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    lol i guess im the only one who likes the gameboy version better. i thot that it was really cute and i like how u could battle against other people. i do like voice actors but im more of a classic player. haha i think im the only one tho!
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    Hunter X Hunter. That was a good one, and it was made by the same guy who made YuYu Hakusho. Fruits Basket too. I liked that one a lot. A bunch of YuYu Hakusho voice actors in that one as well. I think you can get FMA off of Good luck!
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    i know, but he gave me a site that didn't work on my computer. i messaged that to him and he also asked me to put this into the final fantasy section. I'm just doing what he asked but thanks for the site! :)
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    Does anybody have any links for final fantasy X cutscenes? PM me or reply to this! Thanks! :)
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    Sorry! I wasn't aware of a final fantasy section! :D I'll put this in there then. Can I have the link please?
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    Ok, so i have searched every site known to human kind for Final Fantasy X cutscenes. Do any of you know where I can find some? I need as many as I can get which is why this is in the media section. I don't care who but somebody give me a site with Final Fantasy X cutscenes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:
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    tell you the truth neither are very good. all they do in my file is faint when things get a bit tough and they're a higher level than i am! i just don't think they're very worthy. in other things but kingdom hearts? sure! they're pretty cool but they're wimps in this game.
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    Life is tough at my age. But being alone is better than making out in the hallways like some of the kids in my school do. Seriously, it's scary cause they're touching each other everywhere. Once I saw this chick and this dude making out then the guy asked her what her name was.. *shudder* eww. o well. being alone is fine for me! :)

    I feel the same way. lol!
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    The second one is very random, but the comicazzi watermelon makes me laugh! It's funny but I think I like the first one the best still. "Treetops and treeforts! Our society has now ended. DIE, BRITISH DIE!" lol. :)
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    omg, i was doing just fine in the Hades Paradox cup but on i think the 35th round or perhaps th 40th you have to beat Cloud and Leon in 24 seconds! HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO THAT!? SOMEBODY GIVE ME A HAND! PLEASE! :eek:
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    These are some of the funniest (and most random) videos I have ever seen! The first one is called Forehead Shavecut, the second one is called The Demented Cartoon Movie and the third one is called Pistachio Pudding. Hope you guys enjoy!

    Forehead Shavecut:

    The Demented Cartoon Movie:

    Pistachio Pudding:
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