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    Waiting for this next chapter reminds me of the wait for KH3
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    Buzzing incessantly for 2 days, banging into walls, then drying up on the windowsill? You try to let them out and they fly everywhere except the wide open door? You eventually need to slap them into oblivion?
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    Can personally confirm Cin is just a weird ******
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    It's okay guys, I'm back.
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    So I get bored of one site, open my bookmarks and move to another, I tend to cycle between tumblr and facebook and twitter and youtube, 4chan, and a few other sites. It's an absent-minded process where my finger picks the site more then I do. For some reason KHV is still in my bookmarks and I end up randomly browsing the forum every other week without even realizing it. Old habits die hard I guess.

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    Me neither.


    Best viewed on a white background, I can't remember how to make transparency.
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    Yeah, really, what the hell is this?

    Can you give some explanation as the the artistic process? Quite frankly this is just so far out there, I don't even understand it. It's missing basic color theory, overpowering light source, lack of a focus, boring concept and execution. What were you thinking, exactly, when you made this?
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    First sig in probably 10 months.


    A lot of this was an accident.
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    lol. Honestly I don't care about posts or rep, I just check every once in a while because I was so high on the list, it was interesting to me.

    Don't get me wrong, I fully believe that a member shouldn't be judged by their number of posts or the color of their boxes, but by the content of their sentences.
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    Please sir, I don't want to fight with you.

    After all, ****ING VERITAS MM'MM GOOD.
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    Aw. Mish is my favorite fake blonde british girl who I used to fight with a lot even though we were deeply in love and don't you try to deny it.
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