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    Thanks man! I really appreciate this. :)
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    Simply put, I require a list of codes for Code: Veronica X NTSC version - in RAW format please. The most urgent need is for a fully functional mastercode, because I really can't find one. I tried to search for AR MAX one and convert it, but OmniConvert appears to dislike it... It wouldn't convert and instead gave me a message I can't remember now. So if anyone has some working codes (including a mastercode), could you please take a few seconds and post it/them here? I'll be very grateful. :)
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    Ok, what's the deal here? I see a good list of codes that work perfectly on my game, which is PAL. If they don't work on your game, then you have NTSC. Simple as that.
    By the way, I'm not sure if all of them work because I have no love for Action Replay codes, so I choose the ones that have lots of zeros (usually they're RAW). Item slot modifier codes work for sure, and the costume/character changes. And infinite health. Oh, and if anyone's interested, I took my time to fill up the item value list for a bit:
    Item-Mastercode (so the Items work)
    110f7d76 00000100
    110f7d7a 00000001

    Slot 1
    110F7D78 000000xx

    Slot 2
    110F7D86 000000xx

    00 = Magnum Ammo
    01 = Hand Grenade
    02 = Incendiary Grenade
    03 = Matilda
    04 = Handgun
    05 = First Aid Spray
    06 = Green Herb
    07 = Rifle Ammo
    08 = Chicken Egg
    09 = Brown Chicken Egg
    0A = Gold Chicken Egg
    0B = aaa
    0C = Plaga Sample
    0D = Krauser's Knife
    0E = Flash Grenade
    0F = Salazar Family Insignia
    10 = Bowgun
    11 = Bowgun Bolts
    12 = Green Herb (X2)
    13 = Green Herb (X3)
    14 = Mixed Herbs (G+R)
    15 = Mixed Herbs (G+R+Y)
    16 = Mixed Herbs (G+Y)
    17 = Special RPG Rocket Launcher
    18 = Shotgun Shells
    19 = Red Herb
    1A = Handcannon Ammo
    1B = Hourglass w/ Gold Decoration
    1C = Yellow Herb
    1D = Stone Tablet
    1E = Lion Ornament
    1F = Goat Ornament
    20 = TMP Ammo
    21 = Punisher
    22 = Silenced Punisher
    23 = Handgun
    24 = Silenced Handgun
    25 = Red9
    26 = Red9 w/ Stock
    27 = Blacktail
    28 = Silenced Blacktail
    29 = Broken Butterfly
    2A = Killer7
    2B = Silenced Killer7
    2C = Shotgun
    2D = Striker
    2E = Rifle
    2F = Semi-Auto Rifle
    30 = TMP
    31 = Blue Activation Key
    32 = TMP w/ Stock
    33 = Red Activation Key
    34 = Chicago Typewriter
    35 = RPG Rocket Launcher
    36 = Mine Thrower
    37 = Handcannon
    38 = Combat Knife
    39 = Serpent Ornament
    3A = Moonstone (Right half)
    3B = Insignia Key
    3C = Round Insignia
    3D = False Eye
    3E = Custom TMP
    3F = Handgun Silencer
    40 = Punisher (Ada?)
    41 = PRL 4.1.2 (Parasite Removal Laser)
    42 = Stock (Red9)
    43 = Stock (TMP)
    44 = Scope (Rifle)
    45 = Scope (Semi-Auto Rifle)
    46 = Mine-Darts
    47 = Shotgun (Ada?)
    48 = Capture Luis Sera
    49 = Target Practice
    4A = Luis' Memo
    4B = Castellan Memo
    4C = Female Intruder
    4D = Butler's Memo
    4E = Sample Retrieved
    4F = Ritual Preparation
    50 = Luis' Memo 2
    51 = Semi-Auto Rifle w/ Infrared Scope
    52 = Krauser's Bow
    53 = Chicago Typewriter
    54 = Treasure Map (Castle)
    55 = Treasure Map (Island)
    56 = Velvet Blue
    57 = Spinel
    58 = Pearl Pendant
    59 = Brass Pocket Watch
    5A = Elegant Headdress
    5B = Antique Pipe
    5C = Gold Bangle w/ Pearls
    5D = Amber Ring
    5E = Beerstein
    5F = Green Catseye
    60 = Red Catseye
    61 = Yellow Catseye
    62-68 = Beerstein w/ Catseyes
    69 = Moonstone (Left Half)
    6A = Chicago Typewriter Ammo
    6B = Rifle + Scope
    6C = Semi-Auto Rifle + Scope
    6D = Infinite RPG Rocket Launcher
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    No, they're not jokered.

    A jokered code has at least two lines.

    It depends on what cheat device you use, though.

    See, these codes I made access the memory data directly, which means they're not Gameshark, Codebreaker, or any other that kind of format.

    As far as I remember, these codes that are direct copies of the memory addresses are called RAW codes... I think.

    So the codes will most likely work on any RAW accepting device, nothing else.

    Unless they are converted, of course, and I don't know any program to convert PSX codes. Sorry, man, but it looks like you'll be havin' a few problems.
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    I have one question,

    Are you sure the effect mods will work properly on PS2?

    Just asking, because... well, I got them to work some time ago even twice, but it really messed up a few animations.
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    Well, I am working on skill level codes, but unfortunate for you only on Agumon and Veemon. (which I have told you before BTW, although not on this site :P)

    It will take some time still, as the PEC cheat hacking engine is still being tricky for me.

    See, I have some Skill Level codes, but not any Skill LEvel EXP codes... and I don't know yet what will happen if the level is straightly modified. Either it will bring all techs and possibly unlock new Digivolutions, or then it will fail and only change the level, nothing else.

    But if you want to test it out, do so:

    Agumon Skill Levels!!!
    8004A14A 00??

    8004A1D6 00??

    8004A29E 00??

    8004A2C6 00??

    8004A28A 00??

    8004A2DA 00??

    8004A2EE 00??

    Veemon Skill Levels!!!
    Imperialdramon FM
    8004A576 00??

    8004A49A 00??

    8004A4D6 00??

    8004A5C6 00??

    8004A5DA 00??

    8004A5EE 00??

    8004A616 00??

    Imperialdramon PM
    8004A62A 00??
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    Sorry, I looked over it. :(
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    Hello again.

    What's the code to to have Acrossing Two in the inventory?
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    But I was asking for Data Xemnas? And he doesn't use it right away...

    Why I wanted it removed is, that, in the Throne Room the Facedown goes inside a wall and then both Sora and Xemnas will fall into the endless pit.

    Well, I guess I have to think of something else... Thanks for the answers, by the way.
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    Is there a code to remove moves from bosses?

    If yes, I need one to remove Xemnas' Facedown attack.

    You know, like, remove the whole animation so he'll never use the electrification move... And the code for Data Xemnas, please.

    If there is one?
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    That's right. I should've checked it before asking... well, thanks anyway.

    --Nope, I checked, I couldn't find anything. Either it might be hidden under a spoiler which I can't know which it is, or there is none.

    So... IF anyone has time, maybe could get me that code?
    You don't know really how grateful I would be. :)
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    Oh, hey... Is thar' a code to replace The mushroom number 6? The one at the Atrium where the first Demyx battle is.
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    Hehe.... That's just great. :(

    ...Ah, what do I care... So is there a code that modifies the guys in normal battles?

    I'm planning on a little game which is, that, I will need to travel through the place through all those countless Water clones and in the end face Demyx.

    Anyways, teh code. Ish thar' one?
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    I have a question, guys. I have these old codes that are supposed to mod Armored Knights and Surveillance Robots. The codes are these;

    Armored Knights
    5XXXXXXX 00000020
    01CA9770 00000000
    5YYYYYYY 00000020
    01ca9790 00000000

    Surveillance Robots
    5XXXXXXX 00000020
    01CA97D0 00000000
    5YYYYYYY 00000020
    01CA97F0 00000000

    And I tried Demyx' Water Clone Digit in. (1CA47F0 for X and 1CA4810 for Y)

    Yayyy! Problems again! :censor2:

    My question is, that, when using the codes, are they meant to mod the guys in 1000 Heartless battle or on all maps? It crashed when I entered the 1000 battle. And on all maps it showed no effect. And am I supposed to put the Water Clone's both YY and XX Digits in it? Or is the other one supposed to be something else?

    Thanks for anyone who can give me some advice.
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