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Oct 16, 2011
Dec 11, 2008
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Emzy ♥

Gummi Ship Junkie, from Aharhar.

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Oct 16, 2011
    1. Legion
      .war of nobodies
      .welcome to the underdome
      .En Masse: a new shade of grey
      .the new era
      .Kingdom Hearts: time matters
      . The Keyblade War: It must be signed in Steel, and writ in Royal Blood
      .Organization XIII's revenge
      .FF/Kh/Sonic Blog
      .The Death Note RP
    2. Legion
      If you control a few more chars, the brackets lengthened, and we hold more than one match at the same time. I think it could.

      btw, what other rp's are you in?
    3. Legion
      same here. I have no idea what to do in any of my rp's.
    4. Legion
      hey, how's it going?
    5. ThunderOfLarxene
    6. fire mage
      fire mage
      I sent you a PM!
    7. fire mage
      fire mage
      *hugs back* The organization will truimph!
      Okay just tell me when you want them. I will tell you one thing Maluxia can teleport just like the others.
      Would you like them in PM so it would be easier?
    8. fire mage
      fire mage
      Guess what I won! Now Xenmas's organization has one win.
      the fight is on pg 123-135
    9. fire mage
      fire mage
      Your welcome. Yeah I did find it very unfair for you, but I blame the judge about it. Which is why I made that OOC about how unfair it was on page 103. I'm okay hopefully I have to fight soon because I feel they might have switched the matches juding by someone messages. So I have to win this for the organization. I know you will get them next time and if you have any problems I can help you with some moves that Marluxia can do that can frusterate their opponent. Take care. ^_^
    10. Arch
      8D Thank you. *Is special* xD How's school? D8
    11. fire mage
      fire mage
      I would of voted for you Marluxia, but since I wasn't online I guess the judge made that judgment with people who were online. There is nothing I can say that would probably change his mind -_- I will just tell them in future battles to let people who aren't online to have a right to vote as well.
    12. Dexnail
      there will be another bracket for people that lost that can get u another chance :)
    13. Dexnail
      na sorry and yes people voted now i have to make a loser bracket and the round two after the matches in round one is over o some fun that will be :(
    14. Dexnail
      ~holds out hand~
      good job i had fun facing you :)
    15. Legion
      more people should have voted.
    16. Dexnail
      well i hope you had fun in our match :)
    17. Arch
      xDx Awww...;~; Hope you feel better!!!!!
    18. Arch
      D:: Well...I'm being patient. xD *Waits for you know what* I know you're busy with lots of RPs. :3
    19. Dexnail
      im wondering do you still want to be in my rp or theres is a reason why your waiting a lot?
    20. Dexnail
      hey buddy people is waiting for our match to continue
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