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    Holy bajeebers that's extremely inexpensive!! I don't even have a 3DS yet but I. Must. Have. This.
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    Oh my god I hate not having a 3DS because of this right here! I'm doing my best not to watch any videos about it (minus Mike's Sora meets Roxas post the other day) but I might crack under sheer curiosity!
    Post by: Bledsoe34, Apr 5, 2012 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    Hm.. very interesting. I can't wait for the video and the chance to see your avatar again haha
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    Well I submitted my app for sectional mod... I sure hope I get the position what with lots of others shooting for that spot v_v
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    Oh goodness this brings back soooo many memories. Chain of Memories was the first one I played and instantly fell in love with it (though the WHOLE time I thought it was the first Kingdom Hearts game ._.). Having beaten the game and looking for secrets I went on Gamespot and saw something catch my eye; a trailer for Kingdom Hearts II... Now being 11 at the time I wasn't able to control my screams and yelps of wonder when I first saw it. I immediately begged my mom to get it for my birthday since I got a PS2 the previous Christmas. Now, thinking that KH:CoM was the first game left me quite confused since I saw a lot of moments in KHII that didn't happen haha. But since I immediately fell in love with the series I had my mom get me the first one shortly after I beat the second and I haven't missed another Kingdom Hearts game since...

    Oh nostalgia... I miss you so much......
    Post by: Bledsoe34, Mar 27, 2012 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    I know that feeling! When I met Quinton Flynn at Naka-kon last month I was freaking out the whole time I was in line. When I heard him do his Axel voice for someone a little ahead of me in the line I almost fainted twice from the epicosity. Though getting a picture with him.. that completed my life.
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    I'm about to blow a gasket. I need a job ASAP because I don't even have a 3DS!
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    Goodness that's a surprise! I can picture all the uses for those claws now. Can't wait to get enough money to see the extent of these things in person!
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    IGN always upsets me, but this... this takes Headache Puppy to a whole new level of upset...-ness.. >_>

    The editor's a lazy guy for saying the story is too complicated or whatever. Attention! All you need to understand it is to pay attention. That is all.
    Post by: Bledsoe34, Feb 27, 2012 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    Goodness this is far better than I had hoped! My friend (whom is also a fellow KH fanatic) told me it was later December. Though it made me sad that it would be 8 months from now, I was slightly uplifted since I would definitely have enough money for it by then. Now that it's been looking like a summer release, I might actually have to get a job or beg for money since I'd need to buy a 3DS as well >_>
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    I'm crying. I'm seriously crying from the epicosity of this video. I was shouting as quiet as I could (other people in the house) from freaking out every three and a half seconds. I LOVE how the intro is scenes from KHII in the renowned intro graphics.
    The story (from what I "understood"), the characters (even the silly-looking Tron people, but still cool!), the gameplay, and GOOD graphics for the (3)DS makes me want to sell my soul to the Kingdom Hearts franchise for letting me witness such a mind-boggling video.
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    Oh this sounds fun. I do hope LARiA (the one I apparently got paired with) can make it to at least one of them with me.

    Do keep us updated for when the events will be, your majesty Chev hah..
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