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    Not a bug because it was intentional, but now thousands of posts are “...” because they quoted someone. I disagree that it should’ve been allowed from my current observations of the situation as it made a decision on behalf of a lot of people. Those posts belonged to a lot more than one more person. Said person also didn’t know they’d leave this site in a position of power when making those posts and be able to pull the trigger like that.

    Thanks for your time.
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    No, not really. This thread is made to be necrobumped. That's why it's stickied.
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    Rosey be like:

    "Food $300
    Internet $70
    Rent $800
    Wine $5,600
    Utility $150
    someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. I really need KH3

    Me: Spend less on wine.

    Rosey: no"

    (hi I don't post here anymore but I checked in randomly, saw that you posted, and had no choice)
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    it's like this project is a direct response to this video:
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    Profile Post Comment


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    I got you babe <3
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    Everyone here does love and miss you. Sent my well wishes to your discord but I’ll say them again here.

    Happy birthday <3
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    Profile Post

    Later, buddy.

    Later, buddy.
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    Hey Ams? Thanks for being one of two members to remember my birthday and one of the very few to actually message me while I was gone.

    I'm not playing CO. I never do. And it's going to take a lot of convincing to get me to stick around. But I owe you that thanks because you did something a lot of people who claimed to be my close friends wouldn't do.

    Got your back if you need it.
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    I also have italian ancestors and I love pineapple on pizza sooooooooo

    That said there's really no point in the debate- even the NYC pizza place I went to had pineapple on offer.

    The battle was over before it began.
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    Don't you mean Jod
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    she googled my bluff

    Does he have stock in peanut butter
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