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    Username: Captain Kuchiki
    Character Name: Naoki
    *Age*: 12
    Gender: Male
    obviously wearing traditional shinigami outfit
    *Personality*: Hates being treated like a child despite age and height. Feels that mission is most important and avoids all distractions. Prefers solitude and enjoys reading. Not one for words.
    *History*: Always looked up to Captain Kuchiki when in the Acadmey and was more than thrilled when he was put into squad 6. After a year he had moved up to 3rd seat and soon hoped to take over lieutenant from Renji Abarai in hopes of working side by side with Kuchiki.
    Zanpakuto Name /Abilities(max 4 abilities): Doku Ketsueki (Poison Blood) A Surujin
    Doku Ketsueki is his Shikai form and has the ability (1) to reflect all spirtual based attacks. However being it's a chain, if his attacks are dodged, he is open to up close attacks. Calls Shikai forth by saying "Rain your death! Doku Ketsueki!"
    Bankai: "Burn, Blood! Bankai!"
    Uses both swords
    Abilities: (2) When the user bleeds, his blood becomes like acid and will burn whatever it touches.
    (3) Each blade carries a hallucinogenic poison that when slashing an opponent causes illusions that the user has pre-determined into the poison.
    (4) Rai Ken + Ho Ken: One sword becomes covered in lightning and the other becomes covered in fire. (used only as last resort)
    Division Number (or squad)/Or none: 6
    *Theme Song*: After Dark - Asian Kung-Fu Generation
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    OOC: Fire, is your character's name Xangel still, or is it changed to Xengla? For this post I will say Xenglal and if that's incorrect, i'll change it from now on

    Toxcst saw Xengla approaching Abexecca but turned around before seeing Larpex, "Not much reason for me to see what's going on. I'll let the clone deal with them." Toxcst jumped across the tree branches till he reached a certain spot in the forest. He jumped down from the tree and landed gently. He closed the umbrella and placed it once more on his back. "Such a...nostalgic area." Toxcst looked around at everything he saw then walked over to a familar tree. "Heh, to think I almost died in this place in two different ways." He the his hood up over his head and then jumped back up into the trees, "...I hate nostalgia." He pulled one of the umbrellas off his back again and opened it. Toxcst tossed it in the air centered above the area. Senbon nedles began to shoot out from the umbrella and they formed a closed circle around the area. "Well now an ant couldn't get in, but that's not what I want." The umbrella retured to Toxcst and he closed it, re-placing it on his back. He then put his hand out in front of him, as low it could possibly go. The needles began to glow a purplish color and then Toxcst threw his hand upward, and the needles grew 10 feet high. He then closed his fist and the needles bent across to there opposite side, forming a celling. "There, now I won't have to see this place again." Toxcst turned around and jumped endlessly through the trees.

    Meanwhile, Toxcst's clone was still standing over Abexecca looking down at her unconscious body. He looked up as Toxcst ran off but then turned back to the 2 healers approaching. "What the hell'd he run off for? Did he not notice her? He stepped back to give the two room to get to Abexecca, "I don't know, it didn't seem like I went that far that she would be like this."
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    "I said might, but I don't need to look like the bad guy in front of everyone who's here. Plus, we need you to help us against Organization XII." The clone of Toxcst frowned, "I can handle you, but I don't want anymore newbies comin in and buggin me." The real Toxcst noticed Abexecca pulling her hand back when she coughed, "I could hear that from here, that can't be good..." Toxcst kept his fingers just below his chin still, and watched the situation unfold. He pulled one of the umbrelllas off his back and opened it, all with his right hand. Toxcst held it over his head and whispered quietly to himself, "The moon was beginning to bug me." Meanwhile the clone looked over Abexecca, "You really sure that you're ok? There's no need to continue this pointless battle...despite that I want to."
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    Toxcst lowered his fingers just below his chin, "Is she really hurt? Or did she see through my clone!?" Toxcst stopped and thought logically, "She's probably just trying to convince my clone to get closer...well if that's what she wants then I can't stop her." The clone walked closer, and reached out his hand, "I can't kill an ally, at least not at a time like this, with our home destroyed and all. Come on, we'll just have to heal you up and we'll call this a...a..." Even Toxcst's clone couldn't bring himself to say anything less then a victory. "...a postponed battle."
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    Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad - blessthefall
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    OOC: I haven't blown up the clone yet. Toxcst's just talking in his head because he's so excited to blow up his clone, but he's waiting to see what Abexecca does and whether or not she can tell that that Toxcst is the clone, and not the real thing. Although, my post didn't make it all too clear, so I apologize for any confusion.
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    OOC: Well well, welcome back chula

    Toxcst saw the flames that surrounded Abexecca and instantly stopped, "What the **** was that?" Toxcst stood back up on the branch and looked down at Abexecca, "Is she in pain? Hmm...I can't tell from up here, better to be safe than sorry." Toxcst looked across to his clone who was staring directly at him. Toxcst nodded and his clone jumped down near Abexecca. He walked slowly forward to her and spoke, "You okay? That was a sharp crystal and it came at you pretty fast..." Toxcst up above was smiling from ear to ear, "Hehehe, just a little closer..." Toxcst once more lifted his index and middle finger up in front of his face. "This'll be the best explosion yet...KABOOM"
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    The two Toxcsts both stopped dead, and the real one shouted across to the clone, "Aim for the centers!" The clone nodded back to him, and once more, senbon were shot out of the two Toxcsts' mouths, each directed for the center of each crystals. They hit and were split apart in to seperate pieces that missed the two of them. The clone realized the two of them missed one and shouted across to Toxcst, "Watch out!" Toxcst looked down and realized one was still coming straight for him, "CRAP!" Toxcst jumped up as it flew quickly for him. The second it reached his foot, Toxcst kicked the point and it changed directions to fly straight above his clone. The speed it came at him sent Toxcst flying back into another tree, "AHGH!" he screa coming into it with a thump. The clone noticed the crystal incoming and took advantage of a new weapon. He jumped up beneath the crystal and kicked the point like Toxcst and it now pointed toward Abexecca. He grabbed the bottom point and tossed it up with all the strength he could back at her, shouting, "Here, you can have it back!"
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    Toxcst continued to move around in a circle, watching over his prey. He saw her close his eyes and knew to take advantage of this, "She can't see me now, I can split apart now." Toxcst continued jumping from across the branches, but while in mid-air, he became the puddle once more. The puddle continued flying toward the branch and split into two smaller puddles. The puddles grew back up into two Toxcsts, each with the 6 umbrellas on their back. They landed on the branch, and the fake one turned around and jumped in a counter-clockwise circle, while Toxcst continued in the original motion. "Well if its no problem if you die," he shouted down to her, "Then I guess it won't matter if I kill you."
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    OOC: Evil ideas? Oh no

    Toxcst watched as Xandlei ran off to a safe place, then turned back to Abexecca. "All right, if you insist." Toxcst returned to his battle stance with his claws on each hand, and the fiery spirit in him began to grow. "I'll give you a warning now," Toxcst explained, "If you keep this fight up for too much longer, I can't promise that it will end without death." Toxcst jumped back and then up into the trees and began to jump from branch to branch in a circle around Abexecca. "If I can keep moving a quick enough pace, it can appear that I'm on all different trees and she won't be able to tell where I am. And then when that happens..." Toxcst summoned up to his back 6 umbrellas, each filled with 1,000 senbon needles. "If I use these, she could most likely die...but I don't plan on losing!"
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    OOC: Haha, Yeah, that'd work out perfectly!

    Toxcst looked at Abexecca again and realized what a horrible thing he had done. "Oh crap, she really is hurt, I messed up this time." "Well," Toxcst mumbled, "I don't like to lose at anything, but in this case..." Toxcst began to frown realizing how stupid he was, "I went too far." "Now what the **** am I supposed to do? I can heal, just kill. Who can heal?" Toxcst pondered it over for a moment, after elimnating Larpex from the subject, "I wonder...can that kid heal people? ...well I have to try, but he's gonna be pissed at me." Toxcst quickly disappeared in a dash and appeared behind Xandlei, grabbed him, and once more he disappeared, reappearing at Abexecca. "Can you heal people Xandlei? Or am I about to be showered in tears?"
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    OOC: Hell yeah!

    Toxcst looked across to where Abexecca's body lay on the ground. "Hmm, she could be trying to pull me in for a sneak attack. I don't want to risk it, perhaps I should just ki-" Toxcst looked up, "What am I saying? Kill Abexecca? Has my fighting spirit taken me over?" Toxcst looked across to the body once more. "That may not have been close to my strongest explosion, but...that was dangerous. And that fall, that certainly wasn't all to comfortable." Toxcst began to slowly walk forward, looking at what he had just done. The closer he got, the more he began to like how strong he had become. But back and forth he fought with himself. Was it just for fun, or did he really mean to kill his ally? Toxcst played it safe, in case she was planning something, as he hid one claw beneath his sleeve. He stepped within 5 feet of the girl's body. "...Abexecca?"

    OOC: Cold-blooded, ain't he?
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