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    His patch is a little buggy (though that shouldn't cause an issue with speed)

    I'd suggest downloading Xeeynamo's patch for it. Than tweak some of the settings on PCSX2 to try and maximize speed.

    What's your computer specs?
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    All this being said, it would be extremely cool if Majik made some tools to get into the KH:FM ISO but that would be a lot of work that would take too long for a project that most aren't going to be interested in
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    In regards to BBS:FM, from what I understand the final mix translation was easier on account that BBS had already been translated so they had that to work off of.

    Hacking the PS2 games is extremely difficult because you'd have to code your own tools to do so. I'm not sure if you'd be able to use the same tools for KH:FM as you could for KH2:FM on account that some things (such as compression formats and a lot of stuff that's way over my head) could be different. If one wanted to, they could try using the tools Xeeynamo used to translate KH2:FM and see if they'll work with KH:FM as well as ask him if there were other tools he used (Link: ). You could also ask him for a source code to use his tools as a reference though I'm not sure how much it would help.
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    I was wondering. Is there a code to make it look like you're always using the kingdom key and the reverse kingdom key or something like that. Basically, I want to obtain the keyblades through legitimate methods, but those are my 2 favorites in terms of looks, so I'd like there to be a way to always use those. I know that in BBS we had to actually mod the iso, how about in this one though?
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    you're confused sora. That was a texture hack to change terra's keyblade cannon into the xblade. Than somebody used a code to equip the keyblade cannon (which I believe is on the front page). You can equip it but it can't do any damage
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    True, I guess I shouldn't have said "protection". But at the very least, or from what I understand at least, the compression between the 2 games are different. Which is why, for example, you can't use xeeyanmo's tools to translate KHFM... right? I should stop talking now <_<
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    As others have said, it's unfortunately not very likely. I'd personally LOVE to see it but:

    A)Final Mix didn't add a lot to the game, at least not on the level as FM+ to make it worth the translation to the people who would know how to do it
    B) It would require a LOT of time. Square put a lot of protection in their games (at least in the KH PS2 games) and it would take a lot of time just to make the tools, and even more time to translate it
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    There's an infinite HP and max xp code in the first post
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    Bummer >_> Figured it wouldn't be illegal as long as you're not distributing the files themselves

    oh well, thanks for all the help anyway
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    Ah, I guess I'll try messing around with this stuff and see what happens, thanks for the help :)

    One more question, not sure if this is your guys' department though. I recently came across the KHBBS modding station and am extremely interested. I was just wondering if anybody knows of any guide to help get started. I'm mainly looking for how to extract the 3d models so that I might be able to load the models in blender and the textures in photoshop. If anybody knows anything about this than help would be very appreciated
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    But even if I equip a keyblade that the character able to use (ex:terra molded to center with overdrive) I still get those errors. Would it work if I used some other code to.give them a specific keyblade? Also, what does the code you just posted do exactly?

    Sorry, this is the first time I've messed with graphical mods via cheat codes >>
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    I was wondering, I have the following character mods:
    _C0 Play as Ventus
    _L 0x201873C0 0x34020001
    _C0 Play as Aqua
    _L 0x201873C0 0x34020002
    _C0 Play as Terra
    _L 0x201873C0 0x34020003
    _C0 Play as Ventus (Armor)
    _L 0x201873C0 0x34020004
    _C0 Play as Aqua (Armor)
    _L 0x201873C0 0x34020005
    _C0 Play as Terra (Armor)
    _L 0x201873C0 0x34020006
    _C0 Play as Ventus (Helmetless Armor)
    _L 0x201873C0 0x3402000D
    _C0 Play as Aqua (Helmetless Armor)
    _L 0x201873C0 0x3402000E
    _C0 Play as Terra (Helmetless Armor)
    _L 0x201873C0 0x3402000F
    _S UCAS-40025

    But if I use a play as code of a character other than the one I'm playing as (example, using terra but enabling play as aqua code.) than I get some weird bugs. My keyblade can't do any damage to the enemies, and if I use a skill that the character I'm being reskinned to doesn't normally get (chaos blade as aqua for example) than it's just waste the move (they don't do anything but I still have to wait for it to reload) and I can't do much of anything if I'm using a command style that a character doesn't normally get either. However, a character's armored and helmetless armored form still works (so I can still play as the helmetless armored characters which is pretty cool) just fine.

    Does anybody know what the issue might be? Do I need to readjust the values or activate another code with them? Or am I just S.O.L.?

    Sorry for the wall of text and requesting on the first post, but I'd really like help with this. Thanks in advance :)
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