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    I'm back!!!!!!!

    I'm back!!!!!!!
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    I choose..............truth!
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    O_O ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    *picks A* JAYN WAITUPBRUTHA!!!!
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    Here's a fun game, share your favorite quote or your own personal motto.

    Here, I'll go first......

    Any man can handle adversity, if you really want to test his strength; give him power.
    -Abraham Lincoln

    P.S. I did get it from inFamous, it turned out to be my favorite quote...... Still, I've got a bunch more, if ya want me to, i'll post another l8r. 1 more thing,If you're a gamer or just like free stuff take a look at this. If you've got an android or iPhone download the "Juno Wallet" app. What this app does is give you money in exchange for points that you earn from installing apps and inviting new users.With the money you earned, you can choose any gift card of your choice. To start you , you'll earn $.25 when you enter my code after your sign up. When prompted, enter EF666660. Good Luck.
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    Share what you want for christmas, as long as it's within reason. ^_^
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    Cool, i pick truth......... i can't lie. ^_^
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    Thx, 358/2 was so sad i started saying XIV. and GOOD LUCK FINDING MAH COOKIES! I HID EM SO GOOD....... I lost em :[
    Post by: Dexide, Nov 30, 2011 in forum: Introductions & Departures
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    Hey KH fans.

    My name is Eddie, i kind of did an OrganizationXIV ( I SAY XIV!!!!!!! you know why :[ .) thing with my name.

    I may be a newbie, but i still know EVERYTHING about Kingdom Hearts that has happened in the games so far. So if your lost, I can explain it to you easy........... and NO the mysterious figure isn't the Secret Sith (StarKiller) >_> lol
    Thread by: Dexide, Nov 30, 2011, 10 replies, in forum: Introductions & Departures