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Apr 4, 2007
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Sep 27, 1995 (Age: 28)

Daenerys Targaryen

ok, Female, 28


nate is weird pass it on Dec 30, 2012

    1. Britishism
      September 28th and 29th, a small show, which is why I may be able to get tickets.
    2. Britishism
      Me too.

      I may be going to their concert in New York.
    3. Britishism
      I thought I was hallucinating for a second but yeah.

      Foster the People <3
    4. Britishism
      That feel where you're listening to Helena Beat and see your usertitle
    5. Trigger
      Haley, you are such an angel~

      LOL, sorry. I was reading that 'I have a girlfriend now' thread and you helping out that Aqua guy was nice and idk hi.
    6. Llave
      Hahaa thats good. I usually try to ask if i can, and i don't go on request sprees. I've seen people that hate getting requests, even when they get to know the person well.
    7. Llave
      Sent it to ya.
    8. Llave
      Hahaa indeed, oh i forgot to friend you here! you don't mind right?
    9. Llave
      Hahaa that is indeed the case, hence, why i have one as well. Although i'm not much of a social butterfly, i will when i'm with my good friends lolol!
    10. Llave
      Those are always the saddest. What's worse is the friends you met through the years in High School and then after the Graduation, the thought of potentially never seeing them again can be overwhelming.
    11. Llave
      lol i've had mine since i could remember. But yeah it really helps when you have friends to help you out.
    12. Llave
      Yeah, I lived in Iowa for 5 years and during that time, i really made some friends. However, we had to move, and I couldn't see them anymore. I was so filled with anger and frustration that i "shunned" others and dwelt within my own desires of being alone, since i had no one. As time went by, i met some of the best friends i could ever ask for, they really brought me out of my darkest moments.

      Hahaa yeah i since then learned to become more outgoing, i am fully capable of having a conversation with anyone of any age, gender, race, etc. and i find it enjoyable to get to know others. But there are my moments where it's just nice to relax and not worry about others and just hear yourself think. Hahaa! (sorry for the lifestory i suppose)

      That's good you feel that way, 'tis very honorable indeed!
    13. Llave
      Oh by the by, I would just like to say that i agree with what you said to Aqua101.

      I was the same way, almost exactly as you described. But that boat hath sailed and i am quite friendly now! lol, I suppose that's why you reply too? I don't like people feeling neglected, they are important, you just gotta see that in order to get it i suppose.
    14. Llave
      I'd take it as a compliment.

      It was well, thank you. 'Twas actually raining, and the day seems a bit gloomy, but my spirits are up lol! How about yourself, ma'am?
    15. Llave
      lol its all good, i try to be patient when others reply, sometimes i cant tell Hahaa!

      indeed. definitely fits the "it's cute" part of your username. and then the smile is what you have when you see how happy she is i suppose...
    16. Llave
      Hahaa i suppose so...

      btw i like the Rikku avi, you should keep it, it's cute.
    17. Llave
      I'm no athelete, couldn't if i wanted to. I'm just not gifted in that area. Hahaa!

      Aww, lol yeah i'll turn into "shades" of colors every season. But i'll usually have a farmer's tan hahaa!
    18. Llave
      Yup, that is the worst ever. It's like no one understands that's all you wanna do...

      That's true, and outside smell that smells like a wet dog... But i'm not an athelete so i don't run around. If anything, i just sit outside and enjoy the warmth, or go to the beach when i can hahaa!
    19. Llave
      Oh sorry to hear you're not feelin so swell... Yeah i really hate being sick. Especially sinus infections, you're sick, but not sick enough. (Some logic, huh?) It's more of an annoyance than a sickness.

      Hahaa i usually just wear your average t-shirt and shorts at a time like this lol, but i hate the cold so i'm sad the summer has come to an end.
    20. Llave
      Hahaa i'm doing well, thanks for asking! Lovely day indeed, not too hot, not too cold for me hahaa!

      How about you, ma'am?
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    Sep 27, 1995 (Age: 28)
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