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Jul 30, 2009
    1. Fracture
      ouch that sounds rough...maybe you guys should get an understudy for the understudy....a sub-understudy *just in siuations like this*
    2. Fracture
      oh really...? i was making an account on www.animepile.net, and i am not promoting it, i am just telling you, because there are people watching and reading this message....so, hows the 358/2 days production going?
    3. Fracture
      Hey there Faded...! :)
    4. Arixik
      Haha, yeah, it does. The teacher that I had was pretty funny and interesting enough as well. You live in dorms and I was sharing a dorm with this girl and she was really shy and she got on my nerves because I asked her some questions and she'd be like, 'blank stare'. xDD

      Yeah, you did. xD It's Chow 面 right? So it's Mian. :3 Haha, yeah, as long as you can order it the food, it's good.

      Plastic, or rubber, or glue? ICK. That is disgusting! How do people even eat that then?
    5. Arixik
      Really? I didn't find it that exciting. xD But still, it's interesting enough.

      Haha, fuzzy pandas. I went to see some at the Taipei Zoo! They were so cute and I got to watch them eat bamboo. Noodles? xD You spelled it wrong then.

      I'm afraid to ask but what does it taste like?
    6. Arixik
      My talent? Apparently game theory. That's what I studied when I was there.

      Pandas? Yay! I love pandas! :3 Haha, I want to go there sometime. Chow Mein? Is that like noodles or something? xDD;;

      Ick. Extra icky doesn't sound too good. T___T
    7. Korra
      Hmm, I'll check that out if I have time. :3

      It was kinda set up; you could see it. xD
      For example, music competitors were: Pussy Cat Dolls, Daughtry, Linkin Park, and...The Jonas Brothers.
      >___________> Guess who won.

      So do I. D: I wonder if there are any on Ebay...xD
    8. Korra
      I never watched Avatar...didn't really hold my interest. ^^;;
      Neither do I. :/ I watched part of the Kid's Choice Awards for the lulz though. Failtastic.

      Same. xD
      I'm in NJ, but I was at camp at the time. Apparently they gave away teeshirts. D:
    9. Korra
      Yeah...I think it was one of the last good animated shows on Nick.
      Honestly I think the network executives lost their minds. D:
      I remember wanting to go to the rally in New York to keep it on air...never did go to either. xD;;
    10. Korra
      Haha, yeah...though it made the show interesting. xD
      I liked how they gave him an episode...the one where he's the pharoh or something. That was pretty sweet.

      Ah, no problem. :3
    11. Korra
      I know...but they seemed to be pretty deep, since they were kinda hiding it for like two seasons. >_>
      Though my favorite character by far is Wulf. xDD

      Nah, it's understandable. Still awesome though. :3
    12. anomaly1
      Ha, thanks for the warning. Gee, my life getting shorter makes me feel whole lot better. Sarcasm lol.

      Oh, nice :) Good job lol. I didn't mean I was going to quit! Ha, me? Quit? Not likely lol. Stubborn as a mule heh.

      God......this is so weird but you kind've remind me of my mom lol. I'm not sure if thats flattering or not to you. :) How odd.
    13. Korra
      YES. And I was sad that they rushed the final season in a week in September, after the season started in like...June. Wtf.
      But I am happy that Danny and Sam got together. 8D

      Oh lol, same here, I hope to go to an art college. Did you make your avvy?
    14. Korra
      Hey. :3
      I saw you were into DP at one time...and was like "WHOA ANOTHER PERSON! O:"

      And the fact that you're majoring in graphic design is win, by the way.
    15. Korra
      Ohaider. :3
    16. anomaly1
      Dude.......I'm seriously depressed right now lol. What are we going to do with the dub in all this turmoil? I'm trying to ask Mike to just cast new people for the roles that are suddenly blank. Its sad....but what else can you do?

      Lol......and to think i was so excited to be va'ing my first time AND actually getting a role that was next to impossible. Plus, it was one of my favorite games. I really want to somehow keep trying....
    17. Arixik
      Haha, that would be bad. I'm glad, I don't have any allergies at all. I don't want to be deprived of anything in life. xD
      CTY? CTY is Center For Talent Youth. It's like a center and you can go there if you do this test of something. I dunno, I just took this test thingy and went. xD
      Panda Express? Sounds cute and fluffy. = u = Haha, that sounds fun. I love shopping for food and sorts. xD Ick, the pasta? I hate pasta. D:
    18. Trigger
      Omg, hi. o:
    19. Arixik
      Haha, awesome deers are awesome. o u o

      Well, I visit the owner of the cats a lot and bring back a lot of cat hair if they are shedding. xDD Yeah, that's smart. Wouldn't want any dead bodies.

      Yeah, I had some at CTY when I went there and the food was really good! Ick...sounds disgusting. Where do you go to eat then?
    20. Johnny Bravo
      Johnny Bravo
      cya l8ter! :D
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