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    The names decointo, don't ask me how I got this name, i just made it up one day. I LOVEEEW KH!!!! GO SORA!! :ff10sora:

    KH FTW!!!, anyways, TWINNY U RULE!!!, As you can see i am a NINJA!

    Also, a proud owner of the NINJA HOTLINE!!!, for all your ninjarerly needs!!! (btw it isn't real) I aint saying anymore, wanna know more about me, just msg me, i'm here!!:ninja:

    Oh btw, BEWARE!!!! i lovez to stab and poke =P :poke:

    Anyways, to find out more go to my page!!!

    Decointo, oh btw, HI TWINNY!!!!!!
    Thread by: decointo, Jul 16, 2008, 22 replies, in forum: Introductions & Departures