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    Confirmed. I am still alive.
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    [ Raven ]
    Soaring through the sky with Jean, her midnight blue cloak flowing out behind her. The pair was headed towards the Scarlet Witch, who had taken out Pietro moments before. Silently the half-demon mulled over their options, her gaze shifted to Jean briefly. "We need to get Pietro back on his feet, if anyone can restrain Wanda he can." she murmured to the red-head lightly. Shifting her direction she flew down towards the idle body below, resting on her feet beside him. "Azarath metrion zinthos." A dark shield spread out around her, in an attempt to block out any attacks so she could wake Pietro. Telepathically she reached out to him. "Pietro! Wake up!"

    [ Joker ]
    Strolling down the streets lined with chaos, Joker was swinging a purple cane with a green ball at the top. Whistling a merry tune he strode around and corner and grinned. Having been assumed dead he had been free to wreak havoc in secret but now it was time to return. His wild eyes darted to the figure of his once loyal lover. " this what you've become in my absence?" He was greatly amused and annoyed by the woman who was once his psychiatrist.

    [ Magneto ]
    Hovering in the air near the Xavier Institute, Magneto watched the chaos ensure with the Sentinels. Behind the shadow of his helm he observed in silence, deliberating on which side to choose in the fight. Rolling his shoulders he moved down, coming into the field of battle. On this day he would side with the X brats. The Sentinels, after all, were his enemy as well. They targeted him as well as his fellow mutants. If the fight had been Sentinels or humans, then of course things would be different but these were individuals of his own kind. "It looks as though you could use some assistance" The statement was aimed at no one in particular because to him it was obvious.

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    Upon entering the room Raven stayed nearest to her former team mate, the fellow Titan being more familiar than the others. Her hood was pulled up over her hair, casting a dark shadow across her face and eyes. Grateful for the introduction from Grayson, Raven nodded in a wordless thanks. In absence of speaking she would listen to the others, taking in what information she could. Her dark lavender eyes swept across the room, observing each member in turn. She lingered upon the squabble between a boy with white hair and a girl with brown and white hair. Rolling her eyes lightly she folded her arms across her chest, lips pursed in idle thought. Turning her head towards Grayson she finally spoke up "Whats with those two?" She nodded at the squabbling pair to reiterate whom she was referring to.
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    Have a great day!

    Have a great day!
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    Heyy, Morrigan dragged me on here. Well..when I say dragged..

    The Joker (???) DC Comic Universe/Arkham Universe
    Wolfsbane (Rahne) X-Men Evolution Universe
    Magneto (Erik Lehnsherr) X-Men Evolution/X-Men First Class
    Raven (Rachel Roth) DC Comics / Teen Titans
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