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    Don't ask. RP related. It might not seem like it, but they do belong here I promise.
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    ஜ Name: Jett
    ஜ Age (Reality and if it applies looks/acts like): 15
    ஜ Appearance: Here
    ஜ Small bio: After Jett's family was abducted in front of his eyes and thrown to an unknown location, Jett spent his life trying to find a way to get back at the woman who couldn't save them. He always had the confidence that he would find a way to stop her someday and never let himself believe that there wasn't a way. He always had hope. When he had heard of the quest to rescue the hero which could take down the goddess once and for all he automatically jumped on the opportunity to join them, finally get the revenge he so sought.
    ஜ Reason for rescuing the hero: Because Sapphire is useless and does nothing to help people
    ஜ Weapon (If applicable): This sword
    ஜ Power (If applicable): The power of fire manipulation
    Has the ability to summon various beasts made of fire. They aren't at full strength due to lack of magical skill, but they certainly pack a punch.
    ஜ Other: Hunter abducted his family and threw them into the worst place ever: the spamzone. Hunter was punished by Sapphire, killed in an instant, but his ability to respawn is plain bullshit and i'm quite frankly surprised Gabi allows it.
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    hi guys its me damax1 here its almost been 2 years since ive been on here so whats going on?
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    me moggle assint

    me moggle assint
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    do not do it bro
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    my bro is the bigger troll
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    i bet smurfasarus can do it ask him i am his brother
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    Dr wigglz is my brother just if you know
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    hi me adam

    hi me adam
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    hey glen knife

    hey glen knife
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    Slothy add me it is glens bro
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