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    Haha it's fine

    Haha it's fine
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    Who did you feel worse for at the end, Roxas or Axel? I felt sorry for Roxas because he want supposed to exist.

    Did Xion bug the hell out of you (because she did me)? No, not really

    Are there any other worlds you wish were in KH 358/2 Days? I think they shouldnt keep reusing the same worlds. They should show Toy Story.

    Who is your least favorite Organization member (not from the C.O. crew, a lot of people hate them)? I hate Vexen. He always seemes to have a lop-sided eye.

    Was Xion an easy or hard boss? Ohhh noo. Everytime she kept getting harder.

    Did you want the game to continue after Roxas was inside the other Twilight Town? Yeah

    Did you want the game to start sooner in the story?

    Why do you think they only have one flavor of ice cream? Because the story was based on Roxas who is Sora's Nobody whos from Destiny Islands and thats where Sea Salt came from

    Why did Hayner, Pence, and Olette have bigger parts than King Mickey? I thought mickey was in hiding

    Also: Post what really pissed you off about the game? That Xion dies.
    Post by: f!r3f0xx88, Feb 10, 2011 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX