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May 26, 2007
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Hopefully a pharmacist soon.


Hollow Bastion Committee, Female, from BLAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU'LL NEVER FIND OUT!

We have statuses now? Sep 18, 2012

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Oct 3, 2020
    1. Makaze
      "Hey thanks for this. I was going to kill something because that kid is driving me off the wall. OFF THE FRICKING WALL. Congrats you recovered a point, if you care."

      I care. What do points mean?
    2. Clawtooth
      I dunnno, It's just the name of Mami's theme from Madoka Magica.
    3. Plums
      FKB Ace hit Premium, it is now your turn to ascend to the Pink Tiers.
      now go get that tiger
    4. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      If only these Asian communities could cut some slack like your folks about the whole "news networks". They seem to be really chill. I already like them. xD
      Oh how lucky get an apt all to yourself. :< I thought you had roommates. LOL you're living my dream. 1 bed, 1 bath? Or studio? Any pets? HAHAHA Idk why I'm this excited. Guess I'm in a real sweet mood.
    5. HellKitten
      Sorry, I was looking at Asterisk profile page and I noticed you asked if he was mad at you. To tell you the truth I'm pretty sure he left along with *TN* Deathsight and LoTo all for the same reason. I was the only one that stayed. He's not mad at you though.
    6. Maki
      Hai, FKB~
      I Has added you.
    7. C
      Have I? If so then it's just with people I've found to be kind of jerks to the lesser members, you don't mess with the noobs ;-; If I've been other than that it's probably more as sarcasm or something of the likes, I'm not sure, you could give me examples if you wanted to. Also, I left the voxli group, people's actions and behaviours started to annoy me so I don't think I'll be back there in a while.

      Thanks for worrying though c:

      I rate my feelings for you a 9.3/10
    8. C
      Strange? How? o:

      I rate my confussion a 9.5/10
    9. C
      Hmm? I'm doing pretty good, how come?
    10. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      Haha! That's good that's good. My goal is to just go as far away as I can from here. There's too many South Asians here...and the South Asian community is too closely connected. Anything and everything you do, the people from two towns over will find out. It's ridiculous. But dammit props to you for moving out. Maybe if I was determined like you, I'd be out as well. xD
    11. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      LOL that's lovely. :D
      Friends made in college are the ones who will stick around forever. I've a wee bit more left before I move on to a Univ. Here's hoping my fam can finally let go. lol
      South Asian fam = girls will stay home. D:
    12. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      WOW~ Grats on moving out! :3
      Community college or wetn straight to Univ? But yeah...this place is both a good distraction and a place you want to avoid. Idk...I guess I love to hate it.
    13. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      I'm really not sure. But I've been consistent in coming back regularly to check in and talk to people...and waste time. But I don't want to say anything finally. I'm afraid I'd not be able to stick to that. xD

      But how are you?
    14. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      I missed you too! ;3
    15. Daxa~
      I cannot belive I forget this.
      I love you FKB.
    16. Asterisk
      I'll wait .....:3
    17. Asterisk
      Where was my heartfelt message? I was your friend too, a-hole >:
    18. *TwilightNight*
      Hey! Lol, no, you weren't annoying at all. You're one of the good friends I made here. And don't say that, Fire. You know you're good, and that's all that matters. I feel like I've lost my touch too. And it was fun RPing with you. I wouldn't have done it otherwise. Or...we'll have problems, like me and watermage >.>. I always found you a good person. Unfortunately, I don't browse around here anymore. You can contact me in MSN, if you want.
    19. Asterisk
      TwilightNight >.> ../slaps
    20. Asterisk
      Don't be fake about it either, man, all you cared about was Twilight all this time I see.
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    Hopefully a pharmacist soon.
    Heh. I'm all alone now.

    Trying to break out of the failure zone. Still haven't. Probably never will but that's okay. I'll keep trying. Mistakes keep happening but that's how it always is.


    Sig by Saxima
    The following are what has most likely happened to me if I am absent from greatest to least.
    1. School is smothering me. 2. I gained a social life. 3. Computer or internet problems. 4.Some accident happened. (Note: #4 is a wildcard)
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