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    Since the mod starts you with Dodge Roll, you'll end up having duplicates when the game actually gives it to you. I removed it and also changed the ability slot assignments back one value (If you don't, then all the abilities after Lucky Strike will be missing). You don't really need Dodge Roll for the short amount of time that you don't have it.
    Replace the ability codes in the pnach with this:

    patch=1,EE,003F83C4,extended,0000000A // Scan
    patch=1,EE,003F83C5,extended,00000015 // Guard
    patch=1,EE,003F83C6,extended,00000013 // Counterattack
    patch=1,EE,003F83C7,extended,00000017 // MP Haste
    patch=1,EE,003F83C8,extended,0000001A // Berserk
    patch=1,EE,003F83C9,extended,00000008 // Critical Plus
    patch=1,EE,003F83CA,extended,0000003D // Encounter Plus
    patch=1,EE,003F83CB,extended,00000010 // Cheer
    patch=1,EE,003F83CC,extended,00000010 // Cheer
    patch=1,EE,003F83CD,extended,00000011 // Vortex
    patch=1,EE,003F83CE,extended,00000012 // Aerial Sweep
    patch=1,EE,003F83CF,extended,00000014 // Blitz
    patch=1,EE,003F83D0,extended,0000001C // Lucky Strike
    patch=1,EE,003F83D1,extended,0000001C // Lucky Strike
    patch=1,EE,003F83D2,extended,0000001C // Lucky Strike
    patch=1,EE,003F83D3,extended,0000001C // Lucky Strike
    patch=1,EE,003F83D4,extended,0000001C // Lucky Strike
    patch=1,EE,003F83D5,extended,00000035 // Slapshot
    patch=1,EE,003F83D6,extended,00000036 // Sliding Dash
    patch=1,EE,003F83D7,extended,00000037 // Hurricane Blast
    patch=1,EE,003F83D8,extended,00000038 // Ripple Drive
    patch=1,EE,003F83D9,extended,00000039 // Stun Impact
    patch=1,EE,003F83DA,extended,00000006 // Combo Plus
    patch=1,EE,003F83DB,extended,00000006 // Combo Plus
    patch=1,EE,003F83DC,extended,00000006 // Combo Plus
    patch=1,EE,003F83DD,extended,00000007 // Air Combo Plus
    patch=1,EE,003F83DE,extended,00000007 // Air Combo Plus
    patch=1,EE,003F83DF,extended,00000007 // Air Combo Plus
    patch=1,EE,003F83E0,extended,0000001B // Jackpot
    patch=1,EE,003F83E1,extended,0000001B // Jackpot
    patch=1,EE,003F83E2,extended,0000001B // Jackpot
    patch=1,EE,003F83E3,extended,00000005 // Treasure Magnet
    patch=1,EE,003F83E4,extended,00000005 // Treasure Magnet
    patch=1,EE,003F83E5,extended,00000005 // Treasure Magnet
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    Make sure it's in the same location as your ISOMaker and ISO. It should detect it automatically but if you want to be safe, you can drag the patch file onto the ISOMaker exe file. Any additional things you want to add, like mods, should be put into a folder called "import" where the additional files will be added after the patch.
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    I literally just found it on my own but thanks anyway Haha.
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    So I found Gledson's Rev2 for the English patch here⇨

    But it uses a .kh1patch file instead of the normal ISOMaker files to be imported. Does anyone know how to apply this patch?
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    I would suggest waiting for Gledson's updated version with the bug fixes.
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    You can get the patcher on Crazycatz's page.
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    Am I the only one who can't skip scenes I've seen already after dying to a boss or am I playing on an older version of the patch?
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    Nice job!
    Is it just me, or do the encounters in Neverland drop to 30fps and revert back to 60fps upon ending? Also, do Green Trinities work as well?
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    First post hype?

    I found these neat codes for Kingdom Hearts (USA) that allow 60fps, while toggling off in all possible instances where the game starts to get buggy (e.g. voices cutting each other off in cutscenes, fmv, subtitles disappearing too quickly, red and green trinities). I have not been able to fine such specific codes for the Final Mix version. I decided maybe I should take it upon myself to make the codes myself, but I know nothing about making PS2 cheat codes. I just copy/paste them onto a .pnach file and run.

    *Please notify me if I'm being stupid and the codes I'm seeking already exist and copy/paste them into your reply*

    Where do I start?
    What tools will I need?
    What are the basics of understanding these codes?

    (I use a PCSX2 emulator, by the way)

    These are the codes I want to replicate onto the Final Mix version:

    I will provide a text file of all the cheats I'm using as well if you are interested. (They're all widescreen patches and graphical fixes to said widescreen patches)

    There are already widescreen codes for Final Mix by the way. The only thing that it doesn't have are the 60fps codes.
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    He said he would start working on the fixes to the current bugs. Give it some time.
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    Is there a code to toggle it off for cutscenes (both in-game and fmv) I know someone made codes for the non- Final Mix version here

    I've been searching on Google for about an hour now. Lol.
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    Are there any codes like this for the Final Mix version? I found a cheat for 60fps
    //60 FPS
    but nothing to toggle it off for cutscenese, fmvs, etc.
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