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Nov 20, 2014
May 31, 2008
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Rieze Maxia


私はポテトだ。, from Rieze Maxia


S H A R I N G  I S  C A R I N G Aug 21, 2014

Bareri-San was last seen:
Nov 20, 2014
    1. Xephos
      Long time no see. ^^
    2. Bareri-San
      S H A R I N G  I S  C A R I N G
      1. Mysty
        Aug 29, 2014
    3. Llave
      You're very welcome!~
    4. Llave
      Your piece is done! To the shoppe!
    5. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      Oh jeez sorry D: I got sidetracked. You still around? I'm hopping on now. Hoping I saved some souls so I can level up real quick...

      EDIT: Up to 41 now. Let me know whenever you wanna try a run and I'll tell you where my Soul Sign is.
    6. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      Heyo, I beat Sen's Fortress on that new file. SL34, can easily boost it. Oh my god Black Knight Halberd is wreck in a can :F

      I'll wait up for ya, if you want me to. Then maybe we can take on Anor Londo together?
    7. cloud's buddy
    8. reptar
      Thaaaaank youuu. The pose she is in is awkward and when I put her in an icon it looks like she is taking a dump @-@
    9. reptar
      Thaaaaank youuu. The pose she is in is awkward and when I put her in an icon it looks like she is taking a dump @-@
    10. Spike
      I've been thinking of Monster Hunter Tri, but I know they took out Dual Swords for that one, which for me was a major turn off. The Switch-Axe is cool and all, and people tell me I can just stick to using Sword&Shield, but it's just not the same for me. It's just not Monster Hunter if I don't spend a month or two gathering materials to stock up on Demon Drugs and Mega Juice :P
    11. Spike
      That's so wild. You're pretty much a high-power tank.I hear the Narga sword is a b**** to make because the brainstem is such a rare carve.

      I hope things work out with your memory card. It'd be a damn shame if you lost all that time and equipment :<

      Oh, and, uh, sorry if this conversation put salt in those wounds. :sweatdrop:
    12. Spike
      You must be pretty far into then. I've been stuck at Shen Gaoren for a while now (I think I've been on a 6 months hiatus with that guy, too), but I've been working on Guild Hall quests in the meantime and I finally got myself up to HR: 3. I've always used Dual Blades and Light Bowguns, so I hate fighting tall monsters.

      What kind of equipment do you use? :3
    13. Dinny
      Ahurderp. Yuuup. That is me 8D ~
    14. Spike
      Aww, man, that's a drag. I'd go nuts if I could'nt play Freedom Unite anymore. How bad's the damage?
    15. Spike
      So, I hear you like Monster Hunter....
    16. Dinny
      OH. you put your name back to Bareri-San :3
      lol hai~ I dunno if you remember me, but I remember you c: /creeeeeep
    17. The Twin
      The Twin
      I plan on cosplaying as him at next year's Anime Boston. I saw quite a few good ones this year, I think he'd be a lot of fun to be.

      Can't wait until he shows up in the anime...I wanna hear his voice. Hopefully they pick a good VA.
    18. The Twin
      The Twin
      I do. Poor dear's quite misunderstood.
    19. reptar
    20. Korra
      Yup, no problem.
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