Daenerys Targaryen
Apr 4, 2007
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Sep 27, 1995 (Age: 27)

Daenerys Targaryen

ok, Female, 27


nate is weird pass it on Dec 30, 2012

    1. *Hippie Jesus*
      *Hippie Jesus*
      Well no matter what happends I can't let anything get to me. I learned the hard way.
    2. *Hippie Jesus*
      *Hippie Jesus*
      1/12 of the time she's "nice"

      That's the million dollar question. I was forced into the relationship to make her look good. She was truely ghetto. Her name was Jenna. Look it's a real long story but in the end when she finally cleaned herself up. She called. And said I love you Brandon. In a real happy tone. My heart was fluttered with joy to see she went through all of this to truely take the time to love me. I love you too Jenna. Then she whimpered and said I love you repeatedly. Jenna honey what's wrong? She choked out one last I love you Brandon. Then bang. She killed herself over the phone. I rushed out of my house in my T shirt and boxers and ran for 4 miles straight to go see her. Her mom was crying looking at her baby girls body. I laid down next to her and hugged her. Just started crying into her neck.
    3. *Hippie Jesus*
      *Hippie Jesus*
      My first girlfriend killed herself.
    4. Zeonark
      Now the file is saved with half of my body.
    5. *Hippie Jesus*
      *Hippie Jesus*
      no no no no no! She's a real sweetheart she just has her share of emotion problems and she has no one else to take it out on. Sure she tells her dude friends way more then does me but even so.
    6. *Hippie Jesus*
      *Hippie Jesus*
      I just gotta suck it up and get back on my feet. Win her back.
    7. Zeonark
      Hopefully they'll think it's $25 dollars.

      Now I'm alone...
      OH MY GOD.
      WHAT THE F- *Dead*
    8. *Hippie Jesus*
      *Hippie Jesus*
      She was cranky and tired and I tried cheering her up. It worked for awhile but out of the blue she starts calling me out. I'm used of this by now so I just sat and took it. She's sort of the dominant one in our relationship. She controls me. There was no equal value between us. I let her step all over me all the time and I say I love you back. She got furious at me once I told her about the whole Germany thing because she thinks I'm lying. Yeah a lot of the time I go somewhere it gets canceled so she thought the same about Germany. Then she told me I lied about everything else. "YOU DON'T LOVE ME" was screamed in front of her26 yearold sister and her sister's friends because she's out of California. Which was real painful to sit through. I'm used of her saying that but it what made it really painful was that they heard it loud and clear. She went upstairs to her sister's bathroom and starting lecturing me about how much I suck. Just about everyone has let me know that "I suck" but she was the icing on the cake.
    9. Zeonark
      But I could never leave you. ;~;
      You get it D:

      Plus I'm flat broke.
    10. *Hippie Jesus*
      *Hippie Jesus*
      I'm not really sure. A random fight came up and in the end she sort of came out saying I never ment anything too her.
    11. *Hippie Jesus*
      *Hippie Jesus*
      Dude I think I just got dumped. Ha and I was just telling you how much I love her.
    12. Zeonark
      Nothing dear.
      I just felt like screaming it. D:
      ...I think.

      But yeah, unless we spend $25 for a new memory card while leaving this thing on, we're screwed.
    13. Zeonark
      Oh yeah. Lemme just save right qu-
    14. Zeonark
      But what about level 2?
      We just leave in-game?
    15. What?
      Quite fine myself.

      Enjoying your traversing of the dark recesses of space/
    16. Cleopatra
      *waves* Hai. I love you too >:3
    17. What?
      Oh hello there Hale-Bopp. And how are you today?
    18. Sumi
      oh god yes
    19. reptar
    20. reptar
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