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    To begin with, I have absolutely no tangible evidence to base my claims off of. But, with the music festival's extended version of the Olympus demo surfacing, I thought this might be worth sharing.

    I work at a restaurant with a dude who has a "My other ride is a chocobo" bumpersticker. His exgirlfriend happens to be a seasoned manager at Gamestop. I've only read text messages, but they seemed legit. So, I'm going to share the little information that I learned. Basically, Gamestop managers nationwide had a meeting where they were given tons of codes to download upcoming games, so that they could better be able to pass information down to their subordinates about games. The reason I bring this up, is because they were able to play Kingdom Hearts III. And it infuriates me. Not because they got to play the normal demo(s) normal people haven't been able to, but because they got to play a demo that allowed them to experience the Pirates of the Caribbean world. So, why am I bringing this up? Nomura said that the last demo was the final one, then we get the extended version with the new area in Olympus. I'm just the regretful messenger that there's ANOTHER demo that features Pirates the general public has not been exposed to. So, get ready for more, guys.
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    Well, that blows. Thanks for the update, though!

    However, I find it funny how obvious it is what Utada's team is doing. Adding her older singles/Kingdom Hearts themes, around the time Kingdom Hearts 3 is supposed to come out? I'm sure, besides the single for Kingdom Hearts 3, she'll be releasing an album soon.
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    Any news about it coming to Spotify? It's January 8th and still no Utada :(
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    That was the trippiest response to this. I couldn't follow it at the end. But hey, I hope that someone dies in the final battle. Like even Sora and then Riku has to take the plate. Or...dare I say, oh dare I...Riku would die? And that would trigger darkness within Sora to come out! Bahahahaha! "Look, Ansem, Sora's heart has overcome with darkness" "YOU ARE CORRECT!" Then Xemnas says "It's take back........our...ves...esss....el." And then they take Sora body again, like in DreaDroDistance yall 3DDD. :). Now, here we go! Sora gets eaten by darkness, no! D:< How could they?! omg omg omg omg omg omg. Riku is ded. Sora is evil. Xehanort is winner winner chicken dinner. Then who was Mickey?
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    I just thought there was way too much explicit dialogue about that being Xemnas for there to be confusion.
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    Are you talking about Kingdom Hearts II or Birth By Sleep?
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    How could Sora and co land the gummi ship inside a cave at the End of the World? How is Monstro floating around in space? Some things are better left unasked. But really I always got the impression that Axel did it, and about other portals closing seconds after that one did/won't ever, the portal itself doesn't really look like the others; more like an absent silhouette kind of thing. It was just a way to get from point a to point b, instinctively you get the impression that it happened due to the fight between Roxas and Axel, so I'd just leave it at that.
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    I'm sure more purebreds will come with Xehanort's return, but at the same time I doubt it. The crazy, colored ones make the game more fun to look at. A lot of the time I feel like it's more just about design rather than actually worrying about the lore all that much, besides Birth By Sleep.
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    Unrelated to the context of what you're saying, other than it being about Donald and Goofy, I feel like one reason that Sora seems dumber in Kingdom Hearts II is the fact that Goofy has become the only one out of the trio who has any sense at all. Once the idiot character becomes the smart one out of nowhere, a character who is named Goofy just by the way, then it really, really shows the intelligence drop in Sora and Donald.
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    Well, most of the heartless in Kingdom Hearts were emblem.
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    I think with Square's financial situation, if that's still a thing, and the pressure to release Kingdom Hearts III as soon as possible, you can't really blame them for taking shortcuts to speed things up. Since Luminous hasn't been used, in my eyes, it's like that team would be expected to develop an engine and an overly anticipated game at the same time. I feel like they should have picked one or the other, not doing both at the same time, and they happened to pick Kingdom Hearts III. It really just looks like they're prioritizing the contents of the game rather than Luminous; even so, this interview just shows they still took the time to make the engine fit their aesthetic style. I've got faith in them.
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    Which I actually prefer. A lot.
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    I just hate that I've already preordered 2.5 and have 1.5. Oh well, two copies of both games is fine because in years to come one will probably get lost or no longer in great condition. Plus I've always wanted a Collector's Edition Kingdom Hearts anything.
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