Awarded Pins

  1. Awarded: Dec 26, 2016

    Party Don't Stop

    If Unions have the same goals, why do they compete? ...Who cares? YOU'RE WINNING! (Your Unchained χ Party must top the KHV Leaderboard for three consecutive weeks.)

  2. Awarded: Jan 2, 2014

    Premium Craze

    Welcome to Premium, now bask in the glory of a dead section! (Meet the Premium Criteria)

  3. Awarded: Jan 2, 2014


    You have seen the passage of time on the site, memories Everlasting! (Have three or more years on the site)

  4. Awarded: Jan 2, 2014

    Follow Suit

    Followers,'s all the same to a kind heart! (Have Over 50 followers)