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    It is a sad day here in Vancouver indeed. They're saying it might have been just because he was too inexperienced to really handle a run like that one. The Georgial team did say that they will be attending the Opening Ceremonies tonight, and that they will still compete in his honour. Our thoughts will all be with them tonight, that's for sure.
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    Original Art ova hurr -->

    Colouring by moi.


    Felt like trying something different... and by different I mean simpler...

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    First time colouring, thought I'd take a shot at it.


    Colouring Skill: +1

    Cn'C much appreciated!
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    "Chancho! When you are a man, sometimes you wear... stretchy pants...
    Just for fun..."
    -Nacho Libre




    and for the lulz...

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    Three Words.

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    I know that if you pre-ordered it at Best Buy, you received a limited edition sleeve for the game case. That's probably what they're referring to.
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    Actually, it's still being updated over at

    The latest Chapter (Chapter 25) was released earlier this month.
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    For me, has to be Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

    The ending for that movie is so epic! There's nothing better than watching hexed medieval suits of armor walk around and kick nazi ass!

    Plus, anything with Angela Lansbury in it, equals win.
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    Haha, nope! Minute I found out, I literally ripped my calendar from the wall. XD

    I was also able to pre-order it at my local EB so even if I somehow forget, I'm already in the green! (God I'm lame!)
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    Just announced during the Nintendo Press Conference at E3... the date has been announced!

    September 29th, 2009!

    I got my calendar marked!
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