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    Username:Chris Graf
    Character Name:Cantata
    Age: 19
    Level: 4
    Appearance: Black long hair (usually in a bun), gray eyes
    Weapons/Items/Abilities: Weapons: sabre(dual wielding) for short range, musket pistol for long range, and a magic attack. Items: A black dress with a piano key design(used to activate Abilities). Abilities: can use dress's piano keys as a magical attacks based on what notes or music she plays
    Special Ability: In The Hall Of The Mountain King: when played this song will cause the enemy to see an allusion of the thing they fear most. eventually they have die from a panic attack.
    Short History: Cantata was a musician for a band in new York. She received her dress as a gift from an fan after a performance in Carnegie hall after she tried it on she accidentally discovered it's ability by hitting one of the keys while putting it on causing her room to flood. She now is on a quest to find whoever made the dress to know of all of it's ability's
    Other: I don't have any other. Sorry
    Post by: Chris Graf, Sep 30, 2015 in forum: Retirement Home