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    Emptying Photobucket of all things KH-related.

    Four of the FF franchise's more popular Summoned creatures, depicted in a style more akin to Kingdom Hearts.

    I actually have a bit of an explanation of what they do when you summon them too. (it was a neat idea in my head at the time.)

    Bahamut flies around divebombing opponents and breathing streams of fire. His Limit is Megaflare, where he whisks Sora into the air and the screen turns into something reminiscent of a Gummi Ship mission from an aerial view, where Bahamut rains down blasts of fire before ending it in a spectacular explosive blast of energy from Sora's blade.

    Shiva, when summoned runs around casting Blizzard spells on opponents. Her Limit is Diamond Dust, where she and Sora dance onscreen, and a dance dance revo interface appears. The number of hits is dependent on the timing of the buttons (kind of like Renzokuken) When it ends, Shiva does a version of Diamond Dust similar to that of FF10 where she freezes everything and snaps her fingers.

    Leviathan, after being summoned diappears into the ground, and resurfaces to attack in intervals. His limit break is Tsunami, where Sora jumps onto his head and he uses his tail to summon a large wave by "splashing" it on the ground.

    Lastly, there's Ifrite, who runs around like a flaming comet ramming opponents. His Limit break is Hellfire, where he sucks up all opponents into a large ball and plays a game of volleyball with Sora, where Sora has to bounce the ball to and fro with his keyblade. The finale is when Ifrite drives the ball into the ground with a powerful spike that also sets it aflame.


    Meh. A humorous piccu of some of my friends and me as Organization XIII members. Marluxia here is played by an actual girl xD.
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    It's a sign of improvement and the will to, which is always a good thing. I'mma still looking forward to that 9 artwork you and Ojike are probably going to work on >: D
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    One of Platinum's appeal is its upgraded Pokedex. Togepi, Eevee, Ralts and Porygon have been added to the Pokedex, meaning you'll be able to catch them before E4 and get their evolutions. Also Shaymin's Sky Forme is one of the neatest legendaries I've seen in a while. *totally watched the 11th movie and loved it.
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    Almost forgot this thing existed xD. It was an updated pic of Selvix back in the day, although now there are fair few more new designs for him that I should really start uploading again.

    A rough pencil sketch of Stitch. It really is a shame that his Super Strength and four arms aren't put to better use in the Kingdom Hearts series.


    What self-respecting Party Member doesn't have how own set of weapon upgrades?
    Clockwise from Top Left corner: Plasma Cannon, Ruby Dragon, Solar Flare, Judgement, Holy Heart, High Plasma Cannon
    Names are subject to change, as soon as I can remember what my original names for them were.

    note to self: work on Eisha redrawings and weapon sets.
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    I think one of the greatest highlights here is the tone of the skin. It's just so amazingly done. I've seen the WIPs of this in each stage of development and I think it was time well spent. The sheer detail is simply stunning :0
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    Profile Post

    Why thank you.

    Why thank you.
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    Welcome to Dirge's little slice of the Art corner. While I delved into photoshop and other computer art programs before, I have realized its just not my calling. (my sig is a dire example of which) So I continue to delve into plain old traditional media. The fine art of pencil, pen and paper.



    You may have seen this intrepid trio somewhere before, but if its outside KHinsider, I must say that it was probably stolen. These are my intrepid world explorers representing a hidden side to the Kingdom Hearts Story.

    Selvix The Keyblade wielding boy is in fact a Nobody, and was even at one point a loyal servant to a certain Organization (Who hasn't gone through that storyline before?) However, realizing the consequences of their drastic actions, he soon defected to the safety of his mother's former master, Yen Sid. (Heck yeah, I have a keyblader for a mom.)

    Yen Sid was saddened by Selvix's journey to the side of nothingness, and while he maintained a firm belief in a Nobody's improbable existence, he still cared and trained his former apprentice's child. Eventually Selvix became a skilled keywielder, despite being a Nobody, he was able to wield copies of the Keyblade, no doubt an ability given to him when he lost his heart. Now as an accomplished (sort of) wielder, Selvix begun his own journey in search of an existence.

    On this journey, he was met a youn girl. Eisha was a noble and headstrong young lady, and she spent most of her time protecting her home, Traverse Town, from the Heartless that spawned there. With a steady and sharp aim and a bow in hand, she was able to summon arrows of light to defeat her foes, care of her foster mother, a mysterious young sorceress by the name of Edea. When she met Selvix, Eisha did not know of his shady past, but understood that he was a brave person who also fought the Heartless that plagued their world. So she offered (forced upon him) her services on his quest to explore the worlds.

    Tagging along with them finally is a familiar face. Experiment 626 was a young alien who found himself seperated from his family and friends. Taking a quick liking to Eisha and Selvix, he tags along on their journey, hoping to be reunited with his ohana.

    Of course a Keyblade wielder is nothing without his weapon of choice, which is why I've taken the liberty of designing a vast multitude for him.

    Uploaded to DA, this one is, because the sheer size of the document can only be seen via DA. Feel free to check out my page as well for other Kingdom Hearts artwork, to name a few.

    And that is the Dirge I sing today. of a soul lost to the darkness, only to rejoin the world as a heathen of nothingness.~The Devil has sung his Dirge
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    Though there are a fair few I can see are close to joining me in my realm. Name's Devil's Dirge. Dirge or DD for short. Kh-Vids has always been my source if ever I fancy a need to see some of KH's awesome cutscenes. With the three new games coming out this year, I'm sure KH-Vids will deliver once more.

    Interests, you say? I have many, though singing of lost souls is one of them, I am also a budding artist, and have been greatly inspired by KH in several pieces. There are some terrible memories of my past as a newbie, and I hope they won't happen again. ART THEFT IS TRULY A HORRIBLE THING. I hope to spread my artwork around so that everyone knows it was me who did those art pieces, and KH-Vids is just one of those many stops along the way.

    I am the Devil's Dirge, here to sing a song and paint a picture of souls lost and forgotten.
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