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Aug 2, 2011
Apr 2, 2007
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November 27
The Labyrinth

Catch the Rain

As the world falls down ♥, from The Labyrinth

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Aug 2, 2011
    1. Gobolo
      Horray for singing! :P
      Yeah. If only when we spoke we had a little "Edit" button haha.
      Dozo yoroshiku.
      D: Not mah dA! I did get a message from someone though and I was lyk "Who dis?" And I don't know if I replied or not D:
      D: But it is the most awsum emote XD :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
    2. Misty
      It's cool, we can still be friends. <3

      also you posted that at 11:11. :'D (in my time, at least)
    3. mildly_insain
      yeah, good to hear, my weekends are filled with work and school work, I am always busy with something. but I always have time to make graphics so I am happy.
    4. kitty_mckechnie
      I would say it's mostly young folk that lack manners but that's s not true. Many adults forget to be polite.

      No idea. It was a rubbish shop anyway - low pay and nothing really worked. xD Seriously, i'v never known a shop to get so many returns. I've been in my current job for over 2 years. It's awright, but not something you'd want to do full time. Is this the same manager that you've mentioned before? Like he's not very nice to his staff?

      If he were on a leash he'd probably chew his way out. xD The lad needs caged...a titanium cage! He's 23. -_-; lol, you're completely right, it must be a male thing. xD It doesn't matter what age they are they'll always do something daft and dangerous. What does this cousin of your's do? It would be a massive shock if Frojo did something reckless like that. Fortunately he's somewhat wiser than the others. xD

      Aye, it doesn't matter were you are, it's almost impossible to get a new job, and if you do it's only like a temp or part-time. I'm in the same boat as you...cept i don't have a degree. D: Are there no jobs you could do abroad?

      Dare i ask what she had been thinking of? xD Had you suggested any names?

      The Dungeons are pretty close to the castle, down a street that leads you to Princes Street (That's the main shopping street. You wouldn't get lost in Edinburgh if you can get back to that street. xD)
    5. TheLightIsGone123
      Yeah its pretty bad, a lot of the site will leave because of it im sure, not that it was all that strong anyways.
      Im doing pretty amazing i love uni so so much
    6. Tikem
      He retired as soon as he could. The collision that set his car on fire happened in the last sector of the track.

      You should re-join. Most of the players are newbs, so there's a chance they won't know your name. And what about Goimez/Shade Tail. He's only got around 600+ posts. But I think that this forum needs a system where any user who's been mostly active for 4 years gets upgraded to premium.
    7. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      hello catch the rain how are you?
    8. Gobolo
      XD I'm glad that I helped. Everyone has doubts in themselves, in some form. So lean on me when you're not sttong Lean on me, when you're not strong. And I'll be your friend I'll help you carry on. For it won't be long. 'Til I'm gonna need Somebody to lean on and all that :P.
      And sure if you're even being annoying I'll be all liek "ARGH! Damn it Kay!" and facepalm XD
      Btw I think it's a bit unfair how I know your name - if you wanted to know mine's Richard :P

      :woohoo:for awesomeness XD
    9. Sakura Angel
      Sakura Angel

      I love the twins <333333333333333333
    10. The Fuk?
      The Fuk?
      I'm sorry to hear that. Let's hope things start looking up.

      Oh lol, that's classic. xD

      I know, right? Constant workaholics, I'm surprised more people don't look up to us.

      That would be awesome if you could train it not to dig in your trash can.
    11. Misty
      Aw, I was kidding. :c I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to come off as rude, I put the little happy face at the bottom to try and lighten it a bit.

      I feel bad now. :c

      Regardless, I do really apologize for offending you, I never meant to.
    12. nasirrich
      Your so sweet thank you so much.
      And I really hope all gets better for you. It really is a downer that something is kinda getting to you. I hope for nothing but the best for you ok.^ ^
      I am also very happy to hear that your doing great.~_^
    13. Aura
      Same here. ._. And I was close to 10000 VMs too. I was like...three VMs away from that and then the site was hacked. Oh well.

      It kind of is. But now a family issue has come up and it's depressing me little by little. The pissy-ness dropped but now something else had to come up. Blah.

      @-@ Wow. That just sounds horrible. But I'm glad you're doing better!

      I need a job. >< But I'm too lazy to find one. >> What do you work as?
    14. burnitup
      Me? Well I've been going to school, and painting Warhammer 40k minitures. The latter is more fun to do! ^^

      I've always been playing video games more recently.
    15. MadDoctorMaddie
      I'm gonna agree with that (and not just because I'm afraid of the retaliation <.<)

      O_O We can't even stay that long, even when we want to, they kick us out by 5 pm T_T

      xD It's pretty awesome... At times <.< *has been sleeping in lately way too much*
    16. keybladeofdarkness4
      Im doing fine I suppose, finally managed to get internet, so I prolly wont be vanishing for quite some time ^^
    17. The Fuk?
      The Fuk?
      Anything mindblowingly interesting in your life happen lately?

      Thank you. c:
      Kids say the darnedest things. xD

      I so understand, that pretty much describes both of our lives.
    18. kitty_mckechnie
      It's like they have never heard for common courtesy.

      Oh, no no. That was over two years ago (It closed cause we owed the government like a quarter of a million in rent or something, or so i was told). I currently work in a M&S Simply Foods in Glasgow Centre. It's amazing the amount of different people we get in here. Not the type you would expect in M&Ss. xD Is your area really bad for alcoholics?

      Cheers, and he is. xD I very much agree with you on that so no offence taken. Well, I have yet to tell the parents but I'll save it in-case he tries to do it again. Oh no no, not Frojo, he's still fairly innocent - cheeky, but still such a mummy's boy. xD It was our older, dafter brother.

      Are you still working in the shop or did you get a new one? Cause you finished uni, aye? How exciting! 9 weeks will just fly in. Do you know if it's a wee boy or lassie yet? Or is it a surprise? I've never been but it looks like it'd be interesting. Have you ever heard of the Dungeons there?
    19. Gobolo
      First off I would just like to say I know how you feel. Many people feel that they have said something that annoys others online because of the whole "I can't see/hear your reaction" thing so it's harder to judge people's attitudes to other people. Nonetheless I think I can vouch for the other KHV members that you areone of the least irratating and bugging members because you make everyone feel welcome the moment they meet you. When you were dormant people were all liek "Gargh CtR isn't around any more :(" And even the Fuk stopped joking around and was serious about the issue. If that's not a sign that people don't find you irratating then I don't know what is.

      And thanks for saying I'm kinda awesome :) I know this kinda goes without saying but I think you're kinda awesome too :P
    20. Korra
      Hi Mommy,
      I miss you too.
      If you find time to get on MSN this week...there's something I need help/advice with.

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