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    Ghosts, demons, evil things that prowl in the dark. A special team called Shibuya Psychic Reasearch have been excorsizing and purifying these things for a long time, and they're very good at it. However, they have not dealt with a haunting of this magnitude. The mayor of a city called Merry has asked for their help, claiming a large tale. The entire city is haunted by extremely powerful spirits. Not only that, but the town was cursed long ago and is now attracting evil beasts and monsters of all sort. It is up to SPR and their new recruits to cleanse the city and save themselves. The most intense case they will ever do is building up the body count, and they have to do something fast.

    Rules! 8D
    1. No PowerPlaying. Or GodModding.
    2. Exception to the rule: Since I play ghosts, I get to GodMod! 8D
    3. But don't worry your pretty little heads about it. I won't kill you, I'll just put our characters through morbidly gross and disturbing situations. Not kill you. 8D
    4. Post at least a seven to eight sentance paragraph per post. More makes me happy.
    5. Respect the limits of the human body.
    6. Please, no cybering. I do not want a ghost baby in the RP.
    7. Exception. I probably will have dead ghost children attacking us, but that's beside the point. They were made a long time before the RP started. So there's no reason for cybering.
    8. PM all profile skeletons to me.
    9. Try and make your posts pretty. Follow something like my first post, and FH's first post, and you'll understand.
    10. FH is co-founder.
    11. If you bug her, I will eat you. I am a werewolf-humans are tasty creatures.

    Profile Skellies!
    Character Name:
    Character Age:
    Sexual Preferance:
    Religious Affiliation:

    Canons! 8D
    Naru Shibuya
    Mai Taniyama-FH!
    John Brown
    Hara Masako-Me!

    Username: Friendly Hearless
    Character Name: Rowan Sern
    Character Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Sexual Preferance: Male
    Crush: None yet
    Bio: Rowan has been very senitive to the other side ever since her twin brother died when she was ten. She's sometimes is stern, but she can be soft around the edges. She's the kind of girl who can handle most rough or gorey situations and tries to think fast in times of panic of how to get out of a perdicament. She has a fear of water, but not the little sprinkles of it. Just the deep pools of water, river rapids, and being totally immersed in it. She doesn't like talking about her brother's death or showing signs of 'weakness'. Therefore, she tries to keep most of her true emotions hidden from others. If somebody pushes the right buttons, Rowan can become and open book to that person.
    Other: Rowan wears a dragon necklace around her neck all the time. It was a gift from her brother, and it gives her some protection from evil spirits.
    Religious Affiliation: None, but she sometimes believes there's a God.

    Username: Death_Of_Saint_Micheal
    Character Name: James Farine
    Character Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Sexual Preferance: Female
    Crush: Rowan/Mai. 8D
    Bio: James is mildly sensative to the other side-not like Hara Masako or anything. He can sense faint and strong spirits, though sometimes has trouble with the ones in-between. He's a very offensive fighter, because his father was a Catholic Priest and his mother a Shrine Maiden. He wasn't exactly sure how he came into the picture, but whatever. He grew up a different religion from the both of them, and retains attributes from both to exorsize in odd manners. He fights spirits very well, though isn't really good with defensive barriers. James's mom died when he was ten, but his father's still around. The funny thing is-he's a skeptic now. Anyway, James grew up a good childhood, realatively, and is now ready to help SPR with anything that they need.
    Other: James has a black, serrated earring through one ear and a collar that kinda gives him comfort at times.
    Religious Affiliation: Presbeterian Christian.​
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