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    Vance uncoiled his whip from the unconscious Thug. Vance wondered if he should judge people and call them Thugs, he was a pirate after all. But for some reason Thug just fit these guys too well. Vance shrugs. He went to move South East, seeing one of the Thugs that was affected by the musician's strange music playing. Vance whirled his arm back and went to crack his whip against the man's throat and pulled his eyes into Vance's vision. "Look over here" and Thug was intimidated by Vance's death glare.

    Move: down 3, right 2.
    Attack: 18+5=23, Intimidate: 16+12=28
    Damage: 2+7= 9 damage, Shaken 9 rounds.
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    Vance ran toward the alleyway to find shelter, noticing a couple others from the riot had the same idea. He stopped short when he noticed thugs that were strikingly similar to the same he saw at riot mugging a man. Vance felt injustice in this city had run rampant long enough, as he flicked out the whip on his belt. A sparkling aura covers the weapon. The man behind him wielding the large sword rushed ahead and took a large slice into one of the thugs. Vance eyed the man holding a shortsword over the fashionable man, he aimed his ship to crack against the southern Thugs arm and pull the man to look at Vance eye to eye. Vance's bloodshot serious stare burns into the man and shakes his confidence.

    5 foot step down
    Swift action: +1 Enhancement on Whip
    Attack action against Thug 3: 17+5= 22
    Nonlethal damage: 1d3+7= 10
    Enforcer: Intimidate 26 (Shaken for 10 rounds)
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    Vance's eyes fluttered, the coldness of his blood replaced by a sudden feeling of warmth rushing through him. "Huh hm, what happened-"

    "hey, you. Guy. It's time to get going."

    "Huh, you healed me right- Wait where are you going?" Vance picked himself, his ribs still sore from the mace of the Dottari who smashed them in. He realized immediately what people ran from as protesters ran engulfed in flames. Vance picked himself up and went to follow the familiar face. "Wait miss, You healed me earlier as well. What were you doing here?"

    "Really, now?" The girl asked, while running. "I was here to give Thrune a piece of a my mind. As it turns out, he was here to give us a piece of his."

    Vance ran along side of her, needing to slow his stride a bit. The young girl was significantly shorter in comparison to Vance's 6'5" lanky physique. "Ah a fellow angry townsfolk huh, you work for the local hospital, or are you one of the zealots not so happy with Thrunes religious proclamations? I came here hoping too see some Dottari roughed up, but I may have incited the crowd a little too much. In hindsight it wasn't a calculated move."

    "Nothing so wholesome or righteous, just an angry civilian. And besides, don't worry about it, if we weren't plenty riled up already our," Roshe's tone turned more mocking as she said, "great glorious lord mayor made plenty sure that we had a reason to scream at him."

    Vance smiled, he liked the cut of the girl's jib (GET IT CAUSE PIRATE AAAAAARRRRRRRRRR). He ran down the road with the girl until he saw a couple of others from the protesters hiding out in a random side street. "Name's Vance bee tee dubs, we need to hide out until the heat dies down. I see others, it'll be easier to fight off any prowling Dottari in a group."

    "Roshe," she replied, a bit confused on the term he used. "And yeah, I'd rather not have one of those mutts show up at my doorstep either."
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    Vance fought to hold the blood in that gushed from his wounds, staunching it by willing his Sleeves of Many Garments to create an additional vest. Vance looked down the soldier in front of him with determination. Vance fainted to step backward, but instead took the blade wrapped in waterproof leathers and revealed the ornate Elven Curve Blade has father wore for many years. Vance slid his hand over the blade and the blade lit up with runes that emanated a frosty wind. Breathing in and moving in the beat of the music the charming musician pumped out, Vance stepped into the Dottari's face and slashed his blade across their stomach.

    Swift Action, Arcane strike for 1 min.
    Attack Roll: 17+8= 25
    Damage Roll: 8+8 = 16
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    View attachment 49007 Vance studied Thrune, the fat tyrant who's expression was ambivalent to the pain of the city. Vance began to get out a dagger, one precise throw could change everything, but someone beat him to it. A dagger flew into the throat of the red head at the doorway, and she could care less. Her orders yelled out and the soldiers began to massacre the crowd, sending everyone into a panic. Vance saw around him chaos and madness, thugs under hoods slit people's throats and the Dottari began to beat down the protesters coming near the opera building.
    Vance faced the Dottari in front of him, ready to take out his cutlass and cut them down, but he hesitated when something flashed in front of his eye. He remembered the time on the battlefields, and his legs shakes with fear. Vance backs away and ducks the swings of the adjacent Dottari, trying to get some space from their blades. He keeps backing away until he bumps into something peculiar, a man playing a most enchanting guitar. Vance for a moment is taken in by his music, but he refocuses on the soldiers in front of him. Quickly pulling out his spellbook, Vance summoned the energies inside him and the runes on the pages glowed intensely. From Vance's hands came an amazing technicolor beam which bathed the crowd and soldiers in front him. 2 of the Dottari are directly hit, along with some people running in the crowd. The first guard is overcome by the display and falls down with mouth foaming, the guard next to him is just nearly able to shield is eyes with his gauntlet.

    Move 5 ft back, Acrobatics check: 20+3-4= 19
    Color spray, 15 ft cone, 2 soldiers effected by Will saves.
    One passes, the other fails and is Unconscious, Blinded, and Stunned for 5 rounds.
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    View attachment 48966 Vance had been hearing whispers of this riot coming for couple days, and he couldn't be more excited for it. It was this morning at the former Sunset Import tavern, now some nameless hole-in-the-wall that's only good for it's bad Grog, that Vance heard there was a full scale riot outside the opera house. He smiled and finished his drink and ran along with a large number a people, slower than most on account of his peg leg.

    He arrived where the rioters crowded the opera house, where Thrune set up. He had a lot to pay for, practically ruining Vance's new life. Vance joined in with the crowd, pushing forward to get near the front and see better. He got to the front and saw those corrupt Dottari, Vance's vein's bulged with anger. Vance yelled a commanding shout, his time in the military flashing back when he'd need to give quick orders. The crowded surged with anger along with him. He looked on his person for something, anything to give those Dottari a piece. He found a old bottle of Grog, swigged the rest drunkenly, and threw it with a shout. It crashes against a wall harmlessly but Vance barely notices, simply shouting his frustrations intensely.
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    I'd like to join if you'd allow me.
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