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    I'll take my 10-11.
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    I'll take my usual 9-10 slot. Looking forward to it.
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    Give me my usual 9-10?
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    I'll take 9-10! Looking forward to this.
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    Nioh (PS4)

    Nioh (Japanese: 仁王 Hepburn: Niō?, "benevolent king") is an action role-playing video game developed by Team Ninja for the PlayStation 4. It was released worldwide in February 2017, and was published by Koei Tecmo in Japan and Sony Interactive Entertainment internationally. Gameplay revolves around navigating levels and defeating monsters that have infested an area. Nioh takes place in the early 1600s during a fictionalized version of the Sengoku period, when Japan was in the midst of civil war prior to the ascension of the Tokugawa shogunate. A sailor named William (based on the historical first Western Samurai William Adams (sailor)), in pursuit of an enemy, arrives in Japan and is enlisted by Hattori Masanari, servant to Tokugawa Ieyasu, in defeating yōkai that are flourishing in the chaos of war.

    So I've just started this game, and so far it's a glorious mess. It puts the dark souls formula of action roleplay in a mission based format, which sounds oxymoronic, but the individual levels have enough twisty passages and backtracking to feel soulsian. The combat is Souls but with a few twists, like a number of different stances your character can take, and a Diablo loot system.

    ON THE OTHER HAND, dear god, this games writing and voice acting. It's this insane melange of historical fanfiction, tropey anime nonsense, endless cameos, and stilted weirdness on every characters plot. So far we have Elizabethan conspiracy, yokai, Celtic mythology, and the EXACT cold open from Jojo part 3.

    Is anyone else playing this? Is anyone else experience the bafflement? Please, I need to share this with someone.
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    God, I WANT to be excited for this, but I've been so repeatedly betrayed by DC expectations before. And everything I hear about them shifting around productions and editing all the time make me keep a bit of professional detachment here.

    On the other hand, DAMN is Chris Pine fine.
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    Can I take 10-11?
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    Try "The Night Circus". It's a historically set novel with magic, mystery, and the most gorgeous use of tense and perspective that really brings the enchanted circus to life. It's deeply romantic, and always brings a smile to my face.
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    Yes Cosplay :) Latest ones have been Green from Pokemon Sun/Moon, P5Protagonist (Joker), and Rohan Kishibe in his midriff bearing outfit (with gummy tarantulas to eat!)
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    Hi everyone! This is Blake/DukeLawliet, a new face on the forums! Cat (Cat~) introduced me to the forum. The two of us had played through the entire KH series over the summer, and we (the royal we) have a lot of thoughts. We still play a lot of games (FFXV was a recent one) and have a lot of thoughts.

    You MAY have already met me as a 2 hour guest commentator (having just joined) on the 2.8 3D stream. Hope you had fun with me.

    Outside of Squenix, I'm a recent college grad searching for work. I like to swim, write film and food reviews, and love tabletop games. Ask me about Jojo. I also cosplay, and you might get pics once in a while.

    Any questions feel free to ask!
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    Hey! I'll take literally any time. Introduce on a grand scale or w/e. Of course I'll give precendence to longtime members, but let me know.

    Username DukeLawliet
    PSN Name DukeLawliet
    Timeslot:Whenevers free if you want lol
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