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    im in vulpeus pls add meeeexd
    my id: 7704[DOUBLEPOST=1468442472][/DOUBLEPOST]Seems like i found myself a temporary team atm (i needed shared medals for quest haha) notify me when a place is available so i can leave
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    Kid Ink- Diamonds and Gold was always kind of an RnB fan haha
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    i believve that is your typical treasure box XD yeah tho honestly what impress me most about the vtrailer was the evironment and sora"s reaction t it!
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    Hey. Sorry but i have a few things to say about this.

    First off if you don't remember d23 last year SE showed a trailer that was only exclusive to the audience about kh3 AND they even said so. Only people who attended the event got to see what was in the trailer. We got info just like we did now for that trailer but there was no outrage from the kh fanbase because SE TOLD us it was only exclusive to the people who at the event. However this time due to multiple recent interviews prior to the E3 event last summer, SE said that more info will be released at D23 with an exclusive new trailer. However they did not say it was exclusive to the people coming to the event. SO naturally us KH fans were hyped about this, hell some people did not sleep just to get the latest info from that trailer. but after this whole event SE or Disney have decided not to show us anything about this trailer. How can you not except there to be outrage after all the hype? Even if it more of Disney's fault they know better than to keep one of the biggest fanbases in the dark about something they have been dying and longing to recieve. The people who went to the event got to see an exclusive video on the making of KH 0.2 (which is pretty cool to be fair), a film that will obviously not be released to the public. they already have a great advantage on the thousand and millions of fans across the world. However what annoys me is that square isn't releasing any sort of info on when we are going to recieve the trailer. I am fine with whole thing except this. They don't seem to treat us fans the way we should be treated. A simple " You will be recieving the trailer in the near future" or " The trailer shall come out next month" wouldve have been great news to us fans, which wouldv'e told us something to look forward to and not give up hope to seeing that trailer. And lastly i do not appreciate the way you refer to the the reaction of the kh fanbaase as "distasteful" summing up all the points i have just made above, the reaction of the kh fanbase is not distasteful, its just natural, I don't know how much of a fan you are but they are some pretty hardcore fans out there , that legit absolutely love kingdom hearts , Like HMK they dedicate thier whole youtube channel to it, they do not do it to get views not everyone one youtube wants to get views you know. i didn't even know about that vid and i was already slightly annoyed by the fact that we did not get a new trailer. It does not make the kh fanbase look whiny it just shows how much we love and want the game . Im Sorry about this rant post haha XD but your post really hit a nerve. Im not only speaking for myself but in defense of all the kh fans "distasteful" kh fans who stayed at at 1 in the morning on a weekday to get the latest news on the trailer . If the trailer gets released this week hooray!! you can laugh at my post if you want, but im just currently describing the current mutal feeling of the kh fanbase atm.
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    i mean they told us to get hyped for the trailer even went as far as posting on the official na and eu SE accounts about it , then destroy our dreams by probably not ever showing us the trailer. Not all of us have the privilege of going to Japan. Here is a video of an angry HMK who pretty much spells out all my thoughts about this situation.
    what dyou think about it??
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    im sorry i understand but i am legit not overreacting. i am just answering your false assumption about me which is that i am overeacting , i understand from your point of view that you may think that i am overreacting i mean i don't you and you don't know me , we know nothing about each other, if you got to know me you would know i never overeact for these kind of things always pretty much joke about them lol. so i understand you may think im overeacting but im truly not ahahXD its just the way i communicate. sryy
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    im not overracting omgXD, ok i will stop laughing it seems like you don't like that sorry if it made you feel uncomfortable.
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    A+ for not realizing im trying to be cocky.
    0/10 for thinking im annoyed thinking im annoyed at her comment.

    In all honesty i did not like the video , that's why i lost inspiration im obviously not the best editor i just love boasting hahahahaha
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    no sh*t im not the best .i love the way people think im serious when i boast about stuff its funny to see. apparently my repetive "haha" cannot people a hint ahahXD
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    this isn't even my final form hahahahahahahahaha
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    Well you see im with you here i would love drive form to return to kh, may possibly see it in kh3, but don't you think sora is too op alrreadyXD?? i mean you got attraxtion flow, keyblade transformtion, limits and even more FLOWMOTION, that are basically comfirmed it kh3. I would just hope that the heartless and enemies are 10x harder than they usually are if they add drive forms of some sort haha.
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