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    This is probably offensive, but I'm not talking about people who just think a character would be cute with another one, and want them to be a couple, I am talking about the people who have entire tumblr blogs dedicated to pairings and think about them nonstop and DON'T SHUT UP ABOUT THEM.
    I have a number of different guesses as to why fangirls dedicate themselves to fake(and usually only gay) TV couples

    1) Can't handle a real relationship, so they take two characters from a show that have barely any interaction and create an illusion that they're in love

    2) Can't get a boyfriend so they take two characters from a show that have barely any interaction and create an illusion that they're in love

    3) Need to believe that there is at least some couple out there that can be together so they take two characters from a show that have barely any interaction and create an illusion that they're in love

    4) have a fetish for TV characters having sex with each other

    5) Everyone on tumblr has giant gay goggles on

    6) Just because they can take two characters from a show that have barely any interaction and create an illusion that they're in love
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    They are the reason Doctor Who nauseates me, and the reason I never wanted to like Supernatural
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    Oh you guys
    I feel bad for you

    My favorite pairing actually happened, so I don't understand your 'feels(actually, one of them died horribly in the arms of the one that could not die, but still, it did happen, and it was gay and absolutely glorious while it lasted)'

    Just venting because of Supernatural fans on Tumblr because OH MY GOD SHUT UP
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    Thank you, going to work, and coming back to the support and constructive criticism here meant a lot and calmed me down about it a bit.

    I suppose I can try to talk to the neighbors, maybe I'll meet some people at the fitness center and laundromat when I wash and work out.

    It really can't be as bad as I'm making it out to be in my head. Thanks again
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    I have a tendency to stop talking to anyone I get to close to because everyone leaves me. I know I should embrace people, but people have hurt me on purpose, used me because I trust others openly, and I come on too strong, so I just gave up. I keep acquainted, but I don't let myself close to anyone. I can talk to people on tumblr and stuff, but not in real life anymore.

    I suppose you're right, I'm just panicking about it when I should be trying to stay calm. It's not a big deal, right? I'm just moving into an apartment. I can clean up when I want to, eat when I want to, and play video games naked if I want to. This should be a good thing. I don't have to worry about money, because my mom said she'll help me, so I should have nothing to worry about.

    I worry about being alone with myself though I guess. At my house, there's always someone there if something were to happen, and if I panic, and it's just good to know, I'm so scared to lose that.

    Thanks though for reading this, it means a lot to me to get a response, I'll tell you how it goes when I leave and am gone for awhile I guess. Hopefully I'll be able to get my internet set up soon.
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    More scared than I've ever been in my entire life

    My mom and stepdad are forcing me out

    Like, they know I make enough money for rent because of all the jobs I work, so they went out, forced me to co-sign on an apartment and are throwing me out of their house. They're even paying utilities for me and everything. I have until Tuesday to leave, and I'm ****ing scared, I don't know what to do, I've never been on my own before. I mean, no one talks to me at my house anyway, but now I won't even have the option to try and reach out to anyone, and I don't have any friends either, I have maybe one or two people that I can bear to be around every now and then, but I've never had to be this well and truly alone.

    I don't know what I'm going to do. I have severe anxiety, a panic disorder, and depression, who is going to be there for me when I need someone? I'm going to have no one, my mother doesn't even want me around anymore to the point where she's willing to pay for me to go away.

    I've struggled through a lot in this past year. I've dealt with severe bullying, and learning everything my father has done to hurt my family and why he left, all of that alone led to three separate suicide attempts, I've been in and out of mental hospitals because of a panic disorder that has nearly killed me, I had to take several different drugs to keep my emotions and depression stable until they practically turned me into a vegetable and I had to stop taking them, and I have to take sleep medication. My cat that I've had since I was four almost died, my sister told me that she thinks I'm scum and that she wants nothing to do with me anymore because I'm not worth the time or trouble, and my stepfather hasn't spoken a word to me since 2005.

    Through everything, my mom has at least been some help, however forced the help may have been, she's been there to at least take me to my psychiatrist, and therapy, and the hospitals, and she bought me my car so I could work, but when I dropped out of school this year she gave up, and now she's paying for me to leave, and I don't know what to do, I've lost everything. I left school, started working, and I was finally getting to where I was better, I haven't had a panic attack in months, I haven't had suicidal thoughts since I stopped taking my meds six months ago, and my anxiety is controlled enough to where I've made it through several months of a stable job, and I recently got two more, and am perfectly okay with it. I mean, I still get anxious in public, and around a few people that I sometimes hang out with, but I've mostly been okay.

    Now I'm scared, I'm going to be on my own, what if something happens, what if I suddenly relapse, what if no one talks to me again now that they don't have to. I don't have a relationship to rely on anymore because I couldn't handle the commitment, and I am so scared to be alone, but all of it is my fault, I ruined every relationship with my family by being ridiculously difficult to be around, and I don't make friends and oh God what am I going to do?
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    Austin is great, it's actually my second favorite city in Texas.

    Houston has little to no punk/pop punk/hardcore scene, so it kind of sucks when bands I like do come, so I understand why they don't, I JUST DON'T HAVE THE MONEY FOR GAS TO GO TO AUSTIN OR SAN ANTONIO.

    And San Antonio sucks anyway.
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    That I am tired of my favorite bands skipping right over Houston, Texas, and visiting every other city in the state, I mean, c'mon, San Antonio? Are you serious? No one likes San Antonio.

    Sorry just whining about dumb bands not coming to my dumb city
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    I never liked Sora. Actually, that's a lie, I really liked him in the first game, but after, not so much. He started to become too happy, too ridiculously friendly, and far too trusting to everyone he met. To be honest, he's the ideal version of a perfect character, perfectly noble, extremely loyal, he can do no wrong, but that's where they went wrong with his character, I mean, without digging and thinking, "Hm, there may be underlying causes for why he acts this way, maybe he's got some personality disorder," he's kind of scary.

    If you think about everything he's gone through, he should be super worn, tired, and skeptical of whether he really wants to throw himself into the flames yet again, but he's not, and y'know, it's a video game, he's supposed to launch himself into the deep end, right? It's just the way they did his character that makes it annoying every single time.

    The very end of DDD had some slight, interesting character development though, I hope it redeems his ridiculous personality a bit.
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    I actually usually end up regretting getting games right when they come out.

    Most of the games I can afford don't require anything special from a fresh, brand new buy, so I wait until I can buy something used or until one of my friends is finished with their copy and will give it to me.

    New games are far too expensive, I mean, $60 for an xbox360 game? It's ridiculous, considering the system is about $200, you're paying out your ass for a disc that may or may not last very long, considering they're sensitive as hell and easily ruined. I'd rather rent games or just wait.
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    I would love for Kairi to be playable, she was my favorite character in Kingdom Hearts II, her and Axel. I like her keyblade as well, it's super fun to draw, and I loved using it with Aqua.
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    The lyrics to this song are inspiring
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