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    it saying something a ruff translation say either reset your comp and its done or something is stopping it to run properly and it has failed
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    for what my emu? and why
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    Initial setup

    The first time you run the program, you should click on the Settings button.

    * The most important thing in here is to indicate whether you have a PAL or an NTSC console. This determines which codelist will get downloaded.
    * Next up, you should decide whether you want the program to automatically check for a new codelist whenever you run it, or whether you want to manually click the Download button before it does anything. Both automatic and manual downloading follow these rules:
    o If you have not yet downloaded a codelist, then the full codelist will be downloaded.
    o If you have previously downloaded a codelist, then it will first do a quick check (which only takes a second or two) to see if there is a later version available.
    o If there was a newer version available, then you will be asked if you want to download the new list (and you will be told the version numbers of each).
    o If you already have the latest version, then for manual downloads you will be told that; for automatic downloads it just returns to the main screen without any other notification (because showing a dialog each time would be annoying). In both cases, nothing further is downloaded.
    So you can see that even if you turn on the startup check, you can still choose to avoid downloading a codelist (if you're in a hurry).
    * It's a good idea to import the codelists from your ARMAX CD, which you can also do here. Datel have recently taken to removing some games from the downloaded list, when those games are provided on the CD. Importing the original lists will allow you to keep them all together, avoiding the need to keep swapping between the CD and the memory card.
    * The remaining settings determine where the exported codelist is written to. The default settings should be correct for most people, but you can tweak them if desired.

    Choosing your favourite games

    The core of the program is your list of "favourite games"; that is, those games with which you are interested in using codes. First of all, you will need to have a codelist loaded. The best way to do this is to click the Download Codelist button, but you can also use the Load Local Codelist button to load a list that you've downloaded earlier. Note however that some features won't work if you only load local codelists.

    Once you have loaded a codelist, click on the Browse Codelist button. This gives you a list of all games contained in the codelist. Simply tick the box next to each of the games that you want to use, and then click on the Update Favourites button. When you return to the main screen, you'll see your list of favourites in the bottom right.

    Since your favourites are so important, there are two additional ways of changing them: firstly, on the main screen, you can add favourites from the left-hand box, or remove them from the right-hand box. The left-hand box contains the changes between your "previous codelist" and your "current codelist", and as such is only intended for use with downloaded codelists rather than local ones. The second way is to click on the "Add/Remove from Favourites" button shown at the bottom of the Game Viewer, which you can get to by double-clicking any listed game.
    Exporting a codelist

    Once you have selected your favourite games, you're ready to export the codelist. First of all, make sure that you've plugged in your MAX Drive. Then simply click on the Export button and the "export codelist" (containing only your favourite games) will be copied to all the locations you have specified -- including your MAX Drive. Once it reports success, you should be able to remove your MAX Drive (using the Safely Remove Hardware screen first, preferably) and load your new, leaner codelist on your PS2.

    If you have the Datel MAX Drive software installed as well, then by default MCM will copy the exported codelist to your Saves folder so that you can use the MAX Drive software to copy it to your drive later, if you prefer. But this is not necessary, and can be switched off if you wish.
    Your second and subsequent visits

    If you've been downloading codelists (rather than loading them from disk), then when you download your second (and subsequent) list you'll see an additional feature kick in: the What's New? screen. This is the box in the lower-left corner, and it shows you what has changed since you last downloaded a codelist.

    * New games are shown in green -- if you think they're interesting then you can select one (or several, by using Ctrl- or Shift-clicking) and add them to your favourites.
    * Deleted games are shown in red; these are games that were in your previous codelist but aren't in the new one. Hopefully you won't see any of these from downloaded lists, but you might see them if you load codelists from disk.
    * Modified games are shown in orange. Note that "modified" in this sense just means that the game has had some of its codes added or removed -- currently the program does not check for things such as being renamed or having an existing code altered.
    * Within each game you'll see the names of each code. These will also be colour coded (green for added, red for removed, or black for neither).
    * Again, the program only checks whether codes were present or missing -- it will not detect if a game/code has been renamed, or if the code block itself has been changed (it could, but it doesn't, because that didn't seem particularly interesting).

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    the coder i told you pal to ntsc is 500 not FFFFF500
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    Profile Post

    ive sent pm for you

    ive sent pm for you
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    i had a go at porting the dw mickey code from ntsc credit to anyone who made the code so tell me if it works

    11CFA8FC 00000318
    21CC396C 01000000
    21CC39B4 001C0001
    21CC39BC 09000000
    103403C0 00000029
    11CEFC8C 00000769
    21CF0A34 58455F57
    21CF0A38 5F303130
    21CF0A3C 46544C55
    21CF0A40 00004C5F
    21CFC2EC 005B009B

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    found them both
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    what you use use to port codes with deltamaker
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    anyone got ntsc offset code please i need it
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    now this topic is ntsc/u why dont we make a kh1 pal topic
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    try these


    Max Money When Item Is Sold

    Max Exp After a Fight

    Max Sol After 1 Fight

    Heat Up Gauge MAX During the Fight

    ill find more later
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    Profile Post

    no why man

    no why man
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    Profile Post

    no why man

    no why man
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    look im sephy

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    these codes wont work for me my id for game is

    YKGJ 0cdd0ec5
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