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    As the two weeks passed in a hazy blur during his time at central haven the strange tavern that Faust had commandeered for himself has felt less and less strange as the days pass. One of the walls facing the bar was covered in half imbedded with metal cards as he had been using it as target practice for his new alternative weapon DJ and the other masters of central haven were talking about a few weeks ago.

    Finding himself wandering towards the main campus buildings to find some of the others as he really didn’t feel up to spending another day just playing around with his cards and magic. He had luck finding them on his second hour of trying to find the others as his new “Gummyphone” had buzzed as he passed by a window looking across a quad with Kaida and the others. When he made his way out to the courtyard he noticed AJ walking up to the others group with his back towards him. Seeing a perfect opportunity to have some fun Faust slinked up behind right behind AJ as quietly as he could with practiced ease till he broke his silence Answering Kaida’s question “I don’t really care too much about rain one way or the other but my master always hated the windy weather back home. Said ‘it always Blows’” Chuckling at his own pun he pulled out an apple for his hip pouch taking a quick bite before continuing “It’s been a few days since I've seen you guys. How have you been?”
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    Dancing around trying to kite to fire titan was turning out to be a bigger chore than Faust first thought. Even with the volleys of water drenching the magma when he could, which slowed the titan as sections hardened into rock it was not long before it started to melt once again. The whole situation seemed like a losing battle as the restrictions put on his magic seemed to slow it just enough that the titan fixed whatever damage he caused when he readied his next barrage.

    Booking over to the others seeing that they had finished off their titans really meant that he had to stop dragging his feet and find some way to finish off his own. Turning back to his titan just in time to see it began to surge towards him, trapping him between the wall and it. Seeing the mass of lava his instinct kicked in. Jumping head first towards the titan he fired off another Ballonga aimed at where he had planned to land on the titan. The surface cool in a flash of steam as he vaulted over the titan as it impacted against the wall.

    Looking back towards the fire titan something just clicked inside his head on why it was taking him so long to beat his titan. Here he was just trying to play it safe from a distance, hurling his magic at distance when he always did better laying everything on the line and seeing where it landed him. Drawing out the weapon that he had picked last night he prepared to let his magic surge wild and loose. Throwing six of the metal cards at the titan aiming targets to spread out across the hardened patches of rock the cards sunk in half way as he simultaneously let loose an April shower. The localized drizzle slowed the fire titan’s regeneration down as Faust charged forward towards it. Right as he was at point blank with the titan he let his magic truly run wild arcs of arcane lighting coursing off of him. The small cards acted as lighting rods drawing in the energy arcs of electricity coursed across the titan. The surge of magic caused the drizzle to turn into a downpour, the pelting rain drawing a roar of pain from the titan as the magma cooled completely into a shell of rock.

    Looking back at the others once again and this time noticing someone new talking to others he began to drag himself towards the group. Seeing the newcomer grabbing onto AJ as he arrived was quite the sight given the glare that Aj gave the newcomer. Raising hand in greeting Faust called out apologizing “Sorry about the wait. Guess it's just kind of an off-day for me.” Faust held out his hand towards Gilgamesh he continued “not to interrupt your moment with AJ, but it’s hopefully a please to meet to I’m Faust the traveling magician”
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    Looking over at Kel and Karina already Facing off against two of the titans Faust glanced between the two remaining ones. Looking form the moving mountain and the living cascade of lava, He let out a sigh pocketing the bottle in his right while summoning his keyblade into his left. Looking towards Aj Faust called out “Looks like I'll take on heat miser over here. Good luck with luck with the moving mountain.” darting off to clash with the lava titan coating himself in his magic, readying his initial shot of a balloonga centered straight at the mass of molten sludge. This fight wasn’t going to be fun. He could already feel the heat beginning to be unbearable standing close to the simulated titan but given his magic had a tendency to turn mainly to lighting when unfocused living rock seemed to be the worst choice. He didn’t want to get close enough to try hitting it directly instead choosing to try and keep his distance kiting the titan as he waited for his magic to come back to launch another volley.
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    Faust took a drag from his flask as he stood in the training room as he felt the start of a headache. He had spent most of the night going through the top shelf of an abandoned bar and didn't feel like a workout session would end in anything good. Pulling out his deck of cards he couldn’t help but ask as well “I thought today was going to be more of a learning in a free practice way. You know, rather than a 10k.” his carefree smile starting to falter at the thought of another workout like last time. he briefly continued "I mean, I don't know if I could hang on till the end like last my arms might just fold under the pressure" tiring to finish on light hearted note chuckling on his own pun before taking another hair of the dog.
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    Seeing the massive wall of weapons and being told to pick something out was kinda daunting for Faust. It wasn't like he couldn’t just close his eyes and pick something but something felt off about just blowing it off. He couldn’t get the words Shiro had left him out of his head, he wasn’t without direction, his direction was just forward and he wasn’t just gonna let Shiro take another shot at him. As he paced down the wall passing up most of them without a second glance. Most of them did not catch his eye, sometimes they were too large in his opinion and he felt they would just be swinging him around instead of properly wielding them. While such a concept brought a smile and a few quiet laughs to him at how unpredictable it would be to face such a person, they just didn't feel right.

    While contemplating what weapon to pick his shadow silently cackling slithered up his pant leg. It continued till it reached a small metal clasp that held closed the small bag that Faust used to most of his small Knick knacks he used in his ‘magic’ tricks before the shade returned to its proper place. At first nothing happened then as Faust continued walking along his steps caused the pouches content to jingle softly before a small coin fell out rolling forward before cutting back towards him rolling under his foot tripping him. Lurching forwards another item fell out of his bag this time it was a metal playing card that clattered across the floor breaking Faust from his thoughts. “Huh, well not what I normally call a weapon but definitely more my style.” Faust said to himself as he bent down picking up the card with his left hand as his right drew the rest of the deck from his hip pouch. Turning over to Shiro he raised the now once again deck to him and the rest of the group before continuing as he did some trick shuffling “Got my weapon right here. These things have got me out of quite a few scrapes before so why not just let it ride you know. Now if you need me I’ll be somewhere around, didn’t get to see the sights too much.” As he began to wander off he was still absentmindedly shuffling the cards.

    He spent quite a while meandering across Haven for a few hours till he found himself on one of the rooftops of the academy cards in one hand a borrowed bottle of rum form an empty abandoned tavern in the other as he gazed across the sunset lit town as he lounged across the roof an empty beside him. “You know I never could get comfortably laying in a bed like one of the ones here. Got used to the embrace of the roofs and alleys back home” Faust reminisced seemingly to himself as he conversed with his shadow. “Some place like this with a view always seems to let me sleep better than some stuffy room.”
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    Looking around the workshop that they had found themselves in was something else. The mere idea of providing gifts for all of the children was a staggering to him. To see it in action was something he was glad to have seen for himself. They might not have had this Christmas holiday back on the chained isles but they had something similar to it. Seeing as the others were asking what they could form this sandy claw guy Faust started to rummage through his own pockets for something to give in return. After a few seconds of taking stock of what he had he believed to have found something that wouldn’t be too bad of a gift. “
    Well if you're giving us gifts, Sandy Claws then it’d be rude not to give you something too. I know it's not much but here.” Faust Said with a bit flourish offering out a pair of simple rough cut dice. “In case you're caught up in another strange game of chance. Not sure if presents have to be wrapped but as a traveling magician I tend to pack light”
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    As the Spell that the small new ally of the group was cast upon caused him to pause for a second. This was the second instance of strange magic affecting him since he arrived in this world and after giving himself and the others in the group there wasn't any apparent effect till the others began to open their mouths and they seemed compelled to rhyme. Quite the interesting effect he had to admit though he really didn’t see how it would be more helpful than making them pick their words more carefully. He was about to inquire about it till he finally noticed that inky rat that he had taken Anna back when he had first meet up with the SOS. Seeing that Beuce was silent while taking a glance at him immediately struck with what he must of wanted to get across. Giving nod back to Beuce to let him nod and grin to let him know he had heard him loud and clear he began taking a step forward readying a spell as he saw the others seeming to get ready to fight once again. Letting out a carefree sigh
    “You know I might have never heard of this “claws'' before, but form what I saw before last time when your involved you just seem to ruin more.” summoning his keyblade as well to back up the others if it came to fight once again.
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    As Faust followed the others through the apparent tree shaped door he had found himself tumbling into a winter wonderland. Pushing himself up from the piles of the snow he found himself staring at the bright and cheerfully decorated village in the distance. By the time he had torn his gaze from the sight he saw the others already at the gate off in the distance. As he started to scramble after the others he felt one of his feet slip from under him as he began rolling towards the gate snow forming around him on his collision course. He barely had time to call out
    Hey watch out!” before his head was covered with snow for a second before head and he felt a jarring impact as the snow and him came to a stop at what he could only guess was the gate that he saw the others at. Though as he tried to move his head to get a better look to see that he hadn’t hurt anyone with his tumble he found he couldn’t move his head. Raising his hand to his head he had found he had once again been transformed by some form of magic though this time less drastic than before as only his clothes had been changed along with a pair of antlers that seemed to fused with his head, antlers that seemed to be stuck into the wood that made up the gate. As he was forced to look down into the snow he tried to pull himself out with little avail calling out “Sorry to snow up late guys. Though I might need a little help”
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    That instructor words kept rattling around Faust's head as he went through the motions joining with the others for a small meeting before they set out once again the names and faces of those in the "hellfire club" just blurred by him though one did look familiar though. He could only think that guy didn't know him he had a direction. Sure it was where the wind or lady luck lead him. that was a direction wasn't it.

    At one point Faust just had to push what that Shiro guy said to the the side for now and found himself leaving the gummi ship onto a new world. the clearing he now found himself wasn't a too exciting or breath taking of a sight that he had seen though the trees with he different symbols on them was kinda new to him. walking over to one of the trees, the one with a smaller decorated tree seemingly carved into it Faust called out over his shoulder "wonder what's up with this? you don't normally see someone carve a tree into another tree at least from what I've seen." Faust turned back towards the trees starting to take a closer look at the one inform of him.
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    220 crowns to strength 27 -> 49
    120 crowns to magic 65 -> 68
    total crowns left 10
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    Just as the Faust began to feel the numbness began to fade that the hopefully last trail of the obstical course had started and the room began to fill with water leaving him and the others toi try and ride out the clock on a wooden raft in a storm. The shifting of the raft wasn’t hard to keep balance with with his past experiences with his acts though the thunder rumbling overhead did worry him quite a bit. If it was mainly just his failure he felt that it would be a loss he wouldn’t have cared too much for. Merely just a coin fil that lady luck had struck out against him with but this time it felt off for him. Something inside him felt like it wasn’t enough for him to just take this test sitting down so as the raft began to rock and the water churn he began to start to unravel the silk bandages on his arms. “Even if magic is off the table I still have a few tricks on my sleeves as it were” Faust said to himself as he looped the lengths of the bandage around his hands and a corner of the raft as he strained his scared muscles, digging in heels leaning back to try and brace himself in the downpour that surround them.
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    Giving himself a light stretch as he looked at the final part of the course he only shook his head replying “thanks but on thanks I think I got this one I still have a couple tricks up my sleeves” as readied himself for a final push of effort. Taking a run up on the climbing wall he started to channel his magic through his legs. The lightning magic caused his legs to forcibly flex propelling him up flinging him over the wall cleanly even with the enhanced gravity. The whole experience felt weird for him as if instead of moving his body of his own will normally he instead had to manipulate it like a puppet. His legs stung as he tucked his body into a roll landing on the other side of the wall and tumbled across the finish line arcs of electricity bleeding off of him as he did.
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    As Faust Continued on with each lap of the course his body felt more and more leaden as he continued further along. He even felt the aura around him start to fade and flick across him as more pieces of slate started to get through the arcing volts of electricity. During the final stretch just as he was limping towards the finish line at a dying man's pace, he seemed to have tripped over his two feet in his fatigue causing himself to tumble across the line. Stopping in a heap of limbs near where karina and kel were. Looking up at the ceiling panting out slipping slightly back into his old childhood accent “Well Lets.. not do.. that again.. aye just feel like aye did a snatch n grab but lost the goods tha end”
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    Faust found himself trying to figure out why that Shiro guy had called him “Faustalot”, he really was just Faust the Traveling magician. He knew that sometimes with the world of mouth spreading things around that people tended to mix things up. He had just come to this conclusion as he and the others made it to where this “obstacle course” was, and their teacher explained that they needed to run it multiple times while they seemed to simulate the dead of winter. The winters on the chained isles had felt colder but that might have been just because of the fact he had more rags than clothes though the chunks of ice were quite the nuisance with the sting they left where they hit. Still as annoying as the ice was he tried to figure out how to path the course that Karbine girl seemed to have gotten quite the head start on Faust as she raced off coated in aura. He could only really sigh as even just looking at someone else doing the obstacle looked tiring. He was more of the dexterity sort even when he was growing up so this looked like it would be a total pain, still he plastered his usual carefree smile as he shot a look to Shiro saying “Not the worst chill I had felt since I grew up on the streets, but could make me Slate on the uptake you know.” giving himself a quick stretch before adding “Oh and the names just Faust not Faustalot, Hiro”

    He made it almost all the way up the rope slanted wall in quick time although it left him all ready out of breath before stepping his foot on a piece of slate causing him to slip on the chunk of ice tumbling back to the base of the wall. Picking himself up another frustrated sigh coating himself in his lighting Aura as well causing small arcs of fractal energy to shatter the slate that came close to him preventing another slip up like that from happening again though it didn’t do much for the cold. Making it across the balancing was easy work even in his exhausted huffing state was simple. His work on the elevated horizontal ladder contraption on the hand was a daunting slow task as he felt his hands and arms tremble and shake. He just glanced at the rest of the course feeling more tired and sore than he had for years and he hadn’t even finished the first lap. This whole thing just felt like he had drawn the shortest straw once again.
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    It was well into the end of the conversion when Faust had rejoined the others just barely making it in time to receive one of the “gummy phones” that were being passed out. He had spent well into the night trying to find out how the device worked. It wasn’t unlike an advanced radio form back home from what he had found before he turned in for the night though it seemed to have a whole bunch of other features.


    Faust had Heard something about training in the morning, but Faust had found himself lagging behind in the morning the next day. They hadn’t really given a time just a general vibe from what he had understood so when he had finally wandered into the training grounds the rest of the gang seemed to have already started. He meandered his way to the group with a yawn “Sorry, it seems i arrived a little late. What did I miss?” He asked giving a quick glance around truing to figure out training they would get.
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