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    OOC:Sorry for not posting, it slipped my mind >.< Sorry if the post is short, it's all I could come up with.
    "Ouch." Nia winced a little bit at the pain. She looked at the ceiling and hummed. This place was...a bit unsettling. Nia rubbed her head. She didn't like this place very much. Nia rubbed her eyes.

    Karkat slowly opened his eyes and yawned. "WELL, TIME TO EXPLORE THIS WORLD." Karkat jumped to his feet and walked forward. "WELL, THIS WORLD ISN'T VERY IMPRESSIVE." Karkat looked around, looking for something. Maybe some directions. This place really wasn't a pleasant place for him.
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    "A vampire?" Nia tilted her head, confused. She wasn't really familar with the word. "Um, where are we going?" Nia asked curiously. She really what was happening, all she knew she was just handed over to a man she didn't even know. This wasn't good, not good at all.

    Namine sighed, trying to keep her cool. She looked at the factory. "Remember, we probably won't be able to carry you if you pass out. Tell us if you need a break." Namine looked at Kakyoin for a few seconds and then said "Well, we best be going, shouldn't we? It's not the best idea to stay here all day."

    Karkat kept looking for a way of the cave. No luck. "OH, THIS IS REALLY PISSING ME OFF!" Karkat shouted at the top of his lungs. "I HATE THIS CAVE, I HATE WITH THE BURNING PASSION OF ONE THOUSAND SUNS." Karkat sighed and finally found a exit. "ABOUT FREAKIN TIME." Karkat said and walked out the cave. He stretched and yawned. "WELL, I AM KINDA TIRED." Karkat laided down and closed his eyes, keeping one eye open occasionly just to make sure no one would attack him and kept his sickle by him at all times.
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    Nia shuddered a bit. She didn't know why, but she was scared of the man that she had just seen. "Um, who is he? He seems scary." Nia asked, still shuddering as if the room was cold.
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    "Ok. I'm not sure by what you mean by place in, but ok. " Nia replied, closed her eyes, and picked a random card, which happened to be the 2nd card. "What does this one say?" Nia asked and placed it back on the middle of the table. "Can I open my eyes now?" Nia asked.

    Karkat woke up and was in what looked like a cave. He had no idea where he was, which pissed him off. "Ugh, where the hell am I?" Karkat asked as he tried to stand up, but fell back down. It's like someone had weakened him, he could probably stand up. "Oh, you have got to be kidding me." Karkat said in a annoyed tone. His-already-short-patience was getting thin. "I hate this stupid cave, I really do." Karkat said and sighed. He tried again to stand up, with more succeus this time. "Now to get out of this stupid cave." Karkat walked around the cave, trying to find a exit.
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    Nia woke up and rubbed her eyes. "Good morning Angelique." Nia said, not knowing how long she slept. Nia jumped to her feet and stretched a bit. "I'm so tired..." Nia mutterred and yawned. "So, how long do I have to stay in this room?" Nia asked out of curiousity, and because being stuck in a small room like this wasn't actually comfortable, at least not for her.
    OOC:New character alert. :P
    Character:Karkat Vantas
    Age:13 Earth Years.
    Series(Where did they come from?):Homestuck
    Picture(NO FANARTS and please put it under spoiler tabs):
    Additional Information:Karkat has a tendency to curse massively and backs up his arguments with empty threats. Will be gray. Starts out passed out in a cave.
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    OOC: Ninjaing is evil. :P
    "Sure, i'll come with you. Nice to meet you both." Namine smiled at both of them. "And i've been through quite a bit, not much scares me anymore." Namine sighed. She didn't like being treated as a child who can't understand anything. "Where too next? We can't exactly stay here all day." Namine asked and stretched her arms. She was a tiny bit tired, but she didn't let that slow her down.
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    "Well then, whoever brought us here has a sadistic sense of humor." Namine nodded and thought of a person she knew in her world, a person she'd very much like to forget. "That is certainly true, and I can't fight, so traveling a group would be best." Namine stated and crossed her arms. "That explains quite a bit." Namine nodded again. "So, I guess we'll be traveling companions from now on." Namine stated.
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    "Ok then." Nia nodded and hummed. This room is pretty cramped, so it was a little uncomfortable. Nia eventually fell asleep on the floor.

    "Yes, that is what it means." Namine replied. "If you don't mind me asking, what is it that you what from me anyways? You must of stopped me for a reason, and I wanna know what it is." Namine pointed out.
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    "Hmm?" Namine asked as she turned around and saw a guy. "Who are you?" Namine also asked. "My name is Namine. And i'm not little, i'm 15." Namine explained to him. It's a relief someone besides her is here. Namine looked at her notebook and smiled a tiny bit. She finally won't be alone anymore.

    "Yes, of course Angelique." Nia smiled and sat down, the thought not occuring to her that she might be trying to mislead Nia. "I wonder who that Simon person she mentioned is..." Nia muttered quietly enough to herself so Angelique wouldn't hear her. She knows Angelique told her to forget about it, but she couldn't just drop it. "Angelique, what are we doing in this bedroom anyway? What's gonna happen?" Nia asked curiously.
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    "Dreams? That sounds nice." Nia said. "Who's Simon? I don't know a Simon." Nia pointed out. Well, at least she thinks she doesn't know a Simon. "What's your name?" Nia asked, thinking it would be polite to ask for her name in return for helping her, not noticing the bitter tone in her voice.
    Namine eventually fell asleep while drawing. She drew one of the few things she could remember, the sky. There were times where she left one eye half open, just to make sure no one was there. Namine woke up, looking around for someone. She didn't see anyone. "Had a feeling no one would be here." Namine muttered under her breath and got up from where she was sleeping. "I guess it's time to keep moving." Namine got up, grabbed her notebook and colored pencils, and kept walking along the road.
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    1000 words-Jade from Sweetbox
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