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    Name: Chris
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Country of Residence: UK
    Race/Ethnicity: White British
    How would you define feminism?
    As the desire for equal rights between women and men and a Feminist is an activist who partakes in this be it in belief alone, protests, etc.

    How would you describe a modern-day feminist?
    A person who believes in equal rights for men and women and actively objects to/challenges any sexist/unequal acts that occur to them or that they witness.

    How do you think society views feminists?
    Likely in a negative fashion and the stereotyped butch lesbian man hating "****s". They likely assume they just hate men and are moaning for something they'll never get. I'd base that on the futile attitude I've seen around me regarding equal rights.

    Do you think there is still a need for feminism in today’s day and age, or do you feel women are treated equally?
    Women are not totally treated equally, in the industry I work in they are looked down upon by customers even if they are the managers in shops. They can be treated as sexual objects and/or stupid at their job compared to men. I recall a difficult customer arguing with the manageress and then turning to me asking me to fix his issue because I clearly knew more than she did regarding sports (which was not true).

    In general society we have come leaps and bounds from 100 years ago but it's still an ongoing battle and it may never be over but it still has to be fought and constantly pursued to keep gaining equal rights, equal treatment and changing expectations and stereotypes of what women are.
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    At least when he catches the dummy cheating on him and ensues in a round of domestic can be repaired for a fair price. ;)

    I don't know how to feel about it in serious terms. I don't see it directly harming others (well his family may be digusted/creeped out) but he may have just married it as part of some sexual fantasy.

    Don't all people wish they had a partner who didn't snap back with smarmy remarks and was just there for a sympathetic ear and easy sex?

    It'd be ok as a fantasy but in the long term it will do him no good. Lack of communication will have him going anti-social and/or shunned by others and stuff. If he's taking it seriously as a serious relationship then that is scary as it will not do him much good forever (we all need communication as human beings; even animals in the wild do so).

    This is just a premise of androids/cyborgs as sexual partners I tell you! Marrying Mannequins today and having a cybertronic mistress will be tomorrow!

    (I'm sorry if I'm mingling comedy with seriousness too much; it's meant to be funny news so I can't help it)
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    I was glad to hear the news; it means I'm that one step closer to marrying that musician from NYC that I'm pretend dating in my head (Just kidding :P)

    Seriously; it's good to hear such a large state has legalised it. It's another step (on the endless staircase) closer to a more gay-accepted society in the US.
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    I support exercise for children, but pole dancing carries such a sexual nature that I don't think it'd be a good idea.

    It'd need to be taught to them as a form of private exercise and some people see it as a 'bad thing' but it seems so difficult to effectively portray both that it'd probably be a better option not to supply it to kids.

    Then again, if parental consent is needed then that should be more than enough in my eyes (the parents are then responsible for teaching their children the associations with pole-dancing and to know when it is or isn't appropriate) The last thing any of us want is pre-teen girls unknowingly doing a burlesque show on the jungle gym in the playground for the eyes of all to see.
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    I think it entirely depends on the relationship you had previously, the nature of the relationship itself and how it ended that determines that in my opinion.

    I don't think you could patch stuff up and just be friends right after or overnight the break-up (that'd be a little odd) but some people part on amicable terms because the arguments and emotional fall-out has already occurred and all that is really left is to officially declare it over.

    I don't speak to any of my exes any more but that was because I discovered them to be clingy creeps from dating them. That's another factor too I guess, are they the same person after dating?

    Relationships and factors are so complex; I think it can happen in some cases but I agree mostly that after break-ups it's not good for you to be around them much and you need space to properly adjust to the relationship ending and moving on properly. In due time and stuff I guess after a while if you can put the past behind you and the break-up is liveable then you may become good friends I guess.
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    I've read about it's going to be a little less linear in terms of exploring (Apparently there will be towns and villages to visit...Hopefully more than the odd two).

    I get the idea of Noel not knowing anything but from an interview I read the reason was for helping players who hadn't played the previous game understand what occurred...which confuses me as I don't think you'd buy this game without having played the first. (I guess they have to cover all bases or something)

    Making Serah a main character is quite...unpopular in some fanbases I've read about and it seems she's more a support character to Noel too which irritates the feminist within me (I think we have enough support/mage women in this series for god sakes...but then making Serah a warrior is also treading Mary-Sue grounds). I hope they let the original cast be playable a bit more and not just have Serahs search for Lightning and Lightnings search for Fang+Vanille be the only focuses. Little side stories and stuff would be nice and textured to give more.

    Ok, I'm complaining a fair bit; I'm excited to see how it pans out but I hope they took a lot of criticism over XIII onboard for developing this one because there was a lot to improve upon from XIII in my eyes (and my friends who're longtime FF fans).
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    More apologies for any readers who haven't seen any updates. I got caught up in a certain kind of internet life on other forums leading into other...delightful politics (One of these poems is inspires by this)

    As an apology...5 New poems =]

    Ok this is basically a trans-alteration (I translated then changed words to fit the beat/feel more poetic than literal) I took at the Japanese opening song for Sailor Moon
    A poem for a friend whom I see miles of potential in:
    The idea of forbidden love; I'm using the idea oh humans and angels in love but it's meant to represent any two different people falling in love beyond control:
    I was reading a book I got bored of and found a chapter with some interesting literary features and had fun twisting them about; the books name is the poem title
    Bitter feelings to people I befriended on another forum, almost like real-life relationship almost:
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    Aww thank you that is very kind. I've been on a period of not writing at the moment; I'm just preoccupied with other matters but I have something to post...(Luckily I have a number of old writings kept about)

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    Ok, she's dating your friend.

    TBH you likely didn't supply the right message and she didn't notice you had an interest in her. You have to be a little direct with things. I know it's very dissapointing/let down to know she's not available but pick yourself up and realise you'll find better and take a good lesson from it.

    You need to be quite direct with suggesting a date. "Lets go see a movie" doesn't have romantic connotations and perhaps she was single at the time but yanno. When meeting a future girl speak more along the lines of "You're really lovely, could we go do something like see a movie? me and you?" You have be a little more direct on the approach of what you want if you get me? (this is to consider in future moments with other women, she's not interested so don't be hung up over her and hoping if her and ward ends she'll fancy you...chances of getting with her are low if she's dating/dated a friend so try to learn how to move on)

    It's best to try to move on from Misha and let her and Ward be happy. It's easier said than done I know but eventually when you accept the fact she's not interested and theres a good few million other women out there you could get on with; the day gets a lot easier and the hope for the future comes back. I hope you recover well and swiftly x

    I recommend distractions with hobbies you enjoy, it always works for me.
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    I think it's both getting more crazy and we're hearing more of the crazy being blown out of proportion thanks to the media.

    I think everywhere in the world has its flaws and faults in laws/society and it's on a different level for each location. I mean personally in the UK it sounds like our country is getting worse and worse by the year with increased binge drinking, underage pregnancy and gang culture. But I feel it existed just as much thirty years ago as now and it has increased slightly but media are covering it more strongly portraying a more negative image.

    I just feel things spread about like wildfire thanks to the internet boom and it is not as negative as it's portrayed. I'm not saying it's ok or good enough either. The uk and every other place in the world need to improve their individual society somehow. I'm not the one who knows how or what to do but other people will I hope.
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    I find them interesting and fascinating by some actions. Of course there will be corrupt members/factions and there will be very serious ones being vigilantes.

    I think the message of free speech is good and some approaches have not been right; but I suppose being a vigilante means they're going to be using illegal methods as part of an attack. Some will be in it for the lulz but some are there for the real meaning.

    I think the anonymity very odd because most factions/groups needs a leader for control and order. So I think there must be some form of a leader or a group of leaders. I think they also marked an attack against the Westboro Baptist Church (Google them; I blame nobody for hating such a cult) but then again...that "church" make up their own **** to keep their own public profile living (which sadly I'm doing by this post...)
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    That is true but mostly gay performers keep their love songs ambiguous while heterosexual people sometimes specify gender. They can be ambiguous too but it's like they can be more direct while gay performers can't.

    If a man sang about loving "him" or a girl honestly singing about loving "her" it does get stigmatized and not as easily accepted as a heterosexual love song, which is a shame.

    I think it's ok to want to keep the gender mysterious but imagine if a singer originally made it clearly homosexual but then their producer/label flat out told them they had to change it or their career would nosedive and sink like a dead body. It'd be horrific because it is quite true; people don't mind homosexual singers but would they mind if they're directly saying who the gender of the song is about...

    I remember a modern example of such. Adam Lambert.
    He released a song called "Fever" on his last album (written by Lady Gaga) and it did say "there he baby walks so slow" and is a little sexually suggestive but he said his label refused to release it as a single due to it directly being about men in lyrics. I also recall a music video for one of his songs "whattaya want from me" where he is addressing a lover (presumed to be the perspective of the camera) and because he's openly gay you know it's about a man but they had to keep it ambiguous for some reason (in an earlier music video "for your entertainment" he danced slightly suggestively with women to portray a different image). He did metaphorcally put a finger up to this thing when he did a live performance for a music award in 2009 and thrusted his hips on his male bassist. I don't think he ever apologized for it (and right he shouldn't; Rihanna has done dirtier with drake at the Grammys but didn't get complaints)

    I don't know if that is more about the USA or worldwide but it sometimes seems like some people don't mind if an artist is gay but they don't want it said outright in song or video...(especially gay men over women...because lipstick lesbians can and have cashed in on the fetish some men have in that)
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    Or we rent our the more attractive royals to be a date for the night or something (think of prostitution without the paid sex part) Prince Harry would easilly make an income for us all ;)

    I think renting a country sound utterly silly and humorous but hey, if its resolving their debts in some way, I'm all for that!
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    Hmm it's hard to find I mean I love the scissor sisters (a band consisting of three gay men and a straight woman) but even the love ballads sung by the gay man are gender neutral; the closest they ever got to it was one sung called "Whole New Way" and that's just very cleverly describing the joys of **** sex without saying it directly (it can seem like a sweet love song on the surface; but its rude).

    I do like a band called of Montreal and while the singer he is straight he does have a few songs that are about men but not so much romantic love. "Tim, I wish you were a girl" is like his platonic love for a man and wishing he was a girl so he could be physically attracted to him too. Also another song I forget the name of which celebrates how beautiful men in love are. I forget its name though.

    I do know one genuine article. Linda perry, a famous songwriter/musician started a new band called Deep Dark Robot and she's the singer and the album is called "8 Songs about a girl" and in every song she's directly singing about this woman that sent her on a journey of love and heartache. From "Won't you be my girl" to "F**k you stupid b***h" it is the first commercially released album by a woman singing genuinely about a woman and not for thesbian entertainment purposes (like T.a.T.u were marketed by their manager as or that dreadful song by Katy Perry).

    I perhaps have a couple of poetry pieces/song lyrics of my own writing which outright say "Him" "a man" etc. But actual published poems by a gay man specifying a gender are rare. W.H. Auden had a poem called "Stop the clocks" about a departed gay lover but he never said the gender outright.

    It would stigmatize some fans and kill some popularity sadly because a lot of the public masses aren't gay and a lot of them are homophobic in one way or another (be it from beating up gay people or even claiming theres too many gay characters on tv and there is this "gay agenda"); whether they're aware of it or not.
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    I had school lessons about puberty in year 6 when i was like ten and read about sexual intercourse in a school dictionary by accident when I was like nine.

    I only properly looked into things when I was like 13 and had the internet in my room and just google and wiki'd and stuff for all the big facts. I think it should be responsibly taught from a certain age and handled well. the sex education in my secondary school was poor, I mean it was meant to be taught during PSHE which was one a week and the subject and the teacher teaching went in a rota from things like morality, money, etc and my class accidentally got skipped on the sex education rota and people who were studying R.E didn't have PSHE so they missed out totally on that regardless.

    Absolutely poor, and we had no education on checking your body parts for breast/testicular cancer either. I had to DIY all this myself as a curious teen. I did have a health day in a school I moved to when I was 17 for my A-levels and that made me happy I finally got to put a condom on a prosthetic penis (Odd, but I always wanted to do that as part of learning...).

    So I think it should be taught properly and by experts who are comfortable in teaching it. Be it outside educational resources from sexual health clinics then great (as many onsite teachers are awkward teaching such things). But a certain age is hard to disclose and understand. I think 12/13 is a suitable time as many teens are going through puberty then and many things are not known. It's best to teach them the dangers of sex and proper safety and management from there I think personally.
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