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    awwww so cute, well I hope that they come out soon so i can get all three of them they are so cute
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    looks great but unfortunatly it only comes out for the 3ds and I`m sure therewill be many pepoles who must the 3ds only for this game. but I`cant wait for it
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    The Torture Never Stops (Live) - Dweezil Zappa
    Billy the Mountain (Live) - Dweezil Zappa
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    well I have almoste the same problems for almost 3 years now. All the girls I fall in love or belive that I`m in love for her, are either lesbians or see me only as a realy good friend. But that doesn`t mean that I have anything against homosexuals, bisexuals or what ever. I`ve got more homo- and bi-sexual friends than hetero so I don`t realy care. But my last relationship was 2 years ago and since then I fell in love in 2 diffrent girls. One I`ve sad what I felt for her and she recejected me and the other doesn`t know it yet. And sometimes I say exactly the same things to me as you but I`m still here because without my friends I couldn`t exisct.

    And when I think of my friends, then I feel so lucky and can`t wait to see them back. So at the moment I enjoy the life exactly as it is because you`ll never know what could happen in the next moment. Maybe you go to bed and never wake up again. Maybe you go to downtown and something horrible happend. So that`s the reason why I enjoy my life.
    I enjoy it with my friends every moment when I can, and I enjoy every single second, because you never know what happen next.

    So I sugest to you enjoy the life.
    And don`t think to negative

    There will be a moment or for a while realy good things happen. So always look forward and never back.
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    oh yeah satch
    i love this guy
    he`s so tallentet and wrote many of my favorite "love" songs like Always with me always with you, Flying in a Blue Dream but also harder songs like Satch Boogie, Surfing with the Alien, The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing, One Robots Dream......

    And there`s something that I think is more fantastic, he was the guitar teacher of another Guitar God: Steve Vai. Those two guys are amazing. There`s one song from Vai when he play it live is realy incredible because he use an trippleneck-guitar: I Know You`re Here.

    But Satch is a number for himself.
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    well clawtooth you`re right. I found this on the web and there they were saying that a teardrop means that you had killed somebody.

    But why axel has this teardrops I don`t know and i didn`t found any other explanation on the web why he has those. so maybe one of the character-designer thought that it will look great on axel or he just placed them for fun.

    But now I`m realy curios what those teardrops mean in the KH-Universere and the same thing for Reno. What is the meaning for his marks on the cheek bones?
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    maybe it was an overreaction from your side but even I would do the same thing I guess or I would flirt with another girl. But I won`t say right now if your reaction was true or false. Sometime we do things where feeling right about them but after a while we`re gonna regret it.But what happend just happend and we can`t change it.

    But always think positive. Maybe everything gonna be right.
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    Well I can`t tell you when I dreamed the next one but it was one of my favorit dreams I ever had.

    It startet in my car. I`ll drive to concert of a coverband, but I didn`t know what band they will cover. A few moments later I sat in the front row of the stage and as the hall lights went down a few spots where pointed on me and the whole audiance just clapped. I stood up, walked on the stage and sat behind my drumset and startet the show with a giangt drumsolo. Directly after the drum solo the whole band came in and we startet the show. After the first song I walked back to my seat and watched the rest of the show.

    And then I woke up with a realy big smile on my face.
    O.o what the heck.
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    well guys it`s so obviously XD
    look at the date
    what day is today???

    April 1st

    even when i just came to the main page i thought
    OMFG what the hell is this??
    And then i realised that we have the 1st April XD

    I`m wondering that there is no "joke" news today like KH3 anounced XD
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    Ah finally I found it^^
    Demy and Zexy
    I love Demdem
    and sometimes I acte a little bit like Demdem^^
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    it`s very hard for me to choice because I love them both
    but I guess I like more Axel
    so I gonna choice Team Axel^^
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