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Oct 15, 2019
Aug 27, 2009
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Duel Acedemy
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Moogle Assistant, from Duel Acedemy

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Oct 15, 2019
    1. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      *I create a pair of portals, the Getsuga Tenshou gets sent back at Dman*
    2. nasirrich
      That was so weak to me. I didn't wanna go hard so I tried to take it easy. I hate it.
    3. nasirrich
      Yep and I just put up something else.
    4. nasirrich
      Holy sh** my dude damn good looks with a come back rap dude!!!!
    5. nasirrich
      Aite dude I gotcha I'll check it out.
    6. KeybladeMasterJoe
    7. king_mickey rule
      king_mickey rule
      hi man, nice rap you posted n.n. Welcome back :)
    8. Venixas25
      yea........i did but who the eff cares we fall but we have the option to get right back up
    9. Venixas25
      You dont gotta rap against us, jus with us
    10. nasirrich
      Well I know I'm going back on my word. But I'm 17 now. A year older and wiser. Hey if you did or didn't do it its all good. I was at fault for that thing happening. So its not all your fault. But still gotta know one thing...
      Yo wanna put something sick in the rapper's corner I mean were always looking for something fresh and new.
      Yea I'm good as long as you are.
    11. Venixas25
      make your return to The Corner
    12. Technic☆Kitty
      Me: Ugh!! . . . *starts tearing up* Dman!!! Im sorry, you have to forgive me please!!!
      Jazmine: Hah, I knew you had to feel bad!
    13. Roxas&Sora4E
    14. Myuki
      Can I add you on Yahoo? :3
    15. Myuki
      Can I add you on Yahoo? :3
    16. Myuki
      D: *flail* Crazy biitch is crazy.
      Like. Lady killers = dumb
      guy killers = omgsexywtf?
      I'm weird. xD;
    17. nasirrich
      No see this right here is not hate now become friend later. No see I do not want to talk to you at all. The reason for this... Matter fact let me pull this up. This is part of the problem I have with you. I do not see how you can forget things so quickly. I told you. You then said I'm going out with her if the topic was a girl I liked. So then I think to myself wait a second did he really just say I'm going out with her after I told him guess the name of the girl I like. Ok he can't be serious I told you to have the coursity to erase it. Ok that didn't work you lol'd it like it was nothing. So I'm thinking wait he does understand this is an internet website right. So then I'm like ok well can you at least re-write the vm. That never happened not only did you laugh some more. You acted like it wasn't a big deal and forgot so quickly the same day. So you think its alright to disrespect me like that and think oh ok were cool now ^,^? Yea no see it never works like that I asked you nicely and gave you so much respect in saying can you please erase it or re-write it. And to me I felt as if you spat in my face and laughed at me.

      If you don't remember it on page two of my vm's I have with you. Yea so then I just lashed out on you. I will admit to it. I did the wrong as well. I called you names, and in a way cursed you out. But if you think about it you could have just done what I said and this wouldn't be happening. And yes I did OD on you in the Rapper's corner. But I had the respect to not do it on a Vm where everyone can see it. I did it in a group where people who check it out sees what's going on. That's a different thing from blowing you up on the spot and putting it on a vm. So now I want you to know I'm done with you. And yes what I did was... No I'm sorry is wrong, but what did you expect to happen huh?

      You think you can do that in the real world and not expect any kind of reaction. I may not be liked for the way I handle things the right way, but hey if people want to stay blind and be mad at me. I won't stop them. It just proves my point exactly. At how blind people are now a days. Still you can tell anyone about this. I'll show this this which shows my side and your side and let them decide. I'm done with you I can't do this anymore. Now would you please understand this and stop vm-ing me. I mean hey you wanna reply to this I'm not stopping you. I just won't reply I hope you have a wonderful and outstanding life. Find someone, fall in love, get married, have kids, live a long good life. Just don't mess it up. Your a good person, good heart, very cluess at times, and has a terrible memeory, but still I know you will enjoy your life.

      This is Nas Peace Out.
    18. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      I'm sorry to hear that. What's the matter?
    19. Terra254
      Lol..Never got A CHance tO So thats why.
    20. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      hey, how have you been?
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