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    It's pretty heartbreaking for me to revive this thread after the death of Chester. Ever since the day, the new album seemed to feel much sadder and meaningful than it normally did previously. Even on their Youtube channel, comments are flooding with mourning.

    Having a long history with this group, it hits hard. One of the few artists I actually bought a CD from. Their songs actually helped me get through some hard times back in middle school. It's safe to say without their songs, I might have been a very different person today.

    Nevertheless, I have great sorrow for the band and wonder what this could mean for the future of Linkin Park. It will be hard to replace a person like Chester.
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    RIP Chester

    RIP Chester
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    A new trailer was posted on Bandai Namco's youtube and their website.

    Besides the information listed in the trailer and on the website, not much else is known. More will be revealed on April 20, 2017.

    Even though they said they're done with the SoulsBorne series, I have a strong suspicion it's related to it. I mean, cmon. #PreparetoDine? They're begging people to connect this in the SoulsBorne universe.
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    After my impression of what EA did to the first game, I'm very reluctant to pick this game up. On one hand, they do mention features people originally wanted in a game and actually implementing them (campaign, multiple eras, etc.). On the other hand, I'm concerned if their words is just a bait and switch. Instead of actual "vehicles" and "heroes", they're gonna be terrible pickups again. Singleplayer might be lackluster (I'm slightly expecting this. EA/DICE are not the best when it comes to robust single-player).

    I may just sound like a fool who's judging a game based on past experience and a trailer, but honestly, I'm irritated how EA is handling this. As much as I wanna continue picking at the game, I'll try to keep an open mind and continue keeping tabs on upcoming announcements.
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    Aww man thanks! You guys are the best! Didn't think I'd get one!

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    Nioh (PS4)

    I currently don't have time to play Nioh at the moment, but I have played a good amount during the Alpha and Beta runs of the game. As a fan of the Dark Souls genre, I am sure to get my hands on this game sooner or later. I'm also quite exited to also experience some of the glorious over-the-top nonsense that happens in the game.
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    So it seems that games recently have made the transition to the lootbox system. For those who may not know, this system is where players earn/buy boxes in game that can earn them some in-game items whether it may be weapons, items, skins, and such. Mostly focused for games in the multiplayer genre.

    In the current state where video games are becoming more expensive to produce, one can see this as another way of obtaining revenue. As stated, the boxes can be earned without pay albeit requiring leveling up or earning it some other way while it can easily be bought with real currency. Though even so, these boxes are all randomized on what items you get.

    At the moment, I'm somewhat not all keen of this system. Since this was introduced (I don't remember when it started or was popularized. Perhaps the Battlefield 4 battlepacks?), I found the process of this more fitting in a Free-to-Play game. More time means more earning of boxes, but for those without much time, they can only get so much. As stated, it's the reason why F2P games can optimize this system. Cut down much of the time with money.

    It's clear that a "completed game" is no longer worth $60 value since the rise of DLCs. I can see a bit of a reasoning of having this system with no DLCs (ex. Overwatch), but games with both DLCs and Lootboxes is slightly pushing it in my opinion (ex. Uncharted 4, Battlefield 1).

    I just want to see the general opinion on how they feel about the Lootbox system. It's slightly irritating to get what you want by pure chance (I'm looking at you Overwatch even though I love you) especially when you cannot buy it directly with real currency.
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    It's strange. Hearing the words "ground-to-space battles "was one of my biggest dreams to have in Battlefront. I guess I'm just tired of EA's treatment to their games, especially one that tugged on my childhood. I don't think any amount of new "content" is gonna convince me to buy this game. Perhaps I should have faith in their next one, but I may be expecting too much.
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    Great. Now I have to do something productive on Valentine's Day #singlelife

    In all seriousness, I'm happy for the dual audio. I don't believe we had a Persona game with Japanese voice before here in NA.
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    Hoo boy. Don't we have a great 4 years to look forward to (that is if we can manage to pull through 4 years). This was probably the most infuriating election ever. As someone who finally had the chance to legally vote (I was 17 in 2012), I wanted to put in work as a citizen of this country.

    All we got was this. Even before this election, Trump has twisted the country literally in half. We got one side who shown themselves to be racist, hurtful, and bigoted people who think it's alright for them to express their distaste towards one group of people. And the other half who are trying to find some sort of sense in all of this chaos. I was apalled. And now I am terrified.

    I have so many friends who are people of his targeted group. Muslims, immigrants from all over the world, LGBT people, and so much more that have been a target for hate and probably will be affected in the next coming years. Who knows. Maybe I'll even never see some of my friends again should the situation grows so bad for them. Quite honestly, I don't know where our future will lead us. As if my life wasn't already full of uncertainty, this just makes it even more obvious.

    A small part of me hopes that maybe, just maybe, we can get through this. Despite my pessimistic feel about how this election turned out, at least I should try to find a hold in this. I do wish the best of luck to all of you guys as well. 2016 will go down as a marking point in history whether we like it or not.
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    As long as it's the same quality with what they did with P4, I'll have no qualms with who they choose to voice. Though I still wish there is an option for dual audio
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