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    I just want to learn, if I have to get through hard times, I will.

    So, go full force xD
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    That would be awesome Ace :D
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    Thanks ^^

    I will do my best to improve my editing skills ^^
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    Well, I played all of the final mixes of Kingdom Hearts, 1, 2 and bbs. I just had to found something that translated the name of the skills to english, and I was right with that. KH2 fm, I played it (and still play it), in Japanese, and I don´t have mane problems, I just have to guess wich skills I don´t want (thats easy, and no, I don´t know Japanese), and put only those I need.

    But a translated version would be awesome, that would save time searching for any english patch. I was lucky to find an English patch for Birth By sleep, but even without it, I don´t find it difficult to play it in japanese :]
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    Do I have to post here to join the group? Well, I will post and if it´s not here, please move it ^^

    The introduction is this one:


    And this is the video asked to join, I have finished it today ^^


    The video may sound a little weird, I had to put a higger pitch to avoid copyright.
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    I guess that the same way the hearts of those were strong enough to survive and end in Travese Town, their "homes" could have be saved also.

    In the case of Merlin, he is still a magician, I think he is capable of taking his house in an small bag and going to Traverse Town by his own feet xD.
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    It´s not a bad answer, but I would like more people to come here and see what they think, I still have doubts about that XD
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    Well, I make this thread to see if anyone can solve a doubt I have about bbs.

    As the title says, I find an obsesion about that Keyblade (that comes to be Sora´s standard one). When you first go to the keyblade graveyard, a kingdom key pops out and it becames the last D of graveyard. Then, the X blade (the keyblade Vanitas wields at the end) has two kingdom keys crossed, and there we have to add that:

    Vanitas is just like Sora, but with black hair. I didn´t understand that...

    Then how much is this related to Sora :S? It´s possible that we can´t know this until later games, but if anyone has any kind of idea I would like to discuss it.
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    Oh, I it seems possible, because of the pure heart of Kairi.

    Thanks, I understand it now ^^
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    One of the boss fights harder for me was Terranort, both as Terra an Aqua (take into account that I did it in proud mode, without the exp 0 skill, it´s impossible that way ._.!), I just hate his meteorite attacks and how he can beat in one single combo, and when he heals... It freaks me out.

    Later would be the secret boss fights, wouldn´t want to make a spoiler so I won´t say anything about them, but for me, with that difficulty, were hard as hell.
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    I replay all of the kingom hearts games when I can :D

    Recently I finished bbs final mix, with finishing, I mean completing the secret battles also.

    As for the other games, I play them because I always have something to do there, like lvling up my forms in kh2 (final mix of course xD), fighting Sephiroth in kh1 (I hate him ¬¬) or just completing tournaments for fun :D
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    What Skycat said seems the most logical explanation for me, I think it could be possible because Kairi is a princess of heart.

    A living heart? You are telling me that Sora was a Heartless O_o? That would explain the anti form but I still don´t get it. Even if Nomura said it, I don´t see sora like a Heartless with human form, kh1 Ansem also was and I don´t fins similarities between them. Also, if he was a Heartless, wouldn´t he be able to summon more? Or at least, make the other heartless don´t attack him? I still don´t understand that lol.
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    Hi all ^^

    Thank you everyone for the welcome :D

    Well, I suposse that if you say my English is good, it must be ^^. I don´t want to leave again from here, so I will try being active in the forum :D

    I know doing amv`s takes effort Skycat, but lately I´m stuck and I can´t finish any vid D: At least now I have a project that it seems I will finish :P
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    You are not the only one, I also hate Atlantica to death ._.

    But what I hate most and makes me freak out is that I`m obsessed to jump to heal myself. The thing is that I jump, I heal, but then I fall again and healing cancels... After that I get killed D:

    And other thing is also whit healing (yeah, I hate healing -w-). Like all people will do, when I have 1 hp, I heal, my hp bar replenishes but just in that moment, I get hit again and mi hp drops to 1 once more... It´s not the first time I start shouting because of this XD (most of this happen against Sephiroth).
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