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    This is too close for comfort to me. I live about 5 minutes north of Indianapolis, so if this were true even Indy would be panicking like crazy. What do you think? What would you do if high levels of radiation were reported near you?

    EDIT: Oh btw, if you want to know the radiation amount, one site was reporting it was around 7,200 counts per minute (CPM), 5 to 7 times higher than the normal amount in the air.
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    Youchew? Oh my... *blushes due to embarassing stuff he did there*

    What's your username? I went by Cloggedone before I got banned back in 08.

    EDIT: Another poop of mine which I guess is okay (WARNING: Loud noise, so please turn your speakers down):
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    Dunno if it'd go in this section, but whatever.

    Youtube Poop is a genre of Youtube video where one source, or multiple sources are messed around with in a video editor until a weird remix is made. Usually, these videos use loud sound effects, repeating, stutter loop, video effects, squeaky audio and such. There are many Youtube Poopers on Youtube, just search up Youtube Poop to see how many results come up. Youtube Poop is really that thing where you either enjoy it or you don't. Look it up on Google if you want to learn more, however I do warn that some stuff may be 13+ (questionable sources, sentence mixing to sound like swears, etc).

    Some of my YTPs may not be appropriate for this forum, so I just chose one I made that is clean for an example:
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    Well, hello!

    Hey, I'm Shane. I'm 16 turning 17 this year, and figured I'd join a Kingdom Hearts site. I haven't really played the game much and cannot really because I do not own a PlayStation at this moment (well, the classic stuff, I could play the newer stuff). My hobbies include the Internet, anime, videogames, IT stuff, and making videos. I make a type of video on Youtube called Youtube Poop where you mess with a source until it has an absurd effect, I guess. I own a website about Youtube Poop which isn't done yet, and I like simulation and videogames that are erm, "anime-like", like I like to describe. Anyways, hello guys! I suck at intros haha....
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