped that Twercania, would yield better results then Fairwyn. He shoved his hands into his coat and strolled out the door behind Marina, he then vanished in a cloud of smoke, making sure know one was near enough to be affected by it. He was gone in at least five seconds before returning with knowledge on where they needed to be. He relied on Mimi to use the same doll used to alert the other party, to ask his wife for Siegfried to give them a lift. After all, who had the power of traveling groups many distances? He didn't know where Arius was, or if he could even magic up a vehicle of some sort. Besides, it was a matter of minutes before a hovering typical UFO craft, with a low curved dome top and a flat, horizontal bottom emitting a glowing light from small black thrusters,. A panel seemed to open and a sliding platform waited for all of them to step onto it before engulfing them inside the ship. Darren tried not to face palm, Siegfried wanted to embarrass him. And he'd done it. He just hoped the ship was fast. Luckily it was, and luckily it had autopilot. He just had to tell it to drop them off at Twercania and sped away. The ride was so fast that talking was irrelevant as the grop was strapped in among technology and other things you'd find aboard a space ship that zipped through Aetherian skies.

    A machine like woman announced their arrival and Darren led the way down the platform, accompanied by volunteers from the bar. Garret, Asterion, Morjiana, Marina, Annalyne, Mimi, Vex, Johnis and himself included made up the team. As the ship took off into the distance, Darren had to wonder if the ship was dysfunctional. This gigantic entrance to a city(?), made entirely of flora was not where he was expecting to be dropped off. He had took off to a map shop to browse maps of Aether until he found their destination, a square shaped city with a large spire coming out of it, according to the map. But what kind of valen would force people to walk through a...labyrinth? He wanted to step inside, just to confirm, but he'd read the story if the minotaur as a kid, Greek mythology would only be able to describe this place. Plants galore lined the ins and outs of the place, as far as he could inside without stepping a foot in. He then explained the situation, the place they wanted to go was inside the center of the this city sized hedge. He could hear people inside as he explained. "Anyone know anything about the...weird plant place that apparently surrounds and guards Twercania?" He said, his brow lowered in fustration. God could be wreaking his revenge on Fairwyn for all they knew and then this happened. He released a calming sigh and focused on not whining.

    "All I know is that flying is not an option. And I won't go running blindly. Our best bet might be to ask for directions to Twercania." He resisted the urge to pace as he gazed up at the immense foliage of multicolored herb life before them. He didn't even know if they'd be welcomed.
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    Garrett, Annie, Mimi-doll, and Marina were ready to go. And so was he. His speed was kept in control, after years of practice, how could it not be. But when he felt pressured, it came out in rapid fire movement, such as his foot tapping. He was feeling extreme dread the longer they stayed still in this town. So he abruptly stood and turned his back on the table, itching to get moving, the remaining group members could do as they pleased for all it mattered. He was out the door in seconds, taking in breaths of the Aether air. His new group piled around them and he realized, he had no idea where the library would be. He knew talking was much slower then he could move and so, he was gone before anyone could get a word out too him. A gust of wind and he was gone, super speed wasn't too great for stealth in crowded places, but luckily they were not needing it, so he could go nearly all out without generating any booms, after his second lap around the town, he finally found it.

    He'd never seen a more sad little library. He began to doubt they'd even find anything of worth. He sighed, telling himself that no stone should be left unturned, especially given the fact that God came down to warn them personally. He was back in front of the Blazing Victory in a matter of twenty seconds, with it was specific instructions to lead them to only library that seemed to exist in the town of muscle and status. Darren led the way, leaving the group for split seconds to retrace his steps until they'd walked there. It was he that held the door open and once inside layed out a very basic plan. He had Marina show them the book and it's letters, instructing them to do the obvious, which was search for any books like it and any other books relating to the God of Aether, while also interviewing any employees they came across. He himself would look for the head librarian and dig up what he could find.

    He let the team disperse and glanced back at the door to see if any of their old entourage had followed. He stopped though, feeling that time was of the essence and thus he got to work. Being careful to stay neutral and be polite as he searched for anyone with something obvious, like a name tag that would help him ID the person in charge.
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    A bottle appeared by his side, and a little cutie came to whisper in his ear, alerting him to what he could not see over the roaring din and crowd of bar patrons. He grabbed the bottle by the neck and winked a ruby eye at the handmaiden to the female Dionysus of Aether. Lifting off the stool with bottle in hand, Darren waved Crestatia and Arius towards where the group was. He paused he noticed a new face that seemed to be clutching papers, which was so out of place in a bar in general that he had to doa double take and check her face. The new Coordinator. He could ask her about the book, before she planned on leaving? That wouldn't do. Not one bit. "A bar isn't the wisest place to have a conversation like the one we are going to have. But the noise and variety in faces might be a great cover. Stay for just a moment. Then we can take that book of ours to a librarian or something." He spoke plainly to Marina, hoping she'd see reason to stay a moment longer.

    It took a bit of time for him to get there, he had to manipulate the speed of the moving bodies in his and his small groups way before he could find three chairs to drag to the little gathering that one of their Valen's had organized. He sighed in relief as he finally slumped in his chair. Movement didn't make him tired, but the things he'd seen had taken some kind of toll. He took a swig of the best drink he'd had all year and nodded gratefully to Sangria. He'd have probably married her if not for their far more beneficial friendship. He cast useless thoughts aside and did a mental count as someone in the group clued his group into what happened so far. He in turned brought up the exploration of the dungeon. The smells, the matching prisoners clothes in cages. The burning bed in the room. And the window that led them to the shore. He thought it was an insignificant detail, but still interesting, the shore they ran toward held a mist so thick they couldn't see the massive Hall from it.

    He took a swallow from it again and made his body feel pleasantly cold and alert. Shivering he stated something unmentioned to him before, "There were two burning objects. The chapel's pew, and the bed in the back of the dungeon. Why bother burning...anything? And shouldn't we get home? I'm sorry, but if a God is mad, he's probably going to target Players mostly. All over Aether. If anything we should be getting all Players who care, in a big network and defense system. God's never seem like the "let's talk it out and reason" type."" He shifted forward, never once placing the bottle on the table, his eyes ruby clear and alert. He tapped his foot, while his clear mind raced with more thoughts. This discussion was nearly pointless if new things weren't discussed and a plan of action was made. He hoped someone had something good to say and soon.
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    He watched as Crestatia fell through the sky, vanished into the misty, spraying water below them and vanish. Part of him hoped she was gone for good. After all, the only thing she did was stand on them to escape first. But he tried to let it go, for the simple fact that she was able to leave. It meant he was able to leave. Finally, he could escape thei foreboding of this place. He gave Arius a smile, grabbed Mimi's doll before forgetting and cast one more disdainful glance at the death and flame smelling room before squeezing his way out the window.

    Where he promptly began to tumble towards the sea. He had many options, but none were viable till be left the pull power weakening castle. Once he did, he righted his body with minimal effort, horizontally flat like a pancake. Free falling was something you learned to control quick when you jump at super speeds or leap off a ramp, and suddenly you're airborne. His energy was surging back as he focused his acceleration on his body. With his energy restored and finally unrestricted, he enjoyed his free fall until he deaccelerated himself, and put himself feet first, when his feet lightly brushed the surface of the saltwater, he was gone. A sonic boom and a line of churrned water the only sign he was there.

    Seconds later, he hit a sandy shore and briefly wondered where he was, he turned his back, expecting an Arius while noticing with a tinge of dread that a thick cover, blocked the tower he'd fallen from, from view. Had he not dashed in a straight line? Preposterous. He frowned as he poked Mimi's doll gently, contact was made, now that he was far from the tower. Darren relayed the events that transpired in the tower to Mimi, or her teddy friend, or whoever heard the messages the dollz received. He glanced about the shore and found a familiar face. Crestatia. A quick assessment showed she was waiting. On them? No way. That would be a selfless act. Darren narrowed his eyes in suspicion, but reverted back to neutral as he approached her side across the sandy shore.

    He couldn't help but ask, "You waiting for something?"
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    In the music themed room, information was exchanged. After all, they were all stuck here together. The more brain power out in, the better. Everyone learned of a trap door leading into the depths of the castle. No one stepped up to venture inside it at the moment. So when it quieted down. Darren said a prayer to his family, made Daphne promise to look after his family and volunteered to go into the dark chamber.

    Crestatia surprised him by following him out, as did Arius and a doll of Mimi. With a thanks to all who helped, he set out to find the room holding the trap door. They found it as the bell toll and debris unimpeded their movement. Darren opened the hatch and went down first, not even know if there was a light or not. At the bottom, low light candles lit a dark and narrow tunnel.

    The small group made sure to stick close as Crestatia permitted due to her obvious agoraphobia. The trap door slammed shut, and no one could open it after. Their shoes echoed off the close interior due to the grimy walls and floor.

    They started to pass shadowy prison cells. A dungeon of sorts, and closer looks revealed clothes on the floor of each cell. People had been here. Darren didn't try to think about what could make an entire castle disappear. Or maybe the people vanished when the God ruled, and his magic kept them going. Like Mimi's dolls or something. Darren did his best to update the crew above them with Mimi's doll, especially when the trapped door closed. Darren gulped, and prayed to his family again that whatever at the end of this tunnel, ended with a happy note.
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    Before meeting up with the other trapped Valens in a music themed room. Darren and company explored and stumbled across the chapel. A peak inside made Darren order twice for young Mimi and Daphne to stay outside. He stared at Marina for a moment before recalling her participation in Days and thus her fortitude. He gave her a nod before preceding into the chapel.

    You didn't have to be religious to see that this was horribly wrong. Most alarming and attention grabbing was a chapel pew, burning consistently on it's own. Darren gave it a wide berth as he searched the place. After reaching the passing the flames, he heard then saw the organ. Heard, because it was playing of it's own accord. A bead of fright rolled down Darren's neck. But he forged ahead despite his rapidly beating heart.

    There was nothing left to find. Marina found blood in the aisles separating one side of the pews from the other, but there was nothing valuable. He gathered his group, gathered his own fortitude, and later they found the music room.
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    Darren had a headache that now faded as he rested in the foyer for a moment. The team that rescued them made him grateful that he wasn't handling this alone, specifically after the bell incident and the gate burning Crestatia's hand. Out of concern for himself, he gazed over her palms, never obviously, but enough to see that they didn't seem to bother her. Unless she was putting on a brave face. He was panicking and and that put his speedy mind whirling. He took deep, steadying breaths until he was calmer and perked up visibly at the suggestion of exploration. Anything to get out of this situation and get moving.

    He stood up once he was feeling better, he had the familiar feeling that came with wanting a nap, but otherwise was fine. Sangria some spear headed one group. He watched as Vex and some others left the foyer, and Darren left the hall in another direction. Not explaining his actions because everything needed had already been said.

    He heard steps behind him and a quick look over his shoulder was affirmed that he had several with him. Surprisingly, Marina had come. That was delightful, she was being useful. Players loved useful things. He took the first door they came too and opened it quickly, startled but taking it in stride as he encountered a two floored room filled to a shelf to shelf brim with books. Green, yellow, blue and red spines stared at his little crew. And he wasted no time zipping around the few tables there were on the ground to the polished silver staircase that led him to the second floor.

    He began to pull and search book after book, for anything his mind could think of. Half expecting at least a book on their specific God or a hidden passage to Him. Darren finally spoke and it was quick and to the point. "We have who knows how many rooms to explore till we find something to get out of here. Spread out. And we'll be out of here soon." No malice, no urgency. Just to the point.

    Superspeed inhibited, he could still search pretty fast. So it wasn't long before he came across book. He thought it was yellow, but it was a pure golden color. His quick eyes skimmed a few pages, but the language was foriegn. Which was odd, because all Valen seemed to speak the same language. Stranger still, the book seemed very important. Maybe Annalyne could witch look at it or something. He took the book and called his team into the hall as the light fixtures shook atop the ceiling. There seemed to be nothing left in the Library, and they needed to keep movie.
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    The bell kept ringing as Crestatia explained their dilemma. And as he sat and absorbed this new information, he wasn't surprised. There had to be someone controlling the Hall like they controlled the game. But when Cressy finished the summary of their situation, he was striding towards the bell, not away. The tolling was foreboding and it was getting worse by the minute.

    Nervousness flowed through his heart like water. If a God was controllingthis in the first place, then what chance did he have? He took a deep breath before the gargantuan bell and held out his hand, palm forward towards the pendulum swinging bell. He concentrated as best he could in the power dampening halls. The bell was an object in motion and therefore subjective to his speedy domain. He could feel a pressure building in his temple as he put more and more effort into slowing down such a colossal bell with his powers hinged.

    He glanced back and let his blank face break into a masculine plea, since this was fr their sake as well as his. "Any help would be appreciated!" He nearly snapped, this heavy bell would have taken a toll no matter where he was. But even he didn't know what would happen to him if he didn't stop this bell and the trembling walls.
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