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May 14, 2007
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Apr 17, 1993 (Age: 31)
Ireland somewhere


Hei Long: Unrivalled under the Heavens, 31, from Ireland somewhere

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Jul 3, 2023
    1. Korra
      Hey, can you either remove or resize your signature please? It's over the allowed size limit.
    2. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      I knew it was later over there, but not that late lol I apologize.

      Anyway, feel free to join in tomorrow then.
    3. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      The RP'll start in about two hours when I get out of class.
      Oh and as for what ARch was saying, the weird thing is that I would log in yesterday, it would do the whole "click here if your browser does not redirect you" and then it would say I was logged out, no matter how many times I tried. I think it was the computer I was using, but I don't know.
      Anyway, two hours.
      Count down.
    4. Arch
      I honestly have no idea. Apparently KHV says he was trying to log in today but if you click on his profile it'll say he hasn't been active today. I'm personally eager to post my other character up when we get far enough in the RP. I suppose we should probably discuss how to fit in the new people in that OOC thread made for the Bleach RP.
    5. Noise
      bahaha...i just f-ing failed my Comm test...wonderful. >(
    6. Noise
      im doin ok...school is kicking my ass. >(
    7. Noise
      lol how are you sir?
    8. Noise
    9. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      It should be out this week, I mean, that's the reason Naruto's on hiatus. Mangastream's going to scanlate it though.

      Also, I remade the entire Bleach RP but my browser crashed and I lost the work again.
      Luckily, I have nothing to do today for the next 10 hours so I'll probably remake it AGAIN.
    10. Noise
      yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. im so pumped! haha and no, i do not. but im pumped with the Kingdomologists coming back >D
    11. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Also, remaking Bleach RP at the moment.
    12. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      So no Naruto this week, but have you heard anything about the one shot he's making? Bench?
    13. Jayn
      Perhaps. I'm not exactly sure what the details were behind the actual reasoning behind the hack but let's just hope it doesn't happen again. ; ;
    14. Arch
      It did make sense! Too bad we didn't know enough to predict something as complex as Vanitas and his circumstances for being around.
      Well, there must've been at least some part of Ven's heart inside Roxas but not the whole thing. Otherwise Xigbar would've never have seen Ven when he looked at Xion. XD But that was right nonetheless.
      Me too. Although there are still a lot of people who haven't played.
    15. Arch
      I was into theories a long time ago. Then the theories started getting old/sucking. I was actually one of the first people(if not, the first) to suggest that the masked person(Vanitas) was Xehanort's apprentice...even I had said back then that it was the young Xehanort that we all knew. I just decided to get in that topic because the Mysterious Figure is freaking awesome. 8D

      I think I'd join if you started it up.
    16. Jayn
      There's an announcement somewhere around here on it in Forum News or something. But I'm guessing it was for laughs, apparently the hacker hacked another site too.
    17. Jayn
      No, I don't think I'll remake the RP. I am working on another RP though. v:
      Someone hacked us, bad. Apparently they screwed a lot up and in order to recover the site properly I'm guessing a lot of stuff got wiped. :/
    18. Jayn
      Aha! You're right. :3
    19. Jayn
      That's a plus! If we thought of it that way, a lot of drama never happened with me too. xD
    20. Jayn
      How are you coping with the time warp?
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    Apr 17, 1993 (Age: 31)
    Ireland somewhere
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